Amphibious Tank, Can’t Swim? Dafuq Stalin! War Thunder Tank Request!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder 1.53 New Amphibious Tank!

Thanks for watching!


  1. First to like and comment

  2. yay! :D

  3. first coment

  4. i got the 5 like!

  5. Nice video baron keep up the good work ?????

  6. arent you supposed to be streaming battlefront baron?!

  7. Baron PLS! Where is our
    ‘Best tier V tank’ video? 🙁
    Im still waiting for it…

  8. Why do people want Jap Tanks they were really bad like really bad they were
    good in a lot of things during the war but making good tanks was not one of

  9. do the StuH42G in RB, it can 1 shot everything !

  10. austin germain-rees

    hey baron!

  11. M103 please sir


  13. Baron, Play the Emperor in Battlefront

  14. t92

  15. baron you should play the game chkn

  16. it was spawn protection system baron. it can do crap

  17. PT76 sucks dick
    play bulldoge or the T25 cause they are on my release list

  18. pls, play Steel Ocean?

  19. i got ze 2nd like …. wut do i get for that … a million €/$ maybe ? :)

  20. war thunder wensday cause its like w and easy to remember

  21. the M60

  22. hey Baron locust battle

  23. German Sherman for the tank request and a costom with german shermans
    against american shermans!

  24. Thanks to the Dagor engine, we can expect ships in the distant future. And
    I’m talking about as distant as Valve time.

  25. 9:30, its called spawn protection. enough internet for today makes me so
    sad to see lvl 100 players camping the enemy spawn and not even knowing
    what’s going on.

  26. Mauzr

  27. Take some murican M60 with M60 mg. M60ception

  28. There’s not a lot of places on maps where those items can take advantage of
    it being amphibious

  29. Grass Brassington (thegrassmaster2)

    Do the Kugelblitz next

  30. Baron why don’t u ever play simulator battles

  31. BM-8-24

  32. Play the T-35, aka *THE BANEBLADE!*
    Do it for Captain Diomedes!

  33. russians be like Let’s build tank but without negativ gun depression
    because russian tanks has no negative things haha let’s drink some vodka
    camarad haha
    read it with russian accent :D

  34. Do a series like phlydaily is doing for world of warships. Where you
    revisit every tank in the game

  35. Verdun series :)

  36. u should do teir 5or4 spaa vs teir 1or2 tank

  37. play the t32

  38. Pt76 is mg fodder

  39. You and ply/slick 1v1 custom battles

  40. +BaronVonGamez can vou play the Panther II?

  41. Baron plays board games with power house.

  42. Play the panzer 2 H cause I have never seen one of those before

  43. The match maiking it worse and worse it’s very bad..

  44. Be not of worrying comrade.
    Man who is of falsely claiming this tank is of amphibious has been sent
    gulag to.

  45. Wednesday or Friday for stream and customs on War Thunder

  46. Have you tried Red Orchestra 2 yet?

  47. 1v1 air battle while the rest are in as tanks firing randomly around the
    air battle that’s my custom battle idea

  48. Stalin Hate You

  49. I think any tank in WT being amfibididios ( how ever you spell it) would be
    a bit OP as you could easily swim up a river and side shot flank the whole

  50. Tank battle between the new britsh Mk. III and the Russian T-50, who’s the
    baddest tier one tank

  51. Play the t95

  52. That’s in armoured warfare as the tier 1

  53. Play the maus

  54. Amphibious tonk cant swim?? Ilurmeneti cumfirmed

  55. War Thunder has been doing that to me too. obvious hits just do no damage.
    just seem to go through a tank. no impact no idea.

  56. marder II

  57. Is-3 Da Gulaaag… Russian snowplate. The heart of the Red Army.

  58. 9:30 its called spawncamping protection you cant get hit first 10 seconds
    or so when you spawn

  59. Is-3….. Soviet snowplate…. ????????????

  60. Danny the Honest Gamer

    I tested this tank after the new patch came out and drove into water… And
    it sank like a stone. My thoughts at that point? Give me my dam money back
    you frauds!

  61. New series, user missions

  62. Baron!!! Amphibious means it can survive in “some” water. Look it up!! Even
    the Tiger 2 can survive in 4 feet of water. (not in war thunder) So
    basically it cant survive underwater. It needs air to run. Because the
    combustion reaction to run the engine requires oxygen. They could use
    snorkels but the depth was limited.

  63. What branch is good if im looking for tanks with nice penetration/power
    What branch is good if im looking for tanks with nice armor/angle ment
    Any help from any one.

  64. The amphibious aint yet implemented but it will come

  65. how can he still deploy arttilery from map?

  66. Maybe Gaijin can’t make the PT-76 amphibious because they don’t have the
    model for something like the PT-76. They have float planes because they
    have taken that characteristic of a float plane and added it to the game.

  67. +BaronvanGomez please drive out the Is-3 or you are going to Sibiria

  68. i want boat tank :D

  69. can you do a tog 2 in WT?

  70. m4a1a1 bulldug plz!! and do tank races!!!!

