AMX 30b goes ham

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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I stream over on twitch 5days a week so come check me out!


  1. Xミスタークロ

    You’re ALIVE 😀

  2. Who even plays this game?

  3. YouTube must’ve ghitched or something because it shows some activity on Foch’s channel. Should I report this bug? ?

  4. stupid game fk this pay to win game keep ruining the game moron WG

  5. War thunder > Wot. Don’t @ me

  6. Good Lord!!! (HighFlyer said)

  7. That fight with the super conq looked weird af. half your quick/not fulled aimed shots looked like they went through the map terrain/rocks.

    • server reticle in a nutshell

    • Calabi-Yau Manifold

      Overall his tracking shots were tacky, like it doesn’t happen often in the 30B

    • That how i move and shoot too, on my good days. When reload completes, i move fwd and bait shots or fire on the way back. Due to a little server/client delay, shots rarely hit the rock. But you need to play regularly, to make it work. Once a week does not cut it.

  8. 12k battles in wot. I’m over all the bs mechanics. I switched to war thunder and it’s painfully obvious now how superior of a game it is. Still, it’s fun to watch your videos sirfoch.

    • Altough,i have to say that i think too that wt is better game,wg missed so many things that warthunder didnt. I like that in war thunder u have modern tanks,like abrams T-72 and so on,aiming is better,u can custimize vehicles,there is no fucking arty,and i think there is no gold ammo but i am not sure fot this last one

    • +holi858 There’s no gold ammo. Arty is in the game but it’s a consumable for light tanks that you drop on a map location and it has a cooldown.

    • +How To Defeat ISIS 101 russian tanks aren’t blatantly superior? Data mines and Bias-3 disagree

    • How To Defeat ISIS 101

      +psnmadracer27 of course da, they’re fair and balanced as everything should be.

    • +Bence Vig same. Don’t regret it for a moment. War thunder is the superior game, no one leaves war thunder to get wot, everyone leaves wot to get war thunder. Wt is like leveling up your game

  9. play the conway pls


  11. you are still mad to WG?? I was mad too… I stopped playing the game.. 🙁 but i liked it so much..

  12. i dont think you are gonna post another one before the christmas, so merry christmas

  13. Foch making YouTube billions. Kappa

  14. You truly are a great player.. GG.. 🙂

  15. FUCK Twitch, do videos here or I will unsub you. Ah, I forgot, you get all the money from Twitch….

  16. We know u r lazy, ROFL. U R lazy and a fucking NOOB, at life. U R such a fucking NOOB, u can’t even motivate yourself to play a fucking GAME for money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. He has risen! Praised be!

  18. I do like your videos. Could you please check out some of mine on my channel and tell me what you think?

  19. Wtf a video from foch lmao

  20. Here I was expecting an Is it Worth it video on the Lt-432.

  21. It’s sad that you don’t post more videos.

  22. Arty probably hitted the Maus right next to u…and u got “only” the splash…(seen already higher ‘misses’ from tier 10 arties since nerfs, so…)

  23. Foch don’t think that switch to HEAT went unnoticed 😛

    also fun to see that guy who pushed you out is from RED_S, Balkan clan famous for it’s usage of cheat and sea of toxicity. Commander is that dumb he posted screenshots on forum, screenshots with full laser cheats, destroyed objects on minimap and all possible cheats you can find in that cheat pack (forgot the name, warpack?). So not surprised I still see them being toxic cunts

  24. Lmao the chat at the start is funny asf

  25. swedish_leasuretime_shed

    Nice to see that the Obj. 268v4 is still as fair and balanced as it was when it was added and I uninstalled the game. No regrets.

    