^^| AMX 12T on Ensk Replay Cast

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Source: SirCircon

There are only 3 maps that scouts are good for. OH WAIT NVM.


  1. Circon use Quickybaby’s website if you wish to see which crits you did

  2. this was so situational that you cant justify this map/tank

  3. @Circon only if there were more arty player that says “come, kill me, i’m
    not going to shot you” :P

  4. As much as I hated 12t, 13 75 was some kind of mixed feeling. It was either
    amazing or failed miserably, I ran it full APCR (hurr durr because 144 AP
    at tier 7 is gut ja?) and it’s clip reload was quite enjoyable

  5. the feeling when your maximum potential damage without fires or ammoracks
    is 4k FeelsBadMan

  6. Would like to see you rely less on APCR… as much as I wish you well with
    wanting more ammo for shit tank AMX12t :P

  7. “all is not lost, if you are a light tank on Ensk” and with full APCR
    loadout// get fucked hahahaha// thank you for the content// i love your

  8. vacation? u kidding me? where am I gonna get my memes u son of a bitch!

  9. I did fine (3 gun marks) in the AMX 12t with 18 AP and 12 APCR while
    playing it grinding the AMX 13 90, but yeah the fact that sometimes you get
    stuck with 3 AP and 4 APCR remaining is pretty annoying so I get the full
    APCR loadout! ^^

  10. That ending though :D

  11. Viktor Woloszczuk

    Expected average damage value for this tank is 443~ish, so if you average
    that damage you should get 1500 wn8. Basically, fire 4 shots per game and
    you’re a green player.

  12. ✪ lenek (leniuszek0000)

    What a kind arty player

  13. Hey guys, reminder, i’m on a vacation, but i worked hard to still have near
    daily content on youtube, so enjoy and see you tuesday on stream :)

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