AMPHIBIOUS TANKS! PT-76, First Battleship in War Thunder 1.55!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder 1.55 PT-76 !
War Thunder Tanks Gameplay 1.55 – PT-76 Amphibious Tank!

War Thunder 1.55 Patch Update Info:
New Desert Maps El Alamein and Tunisia.
Japanese Planes: Ki-61-I Tei, A7m2, Ki-44-II Hei, Ki-44-II Otsu
Germany: Ju-88A-1, Kpfw. Churchill
Russia: MiG-17, T-44-122 Premium
Britain: Stirling B Mk.I & III, Mk.2, A13 mk.I, Tetrarch Mk.I, T17E2 Armored Car

Thanks for watching!


  1. Baron will you play more men of war ?

  2. great Russian tanks are more op

  3. Yes finally!!!!!!!!

  4. Pt-76 is now the initial test for Warthunder Naval battles hahaha..

  5. Hallelujah long live the amphibious tanks/armored vehicles

  6. Third

  7. well war thunder will have ships in a year or 2

  8. So happy about british tanks!

  9. World of Tankships

  10. I just want dem british tanks baron

  11. love how the turbines open on the back when you go into the water

  12. .loved it

  13. omg its a battleship with a main cannon!!!!!!

  14. time to get a PT-76

  15. already grinded it since i knew gaijin would make it amphibious :P

  16. baron plz do a race in custom battle in next live stream

  17. Roll and pitch and pound and fit and creak and groan you sonufa bitch! Boy
    its a helluva life on a destroyer~!

    I’m probably getting the lyrics slightly mixed up here…

  18. Everyone should start grinding for that PT-76 for custom battles! What
    amphibious tank do you want them to add to War Thunder? And what do you
    want me to cover the most for patch 1.55?

  19. The Shermans that were used on D-Day would be really cool

  20. ITS WORKING COMRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Jose Fernando Juarez de Leon

    war thunder have better water effects than world of warships. that is a bad
    thing for a warships game…

  22. BARON!!!!!! do you love me? (no homo)

  23. Please do a Normandy landing custom battle with this

  24. the Leopard 2 Amphibious vertion Ftw !!!!

  25. do battleships with this

  26. what about amphibious Churchill or Shermans, wouldn’t that be great?

  27. World Of War Thunder Ships!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. so sad they called the 155 patch royal armour and not EarlGrey 🙁 , that
    aside tho so stoked to see brit tanks,and even more hyped for the africa
    maps wich look absolutley great


  30. Where is damn smoke?

  31. BaronVonGames remember Poland? GO TO THAT CASTLE I WANT TO SEE WHAT IS

  32. only problem is you are completely vulnerable in the water.


  34. Leopard 1 was able to drive under water.WE WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Two more low tier Soviet amphibious tanks other than the basic T-40 could
    be added:
    The T-38T and the T-40S, both armed with the 20 mm TNSh.

  36. Just so cool.

  37. (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

    Now you’ve gotta get some amphibious gameplay with the PT-76 Baron….

  38. Pls kill you with artillery in the water in a real match.The kill cam will
    be funny sure!

  39. weren’t there amphibious armored cars?

  40. the japanese had 4 amphibious tanks last time i checked, most could be
    penetrated by a .30 cal

  41. sweet brah

  42. Japanese “Tanks” werent tanks that swim these were boats that can Travel on

  43. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    PT76 drivers can now camp the island on Jungle map

  44. can world of tanks do this ? not…:)

  45. DUDE! Baron get all you guys togetter and make a mission….
    Mission is get with the russian flooting paper thin ship to the shore with
    tigers1 shoting you while doing it!
    Do it just do it!!!

  46. Whats the World War option in the options menu in the hanger where you
    select custom battles? its greyed out at the moment

  47. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg


  48. 16v16 ship battles in custom?

