^^| AMX 12T Replay Cast

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  1. Keep making these and the stream highlights. But I’ve noticed that you
    platoon a lot less on the stream lately. I really think you would get more
    stream subs and stream traffic if you started platooning more. That gives
    your channel more of a party atmosphere. It’s one of the things I loved the
    most about your channel. That back and forth banter always proved
    entertaining and kept me watching for longer periods. I know that your past
    platoon mates have their own streams or are playing less of WOT, but I
    think you can recruit others that have good game play and interesting

    In any case, I enjoy your channel, I tune in when I can, have supported it,
    and over the three years I have been a WOT player have learned to play
    better because of you. This from a 56 year old NA player with 12,000+ games
    and a WN8 of 1800+, 55% win rate.

  2. sovelis holimion

    i do the same in batchat… only thing that batchat apcr is standard :D

  3. i thought the 12t had +3 mm

  4. The 12t and 13 90 I get. But WTF is the damn 13 75’s place in WoT? Most
    would rather fap to a box of pencils…

  5. Circon you must stop complaining about the ammo load out. You can’t put 60
    rounds in such a small tank. Even though it’s an arcade game, it still need
    some realistic part to make sense.

  6. I’ll have the top kill too, sounds nice!

  7. snowisthebestweather

    I hated my 12t. The poor mobility killed it for me. The 13 75 was less
    painful just because it could actually accelerate and turn.

  8. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Ammo count is the reason I do not play this much vs other tier 6 lights.
    And the reason why I don’t have a single HE shell on them. And no it would
    not do much for balance if they added 12 rounds or even 24 more. As it did
    nothing for the Lowe when they increased his ammo load by 40. Even tho I
    tossed 20 more HE shells on it for the lols.

  9. Giedrius Vaškys

    get an ace on t25 at infamous line to t28 that would be interestin:D

  10. The Sturer Emil kinda also needs more ammo, but it gets away with what it
    has most of the time because its reload is so slow and it hits so hard.
    As for the 12t, it’s probably the tank that made me first gain interest in
    the light class. And since then I’ve gotten a 13 75. I also have a Bulldog.
    The latter of the two is by far the superior.

  11. Bloody well done Circon !
    I’m in a AMX, nice is the grenade-containers !

  12. I once fired 6 shots in the 12t in the whole game. and I had a top gun.

  13. wargamings response to not giving the 12t more ammo: small tank not have

  14. run out of ammo in a light tank without taking damage yeah that’s a good
    game! !

  15. Efe the Captain

    End of vid. Song name ?

  16. First thing I thought when the replay begun was: ow god no not circon
    too..(going full gold). It is okay when you explained it, but still i think
    you can do it without it! I get 90% MoE with 12 apcr load-out and you are
    way better then me!

  17. how did M12 get up there? i dont think u can get on the railway from the
    cap side, can you, unless maybe yr in a very fast light?

  18. The Sturer Emil gets 15 rounds with it’s 12.8cm cannon. Only 15. Wut? WG
    claim it’s for historical accuracy. I call BS.

  19. 30 apcr though.. that must be so ez to 5k wn8 every game and 3 mark in 20
    games tops.

  20. Daily videos man…really nice Circon! I love how you focus on YT to some
    degree aswell

  21. i haven’t even started watching the video but i can sense the memes
    already… this tank has one of my highest avg exp’s with under 100 games.
    And yeah i found the ammo capacity of this tank to be a really limiting
    factor at times. The Tog should donate some ammo to the 12t.. it has enough
    to kill the enemy team like 10 times.

  22. SirFoch would have 30 AP ;)

  23. Andrew Claymore

    They should add a crew skill for autoloaders that consolidates the last
    full clip of ammo. If you have a 12t with 3 apcr, 2 HE and one heat, it
    should just give you all six in one clip in decreasing order of penetration.
    They could call it ‘Ammo management’ or whatever…

  24. T34 100 gets no ammo aswell

  25. First tank that I got 3rd mark on. Absolutely loved that little tank.
    Haven’t used a single apcr round though… ;)

  26. That camping M12 got wrecked by the great russian arty revered for its
    great accuracy at range

  27. Anyway, like I was sayin’, shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue
    it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey’s uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp
    creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple
    shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp
    stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich.
    That- that’s about it.

  28. Well, St. Emil has 15 shells :/

  29. In regards of tanks needing more ammo the FV215b needs more than 35 shells
    for example I was playing it on sand river did 7.4k damage ran out of all
    ammo and still had to fight 3 enemy tanks 1 of which was a full HP E100

  30. circon on that part if you get speed. you cross to the other side and can
    get on hat bridge

  31. Loved my 12t, got my first Fadin’s medal in it.

  32. FV 215B has ammo problems as well.

  33. they should just remove the shallow part of the river so dumbasses like
    that M12 can’t go there

  34. I’ve been 3-4 times on full HP and without ammo with this thing during the
    grind (Both around 3k dmg, one was in tier 9). Maybe 60 shells are a bit
    much, but adding 2 more clips (12) would be just fine I think.

  35. first time playing the 12t i got 3k damage

  36. Just go full HE, it’s cheaper!

    I’m serious.

  37. dammit circon…….you could have done more…carry harder

  38. Nice Replay Cast Circgod

  39. Gerbrand de Wit


  40. french autoloaders are crippled by their ammo capacity its totally
    unnecessary on the lights like the 13 75 and 12t both of these arent even
    that good at dealing a lot of damage like the 13 75 you NEED to hit every
    shot you fire because i used to run out of ammo in that thing ridiculously
    often the 13 75 not as often because at its tier that same gun deals a
    higher percent of enemy health so its easier but you still needs to be so
    so careful. the 13 90 kinda makes sense to have the limit on that because
    it can deal so much damage already but 75mm gun armed vehicles dont need
    that limitation.

  41. What up! Going live in little less then an hour: twitch.tv/circon World of
    Tanks Friday! See you there? :D

  42. LeinoQXQX_OSU!ジェシーレイノ

    Lul 12t full gold Kappa Ok JK

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