  71. Pls do (more) Videos in which you speak german, french etc. With slickbee
    and fly 😀 would love it

  72. Get on with realistic battles buddeh!

  73. Amphibious Tank the devs even saided does not float I take it people and
    youtuber dont read Dev blogs and info and like the free stuff not the info

  74. brain can u do the t90

  75. randomedude productions

    Baron why did ur stream shut down

  76. Do the STuG III. It is my favorite tier 1 German tank with the anti tank

  77. Plz tell me how you get no lag, i have wired internet and low quality but
    still terrible lag

  78. Irgend so ein Type den niemand kennt:)

    can you play the t10m or the is4?

  79. Ghost shit, ikr spawn protection is pretty scary shit tbh ?

  80. Team K&N Racing NFS World - ASSASSIN844

    Panther II Mr. Baron

  81. I call it the floating turd for an obvious reason.

  82. king tiger

  83. Hetzer or the m4a2

  84. Martijn van Boeijen

    is-2 mod 1944

  85. I stopped playing WT because after tier 3 it takes forever and premium
    tanks are expensive 76 dollars for I think a sherman

  86. Hey Baron you should make a channel for the streams so when people miss out
    on them they can go and watch it and your channel name can be like
    BaronVonLive or BaronVonStream

  87. Nobody canna cross it

  88. baron you can’t kill people when they spawn ok

  89. Please Baron, Please play the M8A1 Scott. Uncle Sam wants you to!

  90. Play RB with youre Favoriten Tank and plane

  91. Ze Jagtiger for das fatherland!

  92. Panther ¬v¬

  93. IS 1

  94. IS 1

  95. Every tank vid i check to see if its arcade and if it is , I dislike and
    move on , arcade is just gay I thought you were going back to rb t(-_-)t

  96. Play realistic battles

  97. Ze Panther 2 or the kampf

  98. Did baron do the giveaway?

  99. the bradley

  100. The maus is more amphibious than this tank.

  101. You just Gave me a great idea for a custom battle Baron. It’s title should
    be ”Tom & Jerry”. It will be about Maus vs any tank that has a ”cat” in
    it’s name. Should be entertaining.

  102. Could you do series each one playing every single tank of every country?
    Murrica, germany, …

  103. silly baron

    that panzer IV just spawned in so you couldn’t spawn kill him

  104. panther ll

  105. Comrade +BaronVonGamez, if you stop daily war thunder material, you will go
    to gulag. Geez, I just had to make another gulag joke. I really appreciate
    the (almost) daily war thunder clips and I would miss them, if you
    concentrate it to one day.

    As for a series, I would like to see the Barons tank school, more realistic
    battles and, finally, I would like custom battles with teams consisting of
    one nation vs another. For example tier 2 russian tanks vs germans, tier 4
    germans vs the us and so on.

    And then you have ze planes.. I don’t care much for ze planes, they drop
    stupid bombs on my head and I die. A lot. ;)

  106. Adding this is pointless now; there’s no infantry to carry, no flotation
    code for tanks yet, and that reload rate is suspiciously bad for an auto.
    It’s like those generic flight model planes that sometimes gets put in air

  107. +BaronVonGamez Can you play the Fairey firefly and the Firefly mk1c?

  108. That_Guy_42 o (Noah H)

    Love the weekly stream idea! How about “War Thunder Wednesdays?”

  109. would like to see the Maus vs T-95

  110. Could u stream squadron battles one day at the weekend during either time
    slot. Might help get more squardon battles rolling during the US time zone.

  111. play the t25 next please, i use it alot and its so much fun

  112. War thunder be copying armored warfare

  113. You and Phly are terribly informed, If you read the articles, They’re going
    to make it Amphibious, They’ve just added it before they add that feature.

  114. Disliking every time you complain playing arcade, keep up the vids.

  115. panther 2
    please please please

  116. You didn’t read the devblog they said that it won’t be amphibious for a

  117. who here is a lizard person.

  118. Stalin tank too strongk.

  119. “historically accurate” War thunder is and always was a russian bias game.
    If anyone disagrees, check this out:

  120. I was disappointed when it wasn’t amphibious in Armored Warfare either.

  121. ☮ Vorwärts mit Leidenschaft, Furchtlosigkeit, und Abenteuerlust ☼

    Baron this is happening to me constantly since the update – really
    frustrating – in arcade the aiming reticule shows green or yellow – looks
    like an easy shot – but NOTHING happens – I can’t tell if I’m hitting and
    there is no indication of that displayed, or if it is “missing” the target
    entirely – another War Thunder mystery ??? Love your stuff man and keep on
    keeping on ☼

  122. if this game was historical accurate it woulda have no balance at all. just
    like now!

  123. Tank strategies, maybe? So strategies you can do in a team with different
    combinations of tanks and/or real life tactics used by tank commanders and
    trying out different ones to see what works.

  124. kv-2 Hi

  125. the Tank is a LIE!!!