  49. This reminds me of that horrible accident in 1991.

  50. do a custom battle where you have 2 teams full of pt-76 in this map/river
    and you need to try to drown eachother by ramming other players

  51. have you seen how cool it is? the hatches move as you get in the water to
    have (the propellors?) be in the water

  52. I already have it:p

  53. If other trees has amphibious tank. I hope german has 88 mm Flak vehicles
    like “Bunkerknacker”. Although its hard to hit planes.

  54. Tecnicly its not forting of you float it’s just a crossing. When forting
    you still touch the sea- or riverbed….

  55. DD Shermans! I want one! I’d pay for it.

  56. battle h6k4 versus pt 76

  57. The amphibious M4 sherman that was a bust on D-Day would be cool to have as
    a premium

  58. Some tanks are also amphibious, like the tiger 1 or the maus, but they cant

  59. Think about being a member of the Crew and every 5 seconds the captain
    shouts we are sinking or drowning

  60. the m4 amphibious

  61. the first ship :’)

  62. Awesome! Yes, definitely need the LVT with the 75mm. Also, if we ever get
    troops, how about the troop carrying version! In addition, to stretch it
    out a bit, why the hell not have PT BOATS!?! I could see hiding behind the
    island on the Jungle map shooting down planes with the 50 cals, 20s and 37s
    and taking pot shots at on the shore with the 40mm bovors. Yes, please…

  63. next episode try to get a kill while floating in a lake that is stable

  64. Japanese tanks now have more use

  65. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    click bait, cmon baron! :(

  66. You Can Say There Are Some New Current Events

  67. 5:00 Its a Russian Dolphin!!! 8/8 m8

  68. The DD tank

  69. I can see it now a stromy map and player yell in this tank “FUCK” it seems
    a bit low but looks interesting

  70. The water Sherman with the d day landing craft it came in to come up when
    in water

  71. Can you torpedo it? I’ve always wanted to torp a tank

  72. the maus was air tight, so I want to mauses mice? idk underwater or not
    drown as quickly

  73. Let us hope they fixed the driver update thingy (Even though we ALL updated
    it) still puts me to ultra low settings, at the same time though good job
    on the PT-76….

  74. The question is if it gets penetrated and has a hole, will that make it

  75. we need a Sherman DD

  76. reenactment of the Invasion of France at Normandy! Just one of Many
    possible scenarios for amphibious tanks!

  77. british tank

  78. Custom battle idea.
    Boat battles, everyone uses only machine guns and ram each other using only

  79. I MUST GET PT-76 O-O

  80. Amphibious TOG II GAIJIN PLS

  81. Now, what if we had battleships to cover the tanks?

  82. Now you can do a custom battle on normandy simulating the D-day

  83. there actually were german sort of amfibious vehicles. they had tauchpanzer
    that could travel through rivers on the river bed

  84. Type 2 come!!!!!!!!

  85. Driver view!

  86. they need to adjust the water physics as well. the sea, rivers and lakes
    are all the same which needs to be addressed

  87. Finally! Now I can do battle with the ships on the edge of the jungle map
    and give them the what-for!

  88. IDEA: BARON, have a pt76 water battle! it would be like when u did it with
    the plnes but more like battleships! plz its a good idea

  89. Pt-76 is not first battleship in WT. The first was T-35

  90. Cool videoBaron and also if the cut of date for war thunder is the 1960’s
    then it would be cool to see the LVTH-6 105 howitzer variant amphibious
    vehicle because it’s first service was 1956 not sure what tier but it would
    just be funny to see.

  91. 1.55 opens lots of possibilities for war thunder:. The navy, more
    amphibious tanks, infantry and amphibious landings, and armoured cars. I
    can’t wait for what will come in war thunder soon hopefully! Also, get
    killed by artillery while in water and watch the kill cam!!!

