AMX 30 Unicum Guide/Review, Dealing With Poor Team Deployments

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Source: Taugrim

I review the AMX 30, a tier 9 French medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 El Halluf Steppes battles. We also discuss how manage poor team deployments.

With the recent buffs its turret armor, the AMX 30 offers an extremely fast, brawly, enjoyable playstyle.

Strengths Weaknesses
+ Superb reload (6.9s) provides high DPM (2691 base)
+ Superb top speed (65 kph)
+ Excellent gun depression (-8)
+ Excellent acceleration
+ Good alpha (390)
+ Good frontal turret armor
– Somewhat derpy accuracy / gun handling
– Soft hull armor
– Relatively large cupola on the turret is a weak spot

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road Unicum” full guide FAQs:

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  1. Your back!

  2. Way cool, you’re platooned with IndignantBeaver. I know that guy! We’re clanmates.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to post this Taugrim. I’ve learned a lot from your videos over the past long while ( though, atm… I am taking taking a break from WoT I still watch and review videos, tactics, etc) and try to put as much thought into a battle as possible. The AMX 9 & 10 are going to be my next two unlocks when I get back into the game.

    Edit: Feel better man!

    • Thanks, my cough is 90% cleared up, and I hope the few times I coughed in this video weren’t too distracting. I tried recording some narrations last month but my wife advised me to wait til I was better, as I kept coughing while narrating and it sounded bad. If you love mediums and gun depression, you’ll enjoy the AMX 30. It’s a lot of fun 🙂

    • AMX 30 is amazing. Loved it before the buff, now it’s almost perfect for me. Like T says in the video, a lot of fun. I even end up enjoying defeats more than with many tanks; if your team gets rolled you’ll still put in a respectable amount of damage every time.

  4. Welcome back 🙂 Oddly I hate el halluf for the exact opposite reason, which is everyone regardless of tank goes to that northern position and mostly camps. Liked the second replay as people forget that the threat of a cap is a really good tactic, so many of those tanks where forced into weak positions to try to stop the cap (just do not actually cap quickly 🙂 )

    • May be different on NA server or just in my games 🙂 but find a lot of games just have people sitting there popping out and back in and then some one going for it and getting murdered and they just go back to sitting there. Light tanks rarely give any vision across the map or if they do they have not noticed that no one is supporting them as they are all north.
      On the capping point lots of people are very anti capping for any reason and while I hate winning by capping the use of a cap to force your opponents hand I find is a very good tactic. However like everything it should be just one string to your bow.

    • Experienced LT players are very cautious on el haluf because there are multiple lines of fire on the valley, spotting from the “bowl” is a very risky, as most of the time you wont have enough support to successfully defend against YOLO pushes.
      The “mordor area” on el haluf is great for farming easy damage, as most players tend to make a lot of mistakes there, thats why you see people brawling there (+ semi-reliable arty cover). Unless you get yoloed without support of your snipers, you should be doing good there, using opponents bad plays to your advantage, its very rarely a camp-off that you seem to experience (at least on EU).

    • Must be my experience then as I am also on EU 🙂 Mostly I get tanks sitting behind the 2 hills to the north and the rise Taugrim went to (where I go if I have a good turret and gen dep), on the other side opposite of that position, and then behind the 2 hills. Then they just sit there trading the odd shot and killing the reckless and the impatient . I find in my light and fat meds you can (with some support) get into the bottom and then up the paths on the south (but you need to see where your other tanks are doing). Hell this may just be viewer bias as I hate maps where people only go to one location 🙂

    • > The “mordor area” on el haluf is great for farming easy damage, as most players tend to make a lot of mistakes there, thats why you see people brawling there (+ semi-reliable arty cover)


      Plus if you have good gun depression (-8 to -10 degrees) and especially when your turret offers decent protection, you can safely fire on targets.

    • > I find in my light and fat meds you can (with some support) get into the bottom and then up the paths on the south

      I used to do that too, but the thing is you can get pinned down easily, and it may take a while to get shots on targets. In the “Mordor” (LOL) area there are always a lot of targets, and if there are not, you can push and crush the players there.

  5. Sasmitha Rathnaweera

    Can you make a T29 tank review pls

  6. Kudos to you

  7. It is so fantastic to see you back. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years

  8. Don’t you just love the tank destroyer gameplay meta? Hard camping, lotsa draws… That platoon 1 on your team, epic!

  9. Nice to see a video of you again, hope you are getting better with your cough.

  10. Good vid taugrim!

  11. so I just got my Sheridan (first tier 10) and I’m not doing so great in it any advise?

    • Its not the easiest tank to play at tier 10, abuse your view range, mobility and gun depression, you have a dpm advantage over most lower tiers (as long as you are using the 105, not the durp), so put that too good use too,
      Dont try to brawl with tier10 medius, its a lost cause, some tier 9 mediums can outduel you too, so be careful, try not to get into harms way early in the games, your LT strengths and dpm will find good use in the late game.
      Playing a mobile, squishy vehicle with low-ish pen, you have to find angles and put shots into unsuspecting opponents, dont go where you know opponents will aim.

