AMX 13 75 Review, Guide to 3 Marks of Excellence

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I the AMX 13 75, a tier 7 tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 9 Fisherman’s Bay and Glacier battles.

The AMX 13 75 is often compared unfavorably to the 1 DA, but I found the AMX 13 75 to be a highly effective tank. The driver needs to carefully manage the limited depression, gun elevation, and ammo capacity.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb camo
+ Manageable clip size (4) and clip reload
+ Good acceleration
+ Good handling for an autoloader
+ Small profile
– Poor depression (-6)
– Poor elevation (9)
– Low ammo capacity (36)
– Poor view range (370) – can’t reach 445m of view range with Optics unless you have BIA, Situational Awareness, and Recon
– Poor armor, but enough to avoid greater-than-triple overmatch
– Low DPM

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Vents

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous of you), you can support me on Patreon, send me gold in-game, donate via PayPal, or simply shop on Amazon:



  1. was just watching one of ur vidz and u upload a few minutes later awesome

  2. Taugrim, I was wondering if I early game, is it worth it to sacrifice your lowered tier light to take out a much higher tiered one, thanks

    • no, its never worth it. a dead scout is a useless scout… you will be MUCH more important in the later stages of the match ( specially if you are a auto-loader).

    • Kieron Yin honestly it’s better if you can control your engagement and try to stay alive because your much more valuable end game, typically most light tank drivers die between the 1-7 minutes of the battle depending on how aggressive everyone is playing. Once the enemy light is out you have a lot more vision control and become extremely valuable as a spotter and can support other tanks or even circle of death a heavy/td. Though if your in a sticky situation and have no chance of making it out alive try to track the enemy tank so your team can kill it, remember trading one for one isn’t optimal, however it’s better than you dying without having some sort of loss to the enemy

    • Abraham and Ruben are 100% right.

  3. Love the Vids as always man always so informational and fun to watch at the same time! Much love to everything you do don’t stop!!! Just a quick question, if you get the elc amx and upload the video for it, can you explain how it compares to the bat chat 12t or how to play it on a city map like ensk?

  4. Super helpful ! I always felt stuck on this tank :/ lights in general

  5. great guide taugrim i just picked this one up myself, i like it a lot 🙂
    im a big fan of the fast interclip and also intraclip reloads, but i have also had many games where i cant get a full clip. but maybe like dont be so good in it so i can pick up my marks lol

  6. hey taugrim do u know when u’ll review the 13 57 I bought u? 😀

    • Probably in a few videos, need to cover at least 1 TD first.

      Thanks for the 13 57, it’s a blast to play 🙂

    • np o7 🙂

    • Taugrim Dude I can’t believe your actually taking my suggestion man!!! I’ve seen you try to push your vid for the 103B which honestly means so much to me man, your the first YouTuber I’ve actually been able to communicate with and I’ll be sure to push your vid to as many people as possible man, you can take that to the bank best of luck!

  7. Reading comprehension test.

  8. the 13 75 is a great tank. It’s super fun to play. I like it more than the BC12t

  9. I JUST played this first game’s map in an O-Ni and got wrecked trying to get to city the old way.

  10. Platooned a ton of games with you at t7 and it was always fun when you played this tank. I want people to know that this is by far 1 of the best tanks you play and its fun playing with and watching you play it. This tank seems to give a ton of players a hard time when they play it but there is something about it that you like and know how to play with. Just to let people know how much you actually play this tank, when I platoon with Taugrim, unless we were hard grinding a tank that was fun like the T20, Taugrim nearly always picked t7s and played the AMX 13 75 and it was pretty much every game we win even with crap MM and getting t9 tanks. Enjoyed the replay and glad people voted for it.

    <3 as always Spatty_Cakes

    PS I bought the m46 patton but not enough free xp for turret or gun. Still would play I suppose.

  11. Congratz on your 3rd mark bro, thats a really nice tank and the only downside is its gun elev and depr but overall nice tank, take care

  12. Thanks for the video Taugrim, very helpful 🙂 also, watch out, this weekend is X5 XP, might not want to play if you care about your stats, know what i’m saying? lol. i don’t know if you saw Quickybaby’s gamescom stream today, but i’ll just say he had quite some bad luck 😛

  13. Dude, I wish I had your patience. My stats show that I am opposite of you. I am generally a good team mate. I just do stupid impatient things.

  14. What time do you come online bro?

  15. When_Fat_Kids_Attack

    You have extinguished my Digital Tank plenty of times on the Battlefield and it just Chaps my hide. Although, I do like the tips on how You do it, hence why I sub to your channel.

  16. Kenpachi Rama-Sama

    I wanna see you do some mid tier japanese mediums. I actually did quite well in them but everyone I played them with during the On-track last year hated it.

    • Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

      This sounds interesting to me. its a line you don’t see much these days

    • Kenpachi Rama-Sama

      The STB-1 was my first tier 10. I used the on-track to grind from stock tier 5 to tier 10 in just under 3 weeks (premium time, ontrack bonus, and chugging reserves). All tiers 5-9 I kept a >54% WR and then found the STB-1 to be just utterly incompetent. It’s no longer the highest DPM tier 10 medium, it’s armor is just bad especially with the patton getting buffed, and yet its accuracy is still in the gutter. It really got powercreeped.

  17. That was a nice Fadin’s Medal as well. Had one of those (in almost the exact same situation) in my 13 57 just a few weeks ago… I should show you the replay before 1.1 comes out… also we need to play more. When do you often play tanks now?

  18. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    Did you end up getting the Even 90?

  19. Why does this tank have suck little ammo?

  20. i have always fun playing this tank, but sometimes the lack of ammo makes me mad.

  21. Great vid as always. This is how I imagine myself driving my light tanks………..unfortunately all I have is a good imagination

  22. this is my only tank with 2 gunmarks
    and i have 820 overall wn8 but 2900 on the amx 😀

  23. Mihael Miličević

    Very nice vid, and neat Fadins medal 😀

  24. Hi great games well done on three Mark , never played this tank how dose stack up against a t71?

  25. That lane going up to the frozen carrier on arctic is a super powerful position for a light tank. It’s straight up op when you have one with 9-10 degrees of gun depression completely owning the lights or meds trying to play from other center map areas. I wish it didn’t exist to be honest.
    ps. I sent you a “friend request” a while back. I’m not sure if you ever toon with subs or whoever, but if it’s ever an option I’d like to sometime.
    Philspamoni NA

  26. As always, when you put up a video it’s a gem.

  27. wow another great video. A lot of great tactics and commentary! Keep it up Taugrim! Will you do a video on the 13 57? I just bought that tank too.

  28. I have a question with the spotting mechanics. On province in my amx 12t i was getting spotted through the bushes when i was sitting at the J9 hill. The only tanks i could see were heavies sitting at G8. was i getting proxy spotted or is this bush not solid enough and i was getting seen rolling up?

  29. It’s always nice to find bushes that work.

  30. Amazing insight in game mechanics. But also were good map awareness and decision making. Make no mistake, your “way” of thinking and having the ” helicopter perspective” is a great gift! Your tutorials are fantastic, maybe the best I have seen. Hope you bring your talents to use in real life. Thx. A lot for your contribution. Regards.

  31. im not a light tanker but, great fight and good info

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