AMX-13 HOT | SIX 800MM Pen Missiles (War Thunder Gameplay)

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AMX-13 HOT | SIX 800MM Pen Missiles ()


  1. I tried using the code and got no discount or the emblem

  2. Rip my tiny Maus 🙁

  3. could you use the SU-100Y

  4. Rizwandi Awalludien

    Damn.. That suck, huh?

  5. Maginot Hell

  6. Hey phly, how about for Loving the Unloved, you take out the T-35 land battleship

  7. please someone make a mod where it is phlys mini van with a HOT on top

  8. Aweee Phly do the poor French have a tank at the wrong tier? It breaks my heart, it truly does. Not like they have a WW2 tank going up against post war tanks. How about we see you wreck some French, American, British or Russian tanks?

  9. Minivan (Phly). Armament: HOT ATGM x6. Reloading Rate: 45.0s. Hull armor: 10mm/4mm/1mm. Turret armor: N/A. Max speed: 30 km/h.Considering it’s Gaijin, The minivan would probably be very powerful. minivan op pls nerf

  10. Although Phly, to be fair your old minivan has survived a whole lot, including a massive hailstorm. That thing is like the IS-6 of minivans haha, needs nerf

  11. Can you take out the 75 mm(may be 76 mm) ARL heavy tank? it look weak in that BR but some of the player Disagree of this. Really want to see you to play this Challenging tank (#<_#//)

  12. next time try the Japanese tier 1 land battle ship Ro-Go+D3A1.
    Use the back turret 7.7 machine gun kill at least 1 enemy

  13. MixedChannel Game Productions

    Atgm spalling nerf with only 6 of them meaning only 3 kills.

  14. ATGMs should be at top tier if they have to be in the game at all so I’m fine with this tank where it is.

  15. Im sorry but speak spanish and no puedo evitar la bronca que le tengo a los amx me complican la vida en batalla cuando uso mi Tiger

  16. Kommadant Wolf Tankenstein SS-308

    Omg u play it wrong

  17. Kommadant Wolf Tankenstein SS-308

    Never show that engine and use reverse peek a boom

  18. boring as fuck

  19. Wasn’t a Leo, type 74.

  20. also the jet noises whilst on the ground now sound cheap and nasty with no effort in making them sound good. The old sound was so much better

  21. Gain hot lose 90mm?

  22. Phly take out M4A3 (105) with only HE shells. Attempt #5
    #lovingtheunloved #challenge

  23. Hunternz NewZealand

    Try 4.3… this game is broken from NOW 5.7 up

  24. Hunternz NewZealand

    Anyther thing Phly , is ths game not getting boring now.. everyone playing same tanks, new , even your vids have less enthusiasm and fun in them, now its like you do war thunder vids just for the channle

  25. ScipionLaurentiend

    and thats why I dont play top tier….anything above 7.7 is boring as all hell….the repair and ammo cost are ridiculous and griding for one mod take a week….so yeah fuck 9.0 and lets all have some fun at 7.7

  26. phly doesnt say anything about the KV2 at 9.0

  27. Frankly speaking, France T5 and T6 tank should be buffed, whatever, this tank is better than amx30 lol

  28. AMX-30DCA

  29. Do u mean by mini van u mean lamborghini

  30. Иосиф Steelin

    You could try out its predecessor though, the amx 13 90. I think it’s much better.

  31. problems with this tank look to be very similar to the way way over-tiered Begleitpanzer 57, although it has much more powerful ATGMs than the Begleitpanzer.

    Being French it may not have to face T64a’s as often as the Begleitpanzer does, and if it does it will be able to pen them from the front with the Hot ATGM, something the Begleitpanzer sadly has difficulty doing with its ATGM’s

  32. “please let me get out of my spawn” the problem with MBT70s :/ way to mobile

  33. More bagelpanzer pls

  34. Yo Phly! Please check out Mortars VR. Attempt #2

  35. Phly What Key Is It To Turn Off the Hud

  36. Challenge, make a Rank I plane of your choice and the AMX-12 (SA 11). I honestly take out the Biplane that Gaijin gave for free, and I kill Fw 190 A5s and other higher ranked enemies.

  37. it woud be cool to se a honda mini-van with a HOT missle sistem

  38. so why is this a “feels like 6.0 vehicle” with its 6 barrel HOTs but the Raketenjagdpanzer 2 HOT, with one HOT barrel, is “balanced”?

  39. I opened a Battle Trophy today.(I started playing WT in early Dec.) I got a light Premium Soviet Tank-Which had Missiles. for 1 Hour.

  40. wouldn’t the amx13-105 be an option for warthunder? and i dont mean like batchat25t/prototypes but a amx13 just with the 105mm. i have seen 1 in the dutch national military museum if i am not mistaking they have been in dutch service like the centurion. don’t know if the french had this modification themselves but it would be a better top end tank as this.

  41. 5:28 There are 6 year old kids who try to take out a tank while they are at spawn. Some try to hide behind a rock and try to take out a tank.Too annoying.

  42. This is why i enjoy playing 5.7 and less no guided missiles and the armor actually matters

  43. tiger 2 becuz of its br is also suffering , so ………

  44. AniClouds Media Channel

    i love to see that you make some plane formation with random guy at battle

  45. dude its just the map and the tank are both shit i fine with all other tanks and maps.. but this is just shit hope they remove this tank and this map

  46. This video makes a perfect example why I never go above 6.7 and why I absolutely hate big maps in the current configurations.

  47. Oh I’d love TOW HMMWVs and jeeps with recoilless rifles.

  48. missiles are really fu**ing up the gameplay and funfactor

  49. Phlys mini van hype 2019!

  50. 11:09 perfect CAS

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