      You are one of the easiest targets to hit and pen in the game, so dont let the guns point towards you, unless they are on reload.

      Go to Dreadshells gaming channel and watch him play LTs, its gonna help you a lot (I hope Taugrim doesnt mind me advertising another youtuber here).

    • thanks pal I appreciate it an yeah no I don’t run the derp I can’t stand derp guns I actually sold it on my T49

  12. I see yur hands shaking since you gone after the Tortoise

  13. Welcome back !

  14. BillyDoc DrSithScrub

    glad to see you again!

  15. I was in the AT 15 at the end, it was a good game. its just a shame the Lowe “won” for you. i was trying to reset the cap when you killed me.

  16. I really hate people that cap out the games, sometimes I prefer to lose than to win by capping before all the enemies are dead. I am wondering whether or not turn off encounter battles, as it happened to me already twice that my teammates capped it out in the first minute without anybody doing any damage 🙁

    Thanks for the insight of this tank, get well soon!

  17. Im a bit torn between going for one of stb1/centX or getting amx30/30b. I love the gun depression but Im even more of a mobility guy (used to play LTs almost exclusively). Improved turret armor and the DPM is also great for me, as I prefer aggressive playstyle but…
    I just answered my own questions here, lmao. After getting all the tanks Ive already lined up Im probably gonna get the 30, probably…

  18. Against the Jagdtiger I think it would have helped you to fake movements honestly. He spotted you while hiding between the buildings and you run off to get another angle, but he knows which way you’re going at that point. If you had made it look like you were heading north and then changing direction after getting unspotted, he’d have no way of knowing where you’d come from. 🙂

    Why he’d be facing the wrong way when you came up the hill I have no clue, as you were spotted heading in the direction you actually were coming from. Maybe he *thought* you faked the movement? lol

  19. Glad your back to making videos. I missed your series

  20. Have you ever lost a game because you couldn’t pen a tank? I’m asking this because I see you don’t use premium ammo, just like me! 🙂

  21. So glad to see videos up from you! Keep up the good work!

  22. I don’t play WoT anymore, but I still like watching your vids because I’ve been following for quite a while. Does this game still make you lose credits at tier 9-10 unless you have premium account? That was the thing that made me stop playing to be honest, I really enjoyed high tier play, but just losing credits non stop made me stop playing the game altogether.

    • I can pull a very slight profit at tier 9 without premium, but it would be difficult to do so at tier 10 IMO. Basically I wouldn’t be able to use premium first aid kit, which I normally do as I like the passive benefit. Honestly though, the game is plenty enjoyable from tiers 5-9, if you don’t want to play 10s.

  23. I think it is a bad decision to go after arty. It is only a threat to your teamates who are cornered and can be easily shot at. Not to you if you keep moving and stay unspotted. Helping them instead, when the TDs are focused elsewhere. You’d have had some good crossfire on them and could have saved few teamates.
    Sure it looks cool to win 1v3 but I think it could have been a much safer win. I mean, you are 5 tanks against 3 (+one arta) at this time…
    And peaking in front of the Jag… The side of the turret with the cuppola furthermore…
    The game turns from 5v4 to 1v3 and you win cause they have no brain and get lucky to bounce the shot.

    I don’t think it’s a good game to learn from if you’re learning the game.

    • I probably would not have gone after the arty had I not been 1-shottable. I also over-estimated how long the last TD and medium on my team would last. So you could argue my decision was incorrect. I think the key is to be decisive – either staying to fight the TDs or going after arty were valid decisions. But being too passive would have been a mistake.

  24. Unicum on the US server? What’s that on EU? 500 WN8 tomato?

  25. nice, thx and hope your cough is better

  26. Always nice to have player like the Maus on your team who failed their way to tier 10. It must be fun to have over 20,000 battles, with a win rate of 42.33%, and a WN8 of 127. Their win rate is even lower in the Maus. I never understand why people play so many games at that (lack of) skill level.

    • I think many bad players play heavies because they last longer in them due to the high armor and high HP. It’s much more forgiving in terms of staying alive. The unfortunate thing is that a top tier bad heavy driver dramatically hurts their team’s chance to win IMO.

  27. What are your thoughts on the Pz 7, the newest tier 10 German Heavy? When it first came out I think the general consensus was that it was “trash” but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

    • I don’t have it in my garage but it’s a strong sidescraper. In this era of overbuffed heavy tanks, it does have that softer lower front glacis, paired with poor gun depression.

  28. These are great. Thank you, Taugrim. -bergsteiger

  29. Christmas is early this year!

  30. Haven’t played this one since stat rework but 30b for me was saved by those changes. Now I have so much more fun playing it and get far better results

  31. Did you ever plan on playing WoW again?

  32. infinitelyExplosive

    The significant fps drops made this video really hard to watch. I felt like I was getting almost motion sick for quite a lot of the replay.

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