  92. I can see people abusing this in jungle, sniping people from the small

  93. British tanks are out now! The whole tree!

  94. Those are some insane waves for a river..

  95. Make a battle in water with this tank

  96. Baron! You can go to the castle on Poland now!

  97. I told you it could float!

  98. What happens if you take a normal tank in the water? Does it float for a
    few seconds?

  99. Japanese Tanks are garbage, no armor and a underpowered gun

  100. amphibious zis and maus and im complete

  101. I was so happy when i tried this! it was the first thing i checked after
    the patch

  102. there was on Japanese tank with torpedoes thats the one i want but i cant
    remember what it was

  103. woes are you friends, homies,peers,etc

  104. PocketPlanesAirways

    Actually the Germans did have amphibious tanks. Kinda. They had a Panzer II
    and a Panzer 38(t) that both had custom made boat hulls strapped on.

  105. you better so a RB battle with it again

  106. Chemistry´s the best!

    pt76 vs swordfish with torps! do it!

  107. Shnorkle 16:05, so funny

  108. what army is the PT-76 in?

  109. Imao there shouldn’t be ocean swells in a small river on Kursk.. It would
    have been much easier to cross if it was real.

  110. BMP-1 and BMD-1 for tier V bruh

  111. +BaronVonGamez You should have done a couple of little tests for us: try to
    aim at something specific (like a tree or rock) while floating on the rough
    water, and maybe have someone shoot the ice out from under you on the
    Finland map to see if it will still float. Good vid though.

  112. Amfibias vs bombers

  113. US marines corps LAV

  114. Do you sink if you get shot in the water??

  115. I warnt the underwater Maus


    leopard was unable to drown because hermaticly closed

  117. baron you forgot about the mous it was desined to use it’s baril as a

  118. Great now i have to worry about PT-76 camping behind the destroyer in

  119. the tiger snorkel should be a new mod for the germans

  120. no one HAS EVER reached that part of the test drive map
    plant ur flag baron !

  121. I kind of want some Artillery in War Thunder, just because I want to see
    the Gvozdika

  122. What about a new game mode? Imagine 2 Islands between them is water and
    each team has an isle and the objectiv is to capture the other island!
    Imagine u r in a Tank swimming over the water and get attacked by tanks in
    the water/ on the island and planes in the air or u get hit by an torpedo!
    Wouldnt that be awesome?

  123. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Bundeswehr

    The Germans were supposed to have modified tanks that would have been used
    to land on the English beaches, but Sea Lion cancelled because of the RAF.

  124. The Germans did make a prototype Panzer IV, that was imagined to travel
    across the English channel, and land on the British shores.

    Suffice to say, due to lack of air superiority the attack never happened.

  125. I smell a d-day scenario coming up.

  126. the odd ball Sherman tank

  127. the odd ball Sherman tank

  128. One step closer to player piloted landing craft and infantry being added.

    One can at least dream…

  129. russia t 40 japan type 2 and type 3 german pz 2 (schwimm)usa lvtp1 (a)1

  130. What about the sherman that can float? that would be super cool

  131. They should add a snorkel modification for the MAUS

  132. Fucking awesome.

  133. amphibious tanks vs sky whales

  134. can you drive it during a storm? with huge waves crashing, rain and thunder
    all around.

  135. wave in iver needs to be calmed a bit

  136. I have an amphibious boner!!

  137. Can you shoot the main gun while floating?

  138. Hey Baron, tomorrow is The Day that the Germans launched the Final
    offensive and began The Battle of The Bulge in 1944. I Thought maybe you
    guys could do a custom battle on the winter map since it looks like the
    Ardennes Forest. For germans use Tigers and Panthers and for the Americans
    use Shermans and Hellcats and M10/Achilles. One last thing 1 person on the
    team should use the Premium Cobra King sherman with the “First into
    Bastogne” decal

  139. I bet people think the pt76 is op with its Fiat punto thickness armour
    because hey its Russian so it must be…

  140. Preston Earle (Pearle)

    You guys should do a race across that river in those.

  141. I guess if they add the Sherman DD it’ll be a t2/3 premium

  142. they should make a map with a couple bridges and a deep river through the
    middle so amphibious tanks would have an good advantge over regular tanks.