  126. The tank is a LIE!!!!

  127. Make a new serious called Onez v five. To where u do custom battles and u r
    in a tier five tank versus like 30 tier one tanks and see how long it takes
    them to kill u three times.if they take longer than ten minutes to kill u
    once then wen they do kill u they win and if they take longer than ten
    minutes to kill u then u win or if u win the battle of course

  128. Make a new serious called Onez v five. To where u do custom battles and u r
    in a tier five tank versus like 30 tier one tanks and see how many times
    they can kill u

  129. The T62 tank

  130. russian stronk!! T44

  131. Make a new series of you playing Soma!!!!!!

  132. Fin stabilized heat rounds on a pz 4 f2? really war thunder…..

  133. Yay i was in there

  134. please play any of the pzkpfw 3’s with 3.3 br. lets torture you a little :>

  135. spawncamping protection

  136. IS-2 Mod 1944 or to gulag with you Baron!!

  137. I have a Tank request series idea, “Baron and Friends” when once a week you
    and an invited guest, a fellow youtuber/streamer go out together for some
    good times, restaurant qualtiy jibbah jabbah and laughs to be had by all.
    Big or small peeps just like you did with Myskerm aka Bob back in the day.
    That was a brilliant series btw you have an innate talent for social play

  138. Send designers of PT76 to Gulag!

  139. If it would be amphibious it could go into interesting places :O


  141. Panzer 4-5 the Kanonenjagdpanzer

  142. What about historical engagements on the nearest maps to the original
    battle,i.e. 1, Vietnam could be Sherman vs t34s on jungle map, 2, Poland
    invasion custom with p38ts or t26s as polish vs pz 2s and 3s, 3, Kursk map
    with t34/85 and kv1s vs panthers and tigers ,Tunisia with Sherman
    ,Achilles, vs tigers and pz4s, 4, Berlin map with t34s and su85s vs tigers
    panthers and jagdpanthers. 5, Normandy map shermans all types , m10s vs
    tigers 1 and 2 and panthers and hetzers or similar tds

  143. +baronvongamez Do a montage series on trickshot kills :D

  144. Вадим Масловский

    The T92!

  145. this is the Real Paper tank

  146. You haven’t done a video on a Tiger 2 in a while so how about the Tiger 2
    (p)? I just started research on it.

  147. IS-3 plsss

  148. God the only thing worse than a stupid Baron is stupid blind Baron…

  149. auto loading gun???????? wtf r u on bud

  150. have us pick a tier and a country and then you come up with a unique and
    cool loadout

  151. PT-76 would actually sit low in the water creating a very low profile to
    shoot at like a Stug. If the PT-76 could go in the water, I’d guess the
    waterline would hide the lower section of the front armor, leaving the more
    angled top plate as the most visible target.

    Looking at the Tiger H1 with PzGr 39 loaded, it says that 19 degree angle
    of attack will give you 50% chance to bounce, and with 27 degrees 100% for
    a bounce. The front plate on the PT-76 has a construction angle of 80
    degrees. In my mind, if you could sit the PT-76 in the water, the armor
    might not be *that* bad. All bets are off with high explosive shells and
    machine guns though.

  152. yah so much for historically accurate espially now that they added
    assulters fuse on bombes when they originally used impact bombs

  153. Panther 2 :)) she’s a sexy beast

  154. can u play the e 100

  155. Baron what do you think PT-76 sinking if it was in the water and it got
    shot . The more times the tank got shot the faster it would sink as there
    is more holes in the tank to let water in.

  156. you can maybe stream on thursday and call it tanking thursday..

  157. TIGER II !!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. Black prince

  159. 2:53 Thats me baron killed with the arty, the other PT-76, it was Baron!
    i’m so happy, i’m one of the few who can say, baronvongamez killed me !!

  160. btw baron, those arent fin stabalized heat rounds, but High explosive fin
    stabilized rounds.

  161. Adolf hitler is my farther and he told me to tell you baron to full fill
    his dream by playing the Panther II

  162. Cody swaggie swaggie swag swag

    Baron can you plz show us your gaming setup

  163. Pls play the T92!

  164. The Exploding Mushrooms !?

    Panther 2

  165. how about how to warthunder vids, ive been playing iver a year but just
    cant fly at all cuz i dont no if my settings are right in controlls

  166. I think it be pretty cool if they put world of war ships and WarThunder
    together and make a big war. ground-air-sea battles all in one battle. I
    love big battles like that

  167. Don’t you think they’re working on that? They wanted to add the tank first
    then get the amphibious stuff out of the way.

  168. can you kill a tank by landing on it?

  169. The Totalitarian Cheesecake

    IS3 plz ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

  170. t92?

  171. why is everybody making a big deal about the amphibious capibilities? the
    physics are not in the game yet and it doesn’t matter

  172. How About world of tank series from tier 1 to 10? Every region that would
    be cool like if you agree

  173. do the customs on monday

  174. please Baron play the kv85

  175. +BaronVonGames Ze panther II could be real fun… For the sake of

  176. Yes weekly custom battle we can join and you can stream. And Friday at 6:00pm
    est or so

  177. I’m 99% of matches in the first place , and get 100 pts per game

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