AMX 13 90 Review/Guide, Dealing with Wheeled Vehicles

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Source: Taugrim

I review AMX 13 90, a tier 9 French light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of two tier 10 Highway battles.

Viewers have often asked how I deal with wheeled vehicles, in particular the EBRs, when playing a light tank with tracks, so I discuss that in detail. People have also asked me to revisit the 13 90 as I reviewed it before the changes to light tanks in 0.9.18, so I cover the current 13 90 mechanics.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb camo (~36 with Concealment and BIA)
+ Good compact burst (960 in 6.62s)
+ Good shell velocity (1163)
+ Manageable clip size (4) and reload (22.52 base)
+ Small profile
– Poor gun depression (-6)
– Very poor gun elevation on the sides and back (+7)
– Below average gun handling
– Below average silver APCR pen (205)
– Poor view range (380), requires Situational Awareness and BIA to reach 445m
– Somewhat sluggish hull traverse and acceleration
– Low HP (0)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Vents

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these meaningfully help players improve their .

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Hey you listened! 😀 Thanks for the updated French light review man! Planning on doing any of the others?

  2. lol i would’ve gotten mad at the Obj. 268 asking you to spot at 3:04 …TDs always expect LTs to die for them.

    • Especially when facing a couple of EBRs.
      Most people doesn’t understand that non-wheelies LTs are at a huge disadvantage again these wheelies. High HE pen, superior mobility and, like Taugrim said, “Captain America” grade wheel modules makes them the king of the hill in the current meta.

    • DroopSpoot Honestly, as I have gotten better ar the game, I’ve been called a noob more often. Just in the past couple days I’ve had about 5-6 games with people raging at me in chat only for me to come top of the team. Some people just don’t understand that retreating/ staying back can be an option. I had a game where my teammates asking me to spot when I was a oneshot (the game was close) and I knew that if I rushed forward their close to full hp Bourrasque would rape me. So I was patient and their Bourrasque rushed in and he got slaughtered. Never give in to teammates. If they try to be nice when asking you to do something then they may actually be good but if they’re barking orders at you it most likely means they’re garbage

    • @Tiger 1 I think you can tell how poorly the average player does in LTs by how easy it is to get unicum stats in them! People must be rushing in to bad positions in the first minutes and getting wasted with 0 dmg all the time!

    • James Downes I don’t have that much experience with lights but I would consider myself a decent LT player. Considering my limited experience with them I find it hilarious when I see someone suiciding in their lights only to then rage at the team

    • A few days ago a guy was accusing me of being a camper with my EBR hotchkiss. I was up against a T71 DA in malinovka. The lower tier wheelie lights have no view range so I was playing passive. The guy was harassing me for the entire game and after, I found out he had a 46% winrate and 2k player rating

  3. does the amx 13 90 play just like the 75, and is it better than the bc12t?

    • Yes on both counts. The 13 90 requires a touch more thought because of its longer reload, but it is otherwise nearly identical to the 13 75. The BC 12t is the weak link of the line.

  4. TAU can you review T30, I know I know that tank is clunky, but I’m torn apart how to play it in open maps, cause it cannot snipe what so ever

  5. That Obj 268 though… the thing about stupid people is that they don’t know they’re stupid; that’s what makes them stupid. Great video!

    • I didn’t know what Dunning Kruger was until I played WoT. Now I know exactly what it is 🤣🤣🤣

      WoT is very much a mental game and it’s clear when some players don’t get it.

  6. How do you recommend playing Highway in a med/lt when your team lemmings city?

  7. I truly hate this tank now vs my wheeled vehicles before I would be far more active vs now were I usually try to scout but with the new light tanks and the increase speed of both mediums and heavies and how high explosive ammo vs armor which really sucks.

    • When was HE vs armour changed?

    • @Scooby Poo when WG gave wheelies high-pen auto-aimed HE rounds that can pen you when they’re in the air after jumping at 90kph and rolling three times without taking damage…

    • @Tim Dunn 1. High pen HE has always been in the game, and contrary to popular tomato belief, it is actually a more skill oriented mechanic as you need to avoid hitting tracks and knowing armour thicknesses.

      2. As a regular light tank player I totally agree wheelies are op but seriously what you mentioned is like a 1 in 20 kinda thing if you actually try them yourself.

  8. I Climb Everything

    Is the 13 105 coming next? I really REALLY hate feeling like I’m a detriment to my team just because I’m either not a god in the 13 105 or not able to compete with the EBR 105.