  143. LTV(a)4, LVT(A)-1,LVT-4 Water Buffalo, British designation Buffalo IV

  144. man the maus still cant go underwater

  145. if warthunder ships come out world of warships will die.

  146. You know what a REALLY great amphibious tank to add would be?

    The Chrysler TV-8

  147. PT-76 sea battle!

  148. there should actually be naval in the game, I like the team work between
    air and ground units but there should be naval in the game aswell

  149. You should do a battle with only those on water

  150. so graceful, like a whale in the air

  151. Do bombers vs floating aa

  152. We need the American LVT amphibious transports

  153. what about a custom ships battle and you can only use the PT-76

  154. germans had the schwimm wagen command jeep

  155. No entiendo una mierda Ingles pero igual miro tus video

    Saludos desde Argentina !

  156. Amphib is overated.

  157. SL Eleven (SevenEleven357)

    It’s gonna be a load of bs if I get hit in the side of my Sherman from 15km
    away from a Bismarck

  158. I think battleship custom battles with amphibious tanks are a must have.

  159. Naturally you choose the deepest and widest part of the river

  160. Turn on captions for an okay time

  161. Time for the DD Sherman?

  162. Now all we need is a T35/”Hard to pronounce german tier 1″/maus amphibious
    variants so we REALLY have battleships

  163. Ok when get the tank first thing is to swim but i sinucide now with this
    update i can be the Captain Jack Sparrow with pt-76 :)))

  164. The Sherman boat

  165. DD sherman

  166. The Maus also could ford rivers so yea, bring it on.

  167. the sherman amphibious is armed with the 75 and the its just that to
    go under water you had to lift something over the turret so water cant get
    trhu the trap on top of the turret cause it goes rally deep in water

  168. they need to add the Swedish Stridsvagn S/103!!!!

  169. drive it throught the middel of poland in the pond

  170. they should add the D-day sherman

  171. Tanks, tanks everywhere… They drive, they float, they fly, some may have
    MiG 15 engines strapped on as turret.

  172. I started casually grinding the PT-76 a while back, but it’s kinda just an
    afterthought to my messing around in the SU-152.. Maybe now I’ll work for
    it :P

  173. Imagine custom battles on Normandy amd PT76 as Shinyo boats defending the

  174. Actually Baron, the Germans did have two landing tanks that they designed
    for their planed invasion of Britain. They were a version of both the
    Panzer IIIs and IVs.

  175. Good thing i got all the modifications

  176. So they gona add the lend lease British tanks on the Russian tree too or

  177. Player controlled light vehicles and infantry squads would be nice, having
    repair, anti-tank and anti infantry units (seen from the same perspective
    as tanks) wich required low SP in realistic battles would be the most
    awesome thing ever. What do you think, +BaronVonGamez ?

  178. Got this yesterday, I am so happy I did get it.

  179. fun fact during WWII there was actually an amphibious M4 Sherman meant for
    the D Day landings that’d be interesting to see in the game

  180. “We can wait for our friends to cross the river” Has no friends…

  181. this is it,this is the big first step

  182. +BaronVonGamez The T-40 has been on the initial release tree for the
    Soviets since CBT Days. I beleive the 20mm armed version was a prototype.
    Most used the 12.7mm machine gun.

  183. Kevin Ribeiro Welter

    Is update 1.55 already released in the USA?
    Cause in Germany its already released.

  184. holy….

  185. This makes me horny


  187. tauchpanzers…..

  188. +Baron! Do a custom battle with 15 PT76’s and there would be 2-3 (You,
    Slick, and Phly) defending your side of the river, and the goal of the PT’s
    are to cross the river! (Not sure if balanced, might need tweaking.)

  189. connect a bunch of p26s and make the p1000 ratte river battleship

  190. Ok I know that there were amphibian panthers or some German tanks but yes
    awesome I should prob get this game

  191. Baron ist got to be you slick and phly vs fans. you slick and phly cross
    the river on Kursk while fans shoot at you with teir 1 tanks


  193. gold “galaxy” donater

    +BaronVonGamez a good game mode is protect land ship for them invasion.
    best Amphibious tank is a LAV -25/A and i know it not WW2 tank but it best
    i like.

