AMX 13 57 Review/Guide, Maximizing Your Autoloader Efficiency

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Source: Taugrim

I review the AMX 13 57, a tier 7 premium in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 9 Murovanka and Pilsen .

The 13 57 pairs a compact burst, high DPM autoloader with excellent vision control.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb compact burst (720 in 7 sec)
+ Superb view range (390)
+ Excellent DPM, usual for an autoloader
+ Excellent camouflage
+ Slightly above-average HP (890)
+ Small profile
– Poor gun depression (-6)
– Intra-clip reload (1s) is much faster than aim time (2.3s base), so if you fire as soon as the next shell has been loaded, the shot may be inaccurate
– Considering the high rate of fire, has low ammo capacity (54)
– Poor armor, but enough to avoid greater-than-triple overmatch

1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Vents

I talk through how I'm reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. This comment is 1st.

  2. Also, thank you for another good tank review/stratagem. Have you ever done the USA T29? I’m currently on that tank.

  3. I don’t think it’s a unicum hate but that unicum can sway the battle usually

    • That is true, but I’ve been trolled many times – by players of my own team – for simply being purple. I’ve also heard other content creators speak negatively about Unicums.

      And there are tons of commonly-held stereotypes about Unicums that IMO are largely bogus: e.g. they cheat, they all spam gold, they only play FOTM tanks, etc.

    • +Taugrim I’d say you’re the type of unicum to look up to. You can bring the strength of a tank and reduce the weaknesses. It’s much easier to become a unicum if you play the best tanks.
      I’m sure of that because my stats started bleeding as soon as I started to play fun tanks that I just enjoy even when I do bad.
      I’ve never been one for stats and I still have a lot to learn about map use but I think if I dedicate solely to wot instead of a plethora of games then I’d improve significantly, especially using your tips.
      My best results are in light tanks

  4. P2w premium tank. Balans is fine, da comrade, dont be dissident.

  5. I am very bad on Pilsen in general but especially when I’m in my light tank. When I’m in light tanks there I just passive scout until late into the match.

    • Yea, understood.

      I tend to be much more reactive instead of proactive on Pilsen, relative to how I normally play lights. It’s a punishing map for lights.

    • I’m a tomato, but in 13 57 I always go in gray piles (it’s coal I think) just to spot TDs on shelf and to check out their LTs. if their LTs are along the 9 line I spot them too, and then you can hide/get under their TDs so no one can shoot you, including arty. Of course you can get yoloed but I had some good games like that

  6. The 13 75 has much better p/w, unloads much faster and aims faster than intra clip.
    It also has more engine health and is less likely to be set on fire.
    And also 13 75 bleeds less speed through turns

  7. Recommend the tier 7 Chinese TD. It’s great.

  8. The best way to balance the 13 57 is to cut view range by 20, increase intra clip to 1.75 and reduce the aim to 1.7.
    That way the capacity of the tank would improve while being nerfed.
    I’d say that’s fair and would maintain the character of the vehicle, big burst, slow to turn and underpowered and requiring binocs for passive work early on then move to active.
    That’s my best result in French lts, they are great for flexing later in the game and are ninja for camo

    • Reducing the view range is fair, but increasing the intra clip that much while maintaining the same alpha would be too steep a nerf IMO. I would rather see the compact burst retained but with a smaller clip, e.g. 4-5 shells. That would make it different from the 13 75. If the intra clip were increased to 1.75, the alpha would need to be increased as well.

    • If they nerf the tank that bad I would expect my money back, in that case, I would expect money back if they nerf it for any amount

    • It won’t get nerfed. As other posters have pointed out, such changes would run afoul of EU laws.

    • Plus, I don’t see this tank to be so OP, as it’s aim time is bad for this interclip reload and pennetration is not as great when meeting tier 9 tanks, or even tier 8 sometimes, I play it as YOLO tank most of the time and empty my clip into enemy and usually get 550+ dmg per clip, but considering that average wn8 is arround 900, this is not going to be OP tank for avg player

  9. Hmm. You said it was smarter to run Binocs on squishy TDs. I personally use Rammer, GLD and Optics on Skorpion G. I got 3k avg dmg and 3 marks after 95 games. I personally thought it was much better with that setup, instead of Rammer, Cammo Net and Binocs.

  10. When_Fat_Kids_Attack

    @Taugrim what is your equipment setup on your 13 57

  11. ArtyPreventsCamping

    Will you do anything special for your 100th episode?

  12. Not nerf nor buff. This small tank is super fun as it is.
    I’ve played with it, and played against it, and OP tank never crossed my mind.
    Nice game btw

  13. Nice Vid! would like to see some Rhm. Panzerwagon if you by chance have it? im really stuggling in this tank, its by far the worst top tier tank

    • I have the Rhm Pzw, and I despise it.

