AMX 13 90 – Malinovka (south)

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Source: Zeven

Early intel and mid- to late- clearing.


  1. +Lev Volgin You guys know what I mean… 🙂
    However, to be pendantic, my impression is that the written “I” is the
    Roman number 1, thus the pronunciation as “I”. Similarly following what is
    written, I call the Russian medium designated T-54 the “T-fifty-four” and
    not the “T-LIV”.

  2. That works too in recerse I guess. Keep ‘Em coming. +1

  3. +Michael Grankin There are a lot of detection points on each tank, but only
    two observation points. Basically, try to keep as much of your tank as
    possible behind the bush opposite of where the enemy tank turret is at. If
    you watch the stream a lot, you will notice that when I am in smaller
    bushes, I turn my tank to keep my profile behind the bush as a potential
    spotter is moving perpendicular to me.

  4. +Zeven Thank you!

  5. +Panerakis It is a little small, but see my answer to the comment above.

  6. +angelfireQ You should check out his twitch stream as well. He’s on pretty
    much every night. A++

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