  194. The wave action with the PT-76 crossing the river is really cool. Back in
    the 1980s, one of the first real “alternate history” books came out: “The
    Third World War”: the initial action was PT-76s crossing rivers along the
    Inner German Border. Cool.

  195. sneak attacks ,sit there and she’ll em

  196. Custom Battle idea:
    PT-76s fight in the lake in Poland. Only use HE so you can take a few hits
    and more explosion.

  197. You should do a custom battle with it.

  198. PT-76s vs float planes! ‘murican Catalinas!

  199. That tank looks like the Union’s first ironcladish ship. Arg, what was it

  200. omg the water physics are spot on cant wait for the first patrol boats and
    torpedo boats (Russia is king of fast and deadly)

    Also they released that past super fucking fast 6 hours ago and they just
    released it WTF?

  201. The should add the Tog II joke

  202. Anybody else that think about BaronVonGemez, PhlyDaily, etc. in a custom
    battle naval tank battle? COMON BARON, I can’t be more hyped for a custom

  203. bomb land on your tank while crossing the river…


  205. water tank racing

  206. D-day!!!!!!! Is coming!

  207. You should try out the t92 american light tank

  208. I want to see the pz 1000 ratte in war thunder

  209. Jacob Dunbar (PrecastOrc8601)

    the M4 DD could be raised and lowered like landing gear

  210. We should get the Sherman and Churchill DD tanks so we can do landings on

  211. You can finally do a Normandy invasion with DD Shermans

  212. TheOldStock_ Canadian

    Do war thunder naval battles woth the pt in custom battles

  213. Awesome Baron, very nice presentation. Cant see why they cant have spawn
    points now for amphibious tanks only . Just pop a pre existing Cargo ship
    offshore or in the rivers, make it a point spawn for those tank types only
    and have em sail in as a flank. The whole drowning thing might have to be
    nerfed though xD cause a spawn in moving water.. yeah

  214. What about the M4 Sherman AED(Amphibian Exhaust Device)? It was what the US
    army designed, while the British designed the Duplex Drive, if I remember

  215. omg imagine the Swedish amphibious s-tank

  216. Amphibious SPAA…VS planes…Mother of tonks

  217. Getting ships on WT would make me soooo happy!

  218. Can you make a video, were you take out the PT-76 and try a nice sea battle
    against eachother, just to get some glimps of what sea baatles might look
    like in the far future of War Thunder.

  219. BMP-3M

  220. MAUS with snorkel

  221. I wonder if you shoot the hull of the pt-76 it would start sinking

  222. tiger snorkel lol good job germans lol

  223. Do the custom battle on jungle so you can be near the New Orleans class

  224. Ka-Sha Type 4 (1943)

    Japanese Amphibious supplier special Type 4

    Engine: gasoline engine 62 hp in a water-tight pressure box
    Gearbox: generator to electric final drives.
    Length: 11 000 width: 3300 height: 4000 mm
    Weight: 16 000 kg
    Speed land: xx water: 5 knots
    Crew: 5
    Armament: 2 x 450 mm torpedoes
    The war was over before they could be used.

  225. I think the DUKW US Amphib truck would be cool. Even thought it doesn’t
    have a main canon it could be a Tier 1 cheap premium SPAA.

  226. Amphibious Ratte P 1000

  227. Or maybe premium submersible maus

  228. gets halfway across river to flank the enemy *BOOM* sniped by a Tiger!

  229. Its about damn time. Next amphibious tanks, the LVT(A)-1 and LVT(A)-4, two
    very potent amphibious landing assault vehicles from WW2. Used by the U.S.
    Marine Corps, the LVT(A)-1 was fitted with the turret of the M3 Light Tank
    and its armament, and the LVT(A)-4 was fitted with the turret of the M8A1
    Howitzer Motor Carriage and its armament. Speaking of the M8, I think
    Gaijin should put up a special even to unlock it again for the holidays
    coming up. I want one.

