^^| AMX 13-57 The Long Con

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  1. the memes in this one are real

  2. what scares me is, that that scorpion was most likely a bot …

  3. Everytime you play this tank : *Pew*Pew*Pew*

  4. LOL like watching a gorilla eat a banana

  5. Can anyone tell me what the songs are in the background of this video? My google-fu is failing me.

  6. That 50 120 knew exactly what would happen sat behind you…free spaced armour.

  7. IT´s called in danish, (bagerens dårlige øje), trans to Eng. is (the baker´s bad eye)
    I should know because I’m from Denmark


  8. What is the lesson here – don’t let dumb ass 50-120s, or insane camo ruin your slice of heaven and a good match;)

  9. Unsubscribing. Too much kemp bush. Many memes. Nice memes.

  10. dammit circon. you made me hungry

  11. Finally, you do something that I would do !
    Except I NEVER resist the yolo… 🙁

  12. will they sell it in future?

  13. gg skorpion, what a bot.

  14. Y you carry so many quicky baby rounds in your tenk

  15. This gun is hilarious!

  16. I like how a guy who has gun dep AFTER 1,5 sec decides to attack from the top of a hill

  17. Does pointing the reticle directly at your target improve spotting? I didn’t think so.

  18. It was Steve the RU heavy tank player grinding credits in his Skorp!!

  19. Did…did you steal someone’s sweetroll?

  20. Frenchie memes
    Nice memes

  21. Never worried! Clearly he was in it for the long con, luring that Swede tank into his cunning trap!

  22. @circon you showed call the 13 57 “the mosquito” because of its gun

  23. Also notice how the 50 120 doesn’t know how to manual reload his clip…

  24. great music??

  25. Ya dude. I was passive in my obj430 totally racking up assists. E3 pulls up behind me and a 183 totally nukes me, fucking green morons.

  26. Omg no mastery badge on a T-46…must have been a low supply of sunshine buns that day

  27. That’s having your cake and eating it

  28. Thanks for the vid ! Anyone know the the module / crew set-up Circon has on this tank ?

  29. That is life boys. xd Imao u king. 😀

  30. Who is this band he keeps having as the music. Perfect streaming tunes.

  31. Never worried!

  32. Anyone know the song at 4:30-ish?

  33. Can anyone tell me what the music is? Sounds great

  34. Danes can say what they want about their buns “been there and eaten them 100 times and they are goooood”. But the ” Norwegian sunshine bun” is still the shit. And after watching this video I’m craving for some. Time to go shopping.

  35. SAAAAH DUDE!!!

  36. A Norse girl who digs you, a french troll scout to play, and Danish pastry (mmmmm)… SirCircon you are a really lucky Dutchy.

  37. fucking bot like players in this game

  38. Tank with 57 mm gun gets into tier 10 matches, WG decides to nerf it

  39. Don't Trust Politicians


  40. Notification Squad: GO!

  41. I shit myself with excitement then, I thought Circon had sent this to jingles ?

  42. First ?

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