      I have a great battle to show in a Unicum platoon with it, which I don’t normally do for videos.

  14. When you deal 4k damage but the team still dies.

  15. the god of light tanks, i like you youre using only standard ammo and no Premium consum..

    • I use Food to get view range up to 445+m for tanks that have low view range (e.g. 360-370 base) if I can’t get there with crew skills + Optics.

  16. No hurt feelings to anyone out there but I would rather love to watch videos of taugrim than lemmingrush’s vids

  17. I love the AMX 13 75. The quick reloading auto loader is super flexible and the camo is very useful.

  18. think I prefer gun laying drive to vents
    feels better at least

  19. Yeah I never understood the concept of “Kill Stealing” I mean we’re all part of a team the object of which is to destroy the enemy team. So destroy them. If you killing an enemy denies me a medal, but helps us win then I don’t have a problem with that. Just do it. Lets win.

  20. Killstealing is such a childish concept, I fully agree with you.

    Also, there will be no balancing of premium tanks Taugrim. There are very strict laws in place EU concerning the change to purchased virtual goods. As the EU is the cash cow of WG and WG would face a refund battle for every rebalanced tank they will not do it!

    Remember the proposed rebalancing starting with the KV 5 earlier this year? WG go so many threats to be sued for premium tank refunds they backpedaled quickly. Of course, they did not list this reason for it.

    • > Also, there will be no balancing of premium tanks Taugrim

      I’m not expecting the 13 57 to be changed / nerfed. A lot of owners would be VERY unhappy if the 13 57 were nerfed, even if it would be better for the balance of the game.

      I just wanted to make clear why the 13 57 is mechanically strong.

      As I’ve talked about in other places I’m not in favor of tanks that are so much stronger than others – especially ones that have to be purchased with real money – as its bad for the game’s long-term health and player population.

      People hate unfairness, and even moreso when it’s P2W or P4A (Pay for Advantage).

    • +Taugrim I fully agree with you there. I just wanted to state why it will most probably not happen. The recent influx of overpowered premium tanks and repeated reselling of tanks that were removed because they were overpowered (E-25) is not good for the game, but WG main interest is in money making not game balance. I think they have proven that to us. They only ever change things when their cash flow is threatened.

    • +Petra Meyer The ironic thing IMO is the tendency of WG to seek profits instead of game balance between classes and specific tanks is going to hurt the population over the long term. F2P players are going to be wary or turned off by WoT’s P2W / P4A (Pay for Advantage) mechanics. And every F2P game needs F2P players to maintain a healthy population, and some of those players convert to paying customers in time and/or get their friends to play it.

      From what I heard from the NA CCs, such concerns about balance having an adverse affect on the game were shared at the office in Belarus but were largely ignored by WG staff. It is what it is, sadly.

  21. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    The Christmas gift I’ve been looking for 🙂

  22. Do you play with no premium ammo because: a. You enjoy the challenge, b. Free to play account, c. Feel this tank does not need it, or d. WoT purist. Not judging, just wondering. Great games btw

  23. I was surprised this tank wasn’t in the loot boxes this year.

    • The carrot on the stick for the loot boxes was the revamped IS-3A.

      I’d guess WG had the month mapped out and knew they’d throw in the AMX 13 57 late in the Advent Calendar, and that the 13 57 would probably sell well since it’s a popular but rarely available tank.

  24. For some reason I am better with amx13 75 either. This tank feels sluggish and I am not that good in yolo type scout play.

    • @Flavia Pitariu pointed out that the 13 75 has better gun handling (aim time, etc) and retains its speed better. So I think that might explain why.

      I also am not terribly comfortable with yolo scout play, as I feel it leaves too much to chance.

  25. nice work mate. im not a light tank fan. but its good to know that there are some,good light tank, tankers. that do what there tank is good for.most of them just sit in a bush whole, game.

    • Most players drive light tanks incorrectly. They either over-yolo, or they over-kempbush. The key to playing lights well is a mix of smart active scouting, working in damage, and passive spotting.

  26. > Good video like usual and using nothing but standard ammo that’s crazy

    I’m still averaging ~1.5k DPG with 100% silver ammo in Random Battles in the 13 57, but I used to be closer to ~1.6k.

    Love the YouTube account name 🙂

  27. This tanks is absolutely glorious, very good and extremely fun.

  28. people don’t hate unicums, they see them as most dangerous opponents and want to take them out asap!

  29. How was/is your holidays going? Get up to anything worth noting?
    The 13 57 is one of those tanks I really enjoy playing and am pretty good in it but my winrate doesn’t reflect it… Consistent bad luck hoovers over that tank like an over protective mother.

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