  230. Pedro “RaMir0” Amaral

    Baron a new game type for your next stream, ppl in PT-76 trying to cross a
    river and torpedo bombers trying to take them down.


  232. PT-76 + DDay map =?

  233. I have the PT-76. But at that BR, I’m having trouble seeing the use. I
    looked at it and it has as much armor as a BT-7. And only three crew.
    Unless I missed something, it seems kinda useless. Anything so much as
    sneezes at it, and it dies. I can’t even seem to unlock parts for it.

  234. Sherman bb

  235. someone needs to torpedo it…. for science

  236. Think of maps like Normandy or an Okinawa map where it starts with an air
    and ship battle and towards the end a bunch of LST’s hit the beach and the
    attacking teams tanks can join in the battle.

  237. Will we get Sturmtiger and its depth charges to counter this? :D

  238. The M4 sherman DD

  239. Shame the tog isn’t the first

  240. does anyone else think its strange that there’s waves in the river in the
    testing area

  241. New favorite tank instantly. I’m sorry t-3485, if only you could become a
    holy Soviet cruiser.

  242. Back when I played WT a couple squadronmates and I would take our KV-1s
    with the French Naval Air roundel and we’d go about calling ourselves the
    “Russian Navy.” And now that I’ve stopped playing the game they add in the
    PT-76 with the ability to float.

  243. you should do a custom battle where 1 side users this tank and they drive
    over to one of the ships as an invasion and the other team have airplanes
    and regular tanks trying to stop the invasion lol yes it is 1 sided but it
    would be fun to watch, give 1 life to every one… i can see it now a JU-88
    diving now to deliver a pay load to a fleet of floating tanks. it would be
    awesome lol

  244. DD SHERMANS!!!

  245. cant wait to see an american amphibians line 😉 also i think the grille was

  246. it must be that windy at kursk for the river to be that rough

  247. pt 76s vs catalinas, it has so little armour that it would be a fairly even

  248. “The level of excitement” *slowly crosses river*

  249. time for a naval custom battle….

  250. wellp when japaniese tanks are added let the massacure that happened today
    with the 1 hit killing eachother british tanks begin!!!

  251. Have a battle over sea

  252. go on a water map and do a custom battle

  253. nice resarch man i misspelled that

  254. next April fools they should make KV-2 battle ships

  255. Custom battle idea: Swordfish with torps vs pt76s in the water

    Panther: You didn’t know, Tommy floats now better protect your back end!!
    Tiger: too late it hit me im burning HEEELLP

  257. go on jungle n hide behind the ship while u fire on enemies

  258. IF the Japanese get tanks

  259. idea for a custom battle H6k vs pt76

  260. lol watch this in 2x speed

  261. LVTs with the m8 turret and m3 turret

  262. On the jungle map where there’s ships by the sea,I can make the pt look
    blue and enter the sea in a simulator battle or realistic battle,en get
    behind the enemy through that way than strike the enemy from the rear,is
    great if u have a few friends with u,don’t know if this works

  263. well you know what to say… Stalin’s personal armed rubber ducky!!!

  264. well you know what to say… Stalin’s personal armed rubber ducky!!!

  265. That is one rough-ass river. I know it’s probably not dammed anywhere, but
    it’s still fairly deep, and there doesn’t seem to be much wind… I guess
    there must have been a flood or something. Or maybe the river just flows
    really fast.

    But, uhhh, the TOG II was amphibious, right :P?

