AMX 13 105 Unicum Guide/Review, Underpowered But Still Fun

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I the , a tier 10 French light tank in (), with replays of and battles.

The AMX 13 105 combines a hard-hitting, inaccurate autoloader with light tank mechanics (always-on camouflage). The tank can be fun and frustrating in the same battle. I hope that Wargaming improves its gun accuracy and reduces its terrain resistances, as the tank is currently underpowered.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Excellent frontal gun depression (-)
+ Excellent alpha (390)
+ Manageable clip size (3)
+ Good top speed (68)
– Very poor accuracy (0.42), much worse than the tier 7-9 French lights (0.38)
– Turns very slowly for a light tank due to high terrain resistances
– Poor gun elevation (+12)
– Relative to other tier 10s, low view range (390)
– As with all tier 10 lights, suffers from high penetration loss over distance

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Vents

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

” full and FAQs:

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  1. Rng giveth, Rng taketh away 😉
    The devs went overboard with tier 10 LTs gun characteristics (and that view range…).

    P.S. That cancer msg :O , I guess it was a kid.

    • Yes, the tier 10 lights have slightly underpowered view range. Although I think the poor accuracy and penetration loss are bigger issues, given that you can get to 445+m with a decent crew.

      That player’s name was Retired_Gunz so my guess is he’s an older player.

  2. Great video very informative so have just subscribed.

  3. Could you do a guide for T54E1? Recently bought it and got the top gun and while it is really fun to clip tier 8s, but the gun handling is just horrible…. Could you give me a few tips how to deal with that bad handling and penetration combo?

  4. Bugger late by 2 days, if I had seen this then I would have not free exp’d this thing and gone with another light, oh well will have to work at it.

    • Rod Hales general consensus is that this is in the top 2-3 tier ten light tanks, so I’m not sure what other choices you have that would be “better”.

  5. Hey, great vid. I have one piece of advice: at 10:00 after killing the TVP I feel you shouldn’t have reloaded. You did not know where the t28 was and although you couldn’t kill him in 2 shots it’s better to at least do some damage instead of being caught out reloading. I love the amx 13 90 and I also like the batchat a lot, do you think it’s worth picking up the 13 105 seeing it’s not that big an improvement over the 13 90.

    • That’s fair advice. I tend to reload my clip aggressively, because I don’t feel comfortable running around with a partial clip.

      I like the 13 105 but find it frustrating at times. Still, I’m glad I got it, to see for myself first hand.

  6. Cosmin Herciu-Sava

    Do you play any heavies?

    • I’ve been playing the T26E5 and Lowe recently.

      I enjoy lights and mediums more than heavies given their mobility and vision control. Plus, most light drivers play their tanks incorrectly so I feel I can really help the team in a light tank.

  7. arta balanced

  8. I simply cannot wait for the t30. The shape of those tanks is very appealing to me. I’ve almost unlocked the Sp1c.
    I’m hoping the bc 12t is going to help me learn to be conservative and make the pea shooters useful.

    • The mechanics of the Bat Chat 12t really forces the driver to be patient and take advantage of opportunities carefully. I learned a lot from playing it, and I think it’s better than people believe.

    • Taugrim I think it’s the alpha, pen and clip potential that people get put off by.
      In my case I dreaded playing the vk2801 now that it lost the 105, ended the game with completing stug iv mission 15 with honours.
      The alpha is low and you sometimes bounce, but until I finished the match, I actually forgot I was tier 6

    • I like the french tanks for their clips they spew consecutive damage although they have long reloads

    • > In my case I dreaded playing the vk2801 now that it lost the 105, ended the game with completing stug iv mission 15 with honours

      I played the VK2801 with the peashooter, back before the 9.18 changes. Did fine, had like a 70% solo win rate and 3.2k WN8. The peashooter is even better now with the buff to AP penetration.

      There are some players who made a big deal about the VK losing it’s derp gun, but IMO the 7.5cm in its post-9.18 state is much better and more reliable.

  9. whats Mouse Chan?

  10. excellent video ….. thanks

  11. I’m just impressed that you can type so well on the move

  12. best tactical youtuber out there
    keep it up man 😉

  13. Nice video, thanks

  14. That first game! God like carry! Shame about the ending on that second one! Well played and another solid installment!

  15. I can’t wait for the T30 video.

  16. Hey taugrim, great stuff. A while back I got the ELC and loved it. I still do, even after the nerfs; I use chocolate now to keep it competitive because it’s rather underpowered now. Anyway, once I got it I stopped the line there. I had no interest in continuing up, but recently I’ve been wanting to. What are your thoughts on the line as a whole, starting from the AMX 12t?

    • I love the French light tank line from 6-9, although I haven’t played the 13 75 yet. The AMX 12t, Bat Chat 12t, and AMX 13 90 are all very capable tanks.

      The tier 10 is underpowered and can be frustrating, but I still like to play it.

