Amphibious tanks / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Apart from the conventional light, and heavy tanks, in War Thunder there is also an entire class of vehicles with special capabilities. Amphibians — or vehicles that can swim.

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  1. *Ka-Mi can float to Gaijin*

  2. wait the row is amphibious? how come I always drown in it

  3. all tanks can swim, just not all float!

  4. If you remove the Japanese tech trees are you going to give us like the e 100 or the is7 or the t30 or a new french tank or gold plus I play it on Xbox one

  5. Kinda late but hey atleast i can make a comment.


  6. You guy’s should do a hide and seek event

  7. amx 10rc !!

  8. talking about amphibious tanks please give ka mi floats.

  9. Tanks can also swim

  10. Please remove repair costs.

  11. Bring the LAV to the US tree

  12. Deep wading when?

  13. Ah the Ka-Ni my brilliant plan sank like a rock, I remember it like it was yesterday
    Me: This is a brilliant plan

  14. Add the amphibious versions of the Ka-Mi and Sheridan

  15. Can we get the ka-chi (amphibious chi-he) and ka-tsu (amphibious torpedo launching tank)?

  16. Female gunner? ?

  17. dion van der velde

    when will we get sub marines in the navy branch? ive noticed the world war game mode that is not available yet, and there is no world war without the nutorious wolf pack

  18. “What else does float in water?”
    -“Very small rocks!”

  19. They cannot float without pontoons

  20. Lake Side yes they can, they can also carry 2 torpedoes as well and still float without pontoons

  21. I honestly think that the Ka-Mi should have a modifiaction for it’s pontoons (sorry if I spelt that wrong). What it will do is give the Tank it’s amphibious capabilities, and act as spaced armour too, but slow it down quite a bit. I’d like to see this in the near future.

  22. Odds are with the m163, the designers made out amphibious to allow for more dynamic interaction with ground units during amphibious crossings, I.e. instead of being confined to a barge or ship to assist in anti air ops, it could be in the convoy in the water to provide closer cover and protection

  23. Amphibious Tanks: useless but awesome, just like a lot of things

  24. My favorite one is the Object 906.

  25. The Faulty Ferret

    M113A1 TOW Italian. Love it, though i do not have full capabilities as my research is not done in them 10 missles land me around 6-7 kills per deployment if i am playing at my full capabilities

  26. jereme heffington

    Why should I waste anymore money on this game when it’s still unbalanced for stick pilots

  27. Wait… The T114 is amphibious???

  28. couldn’t we add the floats for the ka mi as a teir 1 modification?

  29. I can smell it EA idea here paying for the air 🙂

  30. Can the Ka-mi have the floating system someday?

  31. Could we test drive the new stuff (high rank) for about a week after it is added?

  32. WhatsApp about add czechoslovakia Tech tree ito war Thunder?

  33. I drove my 163 into water sometime in late 2018 and sank like a stone. . .

  34. Floating m1 Abrams

  35. First Ka Mi and BMP2 cant swimm. Cant understand why..

  36. Wait, wait, wait
    T95 doesnt swim? What?

  37. Drive a Ka-Mi.
    Jump into Water.
    Become Midget Submarine.

  38. beautiful, but totally useless feature in thunder

  39. 3:35 It not a easy task to eliminate all of it 6 crews member there

    Me: Load HE

  40. 2 words: Floating R3

  41. But why is the italian TOW tank on br 8.3…. when the begleitpanzer (which has also a TOW and a full auto cannon) is 8.3… I don’t get it… a glass tank need to be lower br normally than a light tank?

  42. No one is talking about the Italian amphibious vehicles. The two R3s, the AUBL/74, the FIAT 6614, the SIDAM 25 and the M113 should all be amphibious, yet only the last one is. In the case of the R3 T106, you even mentioned in the devblog that it is amphibious and can travel up to 6 km/h in the water, yet no such mechanic exists in the game. They just sink.

  43. hey gaijin where is my puma ifv?

  44. Гребаный про геймер Player unknown battle ground

    Hello when is the tuvelop bomber is coming out

  45. Too late thousands of Ka-Mi crews have died.

  46. Too late thousands of Ka-Mi crews have drowned.

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