AMX 13 90 – Malinovka (south)

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Source: Zeven

Early intel mid- to late-game clearing.


  1. Great video again; but I just wanted to correct your pronunciation of ST-I.
    The ‘I’ there is actually a roman 1. This is because russians don’t have
    the letter ‘I’ in their alphabet.

    • +Lev Volgin You guys know what I mean… 🙂
      However, to be pendantic, my impression is that the written “I” is the
      Roman number 1, thus the pronunciation as “I”. Similarly following what is
      written, I call the Russian medium designated T-54 the “T-fifty-four” and
      not the “T-LIV”.

    • That works too in recerse I guess. Keep ‘Em coming. +1

  2. I know that all bushes are slightly larger than they seem because the
    actual masking shape is cubical, but how do you determine if you are hidden
    or not? You had like third of the tank sticking from that bush and wasn’t
    spotted, amazing.

    • +Michael Grankin There are a lot of detection points on each tank, but only
      two observation points. Basically, try to keep as much of your tank as
      possible behind the bush opposite of where the enemy tank turret is at. If
      you watch the stream a lot, you will notice that when I am in smaller
      bushes, I turn my tank to keep my profile behind the bush as a potential
      spotter is moving perpendicular to me.

    • +Zeven Thank you!

  3. Nice work

  4. Nice! GeeGee!

  5. Thanks, I find that the 13 90 is quite tricky to play because of the bad
    bloom with the autloader.

    Just 1 thought on the replay, isn’t the starting bush too small for the 13
    90? I am not sure, but I think that the front of your tank was sticking off
    the bush… Perhaps I am wrong.

  6. Nice vid. I just fully equipped my AMX 13 90. I am running coffee nowadays

  7. First vid for me. Came here after reading about your channel on WotLabs.

    Liked the vid man +1

    Oh and Sub as well…

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