    • Taugrim so the light tank rework made the AMX 12t and 13 75 better tier for tier? Because prior to that I’d read in multiple places that they were pretty lackluster

  17. Too funny how he sais Mäuschen 😀

  18. Cheers for another great video xx

  19. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Your so calm and professional about the video i love it dude

  20. I can’t fathom how can you play with such high mouse sensitivity. You struggled to aim at moving tanks at the start and later you hit that 704’s track because of that. 🙂

  21. Ya I’m still undecided to go for this or the batchat, I mean they both have their pros and cons.

  22. You should make more videos for the community to enjoy!

  23. I would like one on the hellcat

  24. Happy New Year

  25. I really hate this tank I got it as soon as it was put in the game and am about sick of it as anyone

  26. Lmao that retired gunz guy

  27. “Hope you get cancer to your balls” God…that guy was SO butt-hurt XD

  28. I created this video with a new video editor (PowerDirector 16).

    Please let me know:
    1. How balanced are the audio tracks? E.g. is the music too loud / just right / not loud enough? E.g. is the battle audio too loud / just right / not loud enough?
    2. How does the video quality look? This was recorded @ 30 FPS

    Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the video!

  29. Just started playing lights a lot more recently so thanks for all the advice. Great stuff as ever T. Cheers

  30. Could you show some city tactics for LT’s!

    • Did you watch Episode #41, the Guide to Light Tank Tactics? There is plenty of city footage in there. Here’s the link:

      Also, my video on the Type 64 will feature a Paris battle, as many players don’t understand how to play that (crappy) map.

  31. *hope you get cancer to your balls*

  32. Maus-chan <3

  33. Which of the tier 10 light tanks is the best as far as mobility?

    • Based on, probably the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen or T-100 LT:

      The T-100 LT seems to perform far better than the Rhm Pzw, both in terms of win rate and damage, and in terms of what I’ve experienced facing them. The T-100 LT has a bouncy turret whereas the Rhm Pzw is paper.

    • Im closer to getting the t100 and i know the dispersion while moving is good, so ill look into that one. Not to mention its 10kmh faster

    • Yes, the T-100 LT is an excellent mobile gunner.

  34. I just don’t see the point in getting a tier X light right now, seems like tier XI and below have all the fun.

    • The tier 9 lights are in a very good spot right now (no pun intended).

      I’m continuing to play the AMX 13 105, because I’m stubborn and want to improve my win rate and stats in it.

      I started playing the Sheridan again too.

    • As a vvorld renown clinical psychologist I must vvarn you (in my best austrian accent), zthat it is unhealthy to engage intoo abusive relationships with zee bad tanks. You vvill lose, both in your mind and in your vvinrate.

    • I love my T49 with its lightweight gun! The mobility and gun handling is god like. No plan to grind for Sheridan though.

  35. Mate I still don’t play this game but love these videos, doing these clutch last stands!

    Interesting how you are so active in chat, maybe a more traditional mmo player like yourself is more open to communication than others

  36. Another great vid bud!

  37. HazMatt Container

    Thanks, as always. Such clear commentary on all the important aspects of the game.

  38. I LOVED the first battle, the way you think and move. And comment. Pure pleasure to watch.
    To add: AMX 13 105 the only LT10 to have 1000m/s shell velocity on APCR (wtf?)
    And imo the only superlight on tier 10 and fully competitive and a real scout is a T-100, tbh with T-100 you don’t need any other LT10

    • Thanks. I did get lucky at the end of the battle, but I did play well enough to get that far.

      I agree with you about the T-100 LT – it is the only tier 10 light that has mechanics that work very effectively. The mobility, small size, turret armor, and low moving dispersion make it a terrific mobile gunner.

  39. Good vid keep up the good work.
    In 2018 health, happiness and prosperity to you, your family, friends and all the gamers out there!
    Battle On!

  40. As usual very useful vids!!!
    are you able to do something that shows how you recommend starting on each map and and each side, and best possible locations, im aware you give quite a few different locations through out all your clips, but just the first 1-3 mins of each map 1 or 2 suggested locations depending on how many scouts you have to best give best locations to give your team the best chance to a good start
    (assuming they actually shoot what you show them 😉 )

    • Thanks 🙂

      There are some really helpful guides to maps – the one from o7 Gaming is good and covers all of the current maps:

      I will of course continue to talk about how to play particular maps when I’m narrating a particular battle.


  41. echogameadventures

    the batchat 25T really got nerfed when they gave it that new model.

    oh, wait, that’s a light tank.

    love the gameplay and commentary as always. I am curious tho, have you played the M41 90 GF? its crazy good because it has the same stats as it did before the light tank general nerf.

    • > > have you played the M41 90 GF?

      The premium tier 8? I don’t have it.

      The 240 alpha and higher pen make that tank really strong.

      Most of the other tier 8s have peashooter guns.

  42. 13 105 is not that bad actually. I was expecting it to be worse but I’m doing pretty good in it.

    • I find that I have to play well to overcome the 13 105’s deficiencies. When I’m very focused and don’t make mistakes, I can carry in it. But that shows that the tank is underpowered.

      I do enjoy playing it, so I hope WG gets around to giving it and the Sheridan, Rhm Pzw, and WZ-132-1 needed buffs.

  43. Slappy00500 showing some love for wot-uni in the amx 1390. Awesome replays

  44. Great content as usual ! Happy 2018

  45. Hey taugrim whats your keyboard layout for this game? I remember watching your Rift keyboard layout guide. Do you use a custom layout in this game too?

  46. Could you do some Strv being aggressive in city maps?

  47. Loved this vid and they last one with the bt 12t, especially since I’m playing 3 tanks from that line! Got good tips!

  48. It’s weird how the lights don’t have a lot of view range, lights are meant to spot and assist when possible and it would be a nice thing if you could drop the optics and put Vents on it or something.
    I don’t understand why the T-100 and the AMX 13 105 only have 390m base view range.

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