  266. Great Video Baron, What would happen if you called an artillery strike on a
    tank in water?

  267. Lav 25

  268. wait, what about the the SNORKLE MAUS? (a real thing, thats how Maus were
    intended to do river crossings) +BaronVonGames

  269. Gaijin should really add the Sherman with the Amphibious Exhast Device,
    which is a modification on the M4 variant, equipping them with long air
    supply/exhaust shafts, so they can retain their firepower while being in
    water. When 1.55 officially comes out, Plez do da British Cromwell with the

  270. I demand naval custom battles!

  271. What was absolutely hilarious was when I was playing Poland and I guess
    someone thought the PT 76 was amphibious because he charged straight into
    the pond, only to sink, try to reverse and then just died out, made me
    laugh so hard !

  272. My favourite amphibious tank is your mother.

  273. Rasydan MRMR (U-2412)

    when the official release,make a custom battle,PT-76 fighting each other on

  274. Baron go to the castle island in poland

  275. Now we wait for amphibious KV-2

  276. It would of been cool to see you go around on that lake on Poland, should
    be calmer waters and you could stop in the middle somewhere.

  277. Call me weird, but I think sailing a transport ship would be tons of fun. I
    could drop off two or three little tank friends that would storm the beach
    while I give them AA cover. I can’t wait to see what War Thunder will do in
    the future!

  278. it would be really hard to find in water (with realistic)

  279. Throughout the entire video, the only thing resonating through my brain was
    Russian. The song works.

  280. looks like a BMP 2

  281. I want ships in war thunder

  282. Your driving along a river, then you get killed out of nowhere, then the
    kill cam shows a PT 76 floating in the water.

  283. I never thought I would here, “Oh! It’s a tiger snorkel!”

  284. Now that we have armored cars the Germans could get the Schwimmwagen with a
    slightly fantasized aa gun? Two 50cals on the back would work and it’s

  285. Custom battles with torp planes vs. Pt76 on the Poland lake.

  286. Man I can imagine a custom game where one side has regular tanks and the
    amphibians have to cross the water to get to them and blow them up.

  287. uh 1 thing they have to add because it is a simulated based game usingreal
    game physics a pen undewater should cause it to sink…… fast! depending
    on shell size.

  288. This calls for…Naval custom battles (So long as you can shoot the gun
    while floating, though, you could use artillery, like a big destroyer or

  289. Yeah a river with current and waves like that would capsize a real PT-76 or
    other amphib tank/fighting vehicle, lol.Well since WT can achieve that,
    then the next thing would be BMP-1’S being AIR-DROPPED with the crews
    inside ready to spin up the engines as soon as they land!!! Look THAT one
    up ;)

  290. Just add a water cameo and your completely fine, maybe

  291. Jacob Hardy (JacobHardy64)

    I got my PT-76, and got a kill from in the lake on poland

  292. Jacob Hardy (JacobHardy64)

    My god the PT-76 is amazing for custom battles! Me and about 5 other people
    had a PT-76 team vs another PT-76 team and we had a naval battle :D

  293. +BaronVonGamez Contrary to some belief, out of the 100 or so designed
    Japanese tanks during the war only 3 at the most were amphibious. Many
    Japanese tanks that were designed with 75mm or higher guns never saw mass
    production due to bombing raids, as well as them being held back on the
    Home Islands in the event of an invasion. The ones that did see combat were
    terribly outdated, with light tanks designed in the 30s going up against
    Sherman’s. That is why Japanese tanks are so underestimated and disliked.

  294. A new take on the legendary battleship – Battleship War 3D – will astonish
    the players with its breathtaking, spectacular fights on the water surface!
    Choose the epoch you prefer as a backdrop for curbstompting your opponent
    and go ahead! Keep in mind that Kraken is hungry for some sunken ships!
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  295. m4 amphibious tank

  296. Mikael Lillieström

    In real life this tank is pece of S….. its only good for as fishing

  297. OMG. Baron specifically has been passionate about this since the PT-76
    first came out. U can tell just how excited he is. So happy for him. lol

  298. Zyre Jansenn Paglinawan


  299. VerticalFpsGaming 21

    its really unstable dou

  300. Baron here’s new challange. When patch 1.55 comes out get everyone who has
    dat landbattleship into a training room and all fighting in the water. ones
    who exit the water should be kicked. Do it!

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