  9. I have an interesting idea, not sure how well people would like it tho xD In terms of the “Captain America Shield” Wheels on the Prem T8, and the Tech Tree T9/10, You could turn those “shields” into part of the hull armor (I.E, if you were to hit an EBR in the wheels, it not only would damage the wheels and decrease the mobility but also deal damage to the tank as if it was the hull side of a normal tank. The wheels, in this case, wouldn’t act as spaced armor) Just a thought 😉

    • That is one solution. I don’t really care how it’s fixed, but those wheels need to stop preventing damage the way they do.

  10. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    that pause before you said FV… were you about to call it something else >.>
    Something crude

  11. You’ve gotten soft Taugrim. Back in my day, games were won and lost long before we made first contact with the enemy because of friendly fire. Those were the days.

  12. You know the game is broken when same tier lights are talked about as some kind of a boss fight

  13. OMG I HAVE NEEDED THIS SO MUCH! I always struggle to hit wheeled vehicles while running at 68kph

  14. master Taug!

  15. yvanthe terrible

    players get rewarded driving those clown car like idiots with their aimbot accuracy its insane hope the nerf they talking about will be here soon

  16. I absolutely love the 13 90 but somehow I never realized that it has more elevation over the front hull, so thanks for pointing that out.

    What are your thoughts on the 13 105 and how it compares? I’m close to unlocking it but the worse gun handling, smaller clip, and longer interclip and intraclip reloads makes me think the 13 90 might be more fun.

    • The 13 105 is fun to play. The most odd thing about it is the really lousy hull traverse. A viewer of my review of it pointed that out, and he was right.

      That said, 390 x 3 is a lot of fun.

  17. Ayy, plat with the memelord baguetted!

  18. awesome vid! but seriously Wheeled tanks have killed a lot of the high tier game play

  19. 👍👍

  20. I find using autoaim on wheeled tanks works nice. Fire when they are in a line towards or away from you.
    When they turn there is always a window of opportunity, and its easier to make it work when you dont aim manually.
    And… autoaim works when you double Bush 😎

  21. Great guide as ever Tau! I do love how you take the extra few seconds to correct typos in the chat! I noticed that when you initially misspelled ‘beautiful’. I have died and thrown a few wins before while typing messages… 😀

  22. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    God I loved this tank before the apocalypse. It was easily the my best tank for fun and finishing on top of exp with. I’m not the best player but I was so good in the French lights. Now less so but I can do ok.

  23. Great vid, did you not consider letting your t55a get the last kill in the second battle for a bia medal?

  24. Rotating back to base defense is the difference between good players and nubs. Well played, mate. I love seeing smart team play like that.

  25. I had asked this earlier. Please share a video how would you approach the game in Ensk or Himmelsdorf, when you are in a light like AMX 13 90
    Also, When you dont have a platoon mate 🙂

  26. Mine is Unlocked as well as the BC 25t AP, been Unlocked for Months now, but haven’t gotten around to Buying just yet…. It’s more a Matter of Crews than anything, deciding Move What Crew Up… Have the Bourrasque, hardly Play it because of the Teams, so unfortunately that Crew isn’t getting Far…. Have Reasonable Crews in my BC 12T and 13/75 as well, but not sure if I wanna move them because I REALLY Like those Tanks as well and I’d hate to have to Start a New Crew in them…. Yah, it Sucks making the Choices, they’re all Bad for One Tank or the Other…. lol

  27. Everyone who cries on wheels ”armor” crit 0 is unaware that this vehicle is high on wheels and the hull is small so the hull is missed so 0 damage,if you want to remove that apply hp damage on external modules, i took 4 consecutives tracks crit 0 in B.C 25T Bourrasque from a fucking JpzE100 but if you want to remove it remove this mecanic for everything in the game.
    Aim well and you will hit him(minus rng)wich is the main problem.
    Overperforming over lights,most of fast tier 10 mediums are better scouts because the have a gun that can work ex:BC25T.
    The EBR do not need a nerf but all over tier 10 lights need a buff since long time ago.
    And only EBR 105 and EBR 75 Fl 10 are good,every thing else is trash in this line.

  28. Arvid Johansson

    The wheeled vehicles have been a huge nerf to the french lights. You can still perform but I have had to totally reinvent my play style.

    I would not wait a second if there was a button that removed them. They have changed the gameplay to much. If there is 2 wheeled vehicles and 3 arty. The game will be awful.

  29. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Lol at the muppet in the 268, always at least one of these morons in every game. I got TK’d by a 4005 in my T-44 for ‘doing nothing’ after spotting for almost 6k in damage when we had no light on our team. I even eliminated their light right off the bat.

