AMX 30 Prot. review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. What does he say in the intro ? i have no fucking idea plz tell

  2. The AMX 30 prot. actually has really bad track traverse, in comparison to
    other same tier mediums. Ignoring bonuses from crew skills it gets 40/36/20
    d/s, where the Leopard prot. gets 55/50/25 d/s, which is 38/40/25% better.
    All tier 9s besides AMX 30 prot., Lorraine 40t and E 50 have 45+ d/s on
    medium terrain (when you factor in crew skills).

    Not that I think that that balances the tank, but it does show some attempt
    to balance it on paper.

  3. Nice video Foch :)

  4. jonah holmes (wz-132)

    the amx 30 stock grind isn’t any better than the stock grind of the WZ 120.

  5. Damn, I was hoping, that you will post a replay where you have killed me…
    now I will kill myself! Cya

  6. You forgot to mention, that the UFP is an autobounce zone, even though
    shells bounce to the gun mantlet and penetrate with a good chance.

  7. i did wonder at the time who was wrecking my team on the other flank! i
    under-estimated the pen of that amx

  8. +TheFochYou the engine upgrade improves engine module health from 320 (wich
    is already pretty good) to 360. it also runs on diesel instead of petrol
    which lowers the chance it will catch on fire. But yeah if you don’t plan
    on keeping this tank it’s really not worth it.

  9. Should I go for this or the Lorr 40t???

  10. Your other battle on ruinberg today, wasn’t nowhere near to this , where we
    lost 2-15 … :)

  11. Play War Thunder. It’s better!

  12. Jesse Stormblade

    Should I go to the 30 B line or the BC 25? Thanks

  13. how can they release shit like this when the amx 40t is the worst tank in
    the game

  14. Foch… You should have a better microphone by now.. Audio is just not so
    enjoyable sry

    • Richard Gustafsson

      Then donate money with a text saying “Buy a microphone” 😉

    • +Korah It’s more about where he’s placed the mic and the room he’s in. The
      reverb is the issue, some soundproofing in the room would help along with
      moving the mic closer.

  15. General Saufenberg

    so the tier9 amx is better than the leo prototyp but the tier10 amx 30 is
    not better than the leo1 (on tank compare). or are there some softstats
    that are not in tank compare wich makes the amx better?

  16. Did your opinion change on the leo pt then? I thought you hated it?

  17. Very nice game in a very nice tank. Can’t wait to hear Foch’s opinion on
    the AMX 30B as the tank is for some reason slower than this one but it
    should be a slightly better sniper than the E50M. And so much videos in
    these last 10 or more days, thx for the abundance of content Foch!

  18. Legion The Comrade


  19. Holy shit, thanks for all the videos lately Foch.

  20. This tank is nice but I feel that the niche for this type of tanks is
    filled already.

    While it is superior to the Leo Prot and Type 61 maybe, the king of tier 9
    mediums is obviously the T54. And once you get to tier 10, the Leo1 can do
    anything the AMX30B can do, only better, so in the end I don’t really see a
    point to grinding this line except if you want to stop at tier 9.

    • +Sh4dows2 well T-54 playstyle is completely different, you can compare the
      AMX 30 to Type 61, Patton, Cent or Leo, and among those tank, the frenchie
      is definitely the best one. On tier 10 its not such a good story, but the
      30B is still fun to play. And whats more, we need more good looking tanks :p

    • +marty_vole
      Yes I agree, compared to those you listed it might have a slight edge
      overall and it does look good. So yea, if you want one of those 390alpha
      mediums at tier 9, the AMX is a good choice. But when somebody sets out to
      grind a line, do they focus on the tier 9, or is the grind centered on the
      performance of the tier 10?

      Anyway, some nice tank additions which are always fun to play, especially
      for skilled players .

    • +Sh4dows2 30B doesnt get half as much module damage as Leo does which makes
      it superior in my opinion.

    • +beny kowalski It depends how you play with a given vehicle. For me,
      Leopard 1 is far superior to AMX30B. IMO.

    • +Sh4dows2 t-54 is definitely not the king at t9 anymore, e50 is better at
      carrying. But I do agree amx30b is kinda weak compared to leo1

  21. Rick Ruitenbeek

    Seventh m8

  22. I think both this and the STB may be my favorite looking vehicles of tier

  23. Seventh m8

  24. Sixth m8

  25. fifth m8

  26. 4th m8

  27. Third m8

  28. 2nd m8

  29. First m8

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