  30. Great vid. Any guidance on countering the wheelies is appreciated. 😀

  31. Once I was happily driving towards a typical bush with my 13 90. I got HE’d by an EBR 105 because he arrived there long before.
    From that moment, I knew the good old days for normal LT were gone.

  32. stranded_mariner

    I’m really glad somebody pronounces “cupola” right 😉 drives me crazy hearing all the other YT’ers saying it wrong every video.

  33. Thomas Riksfjord

    good talk through! good video! thanks..

  34. Shivanshu Verma

    Hi Taug, whats your view of removing 16x and 25x zoom from game as wargaming did in common test server update 1.9.1

    Now it will be difficult to snipe at long ranges and specially weakspots.

  35. Impressive play and good tactics vs them pesky titanium wheelers and I fully feel the same way with idiots in your team when you play a LT. They expect you to yolo in the open so they can shoot ONE shell, then complain “worst light 2020 dead in 1min”. I enjoyed this upload Taugrim +1

  36. Thanks Taugrim. Great review, as always.
    I feel like the weakness of LTs in the era of EBRs is overstated. Yes, EBRs are OP (and bad for the game, imo), but LTs can still play a valuable role. You just have to be careful, which isn’t really much different than it’s always been. You can’t out EBR an EBR, so don’t even try.

  37. I was in a normal scout yesterday (Redshire) with a clown car teammate. Right off the bat, he decides to take the passive bush that I was headed for. Now, that is hitting below the belt IMO. An active scout should never do that. He was inexperienced and didnt know proper roles (clown cars are active scouts and flexible) and I tried to explain it to him after game. People in chat were saying “2 scouts in same bush blah blah blah”. Really pissed me of.

  38. I love my 13 90 since it was a T8! It‘s great!

  39. i remember being tked for:
    i didnt yolo E4 on lakeville so a random teammate died – yea a HWK 12 totally would win against a tier 9 lt 10/10 would win. ( went to F4 bush)
    i didnt spot for my bdr in a arl v39 (yes the td) at the start of the game on attack sand river

  40. Past couple months I’ve had so much fun playing this tank. My crew for it is all female started in the amx 12t and moved up the line used for each tank. Also the 268 doesn’t understand how to play lights when other team has 2 EBRs. Doesn’t excuse his immature behaviour but a problem many non light tank players have. A problem I had with light players for over 2 years because I didn’t play lights. I didn’t know how to play them and sucked in them. Finally I learned camo/detection and view range mechanics from you and who first told me about you SteelGutsInTN among other great youtuber players. I played lights for 3 months straight and my winrate past 1k battles was over 55% which I’m overall 48.8 so much improved.

    What I noticed when I did go back to playing heavies and mediums which I enjoy both but wasn’t good at on a regular basis. I started playing better. I was more consistent. So now I play those 3 class tanks (meds,hvys and lights) and my past 1k battles 53.4% with almost double average WN8. Playing lights I average triple my overall WN8. Learning how to play lights correctly made me a overall better player. Take Care brother and great content as usual.

  41. The wheels need to be an auto-pen. The entire model needs to be an HP hit box. Also, the clown cars need their own MM. No more 2 normal scouts vs 2 clown car enemies.

  42. This thing destroyed my ammo rack on the 705A in the first minutes of the game with 2 shots to the turret.

  43. If it wasn’t for the painful grind on the BC-12t i would definitely play this LT. but grinding for the BC-25t ap is more than enough dedication on that crappy T8 LT for one lifetime.

  44. EBR is weak. Buff pls

  45. Douglas Campbell

    To tell the truth if I was on the opposite team in the first match and knew I was spotted I would have blind fired the bush before the knot head in the TD rushed it and got spotted.
    I’m not really sure why TDs think they need to be right up there when they have the best long range, let someone else spot for you and fire from the back weapons.

  46. Great content! It’s educating. Thankyou!

  47. 割烹着の悪魔

    For dealing with EBRs I found the best way to shoot them is to auto-aim at them and fire only when they’re turning directly towards or away from you. The shot will land before they turn away from you. It happens more often than you’d expect, and it’s something I highly recommend trying out for yourself. This is best done in tanks with high shell velocity, as they generally don’t stay facing towards/away from you for long. I have absolutely no trouble hitting EBRs in my Ravioli, which has a shell velocity of around 1400.

  48. Loved the cautious treatment when the EBRS are in the area. I never fail to learn new things with your explanations. Keep it up!

  49. Ty T 👍👍👍👍😎 another great video, I’m glad you posted this on EBR’s, so so frustrating especially 105 running around flying in air and shooting from apex with accuracy

  50. 3:40 Conrad is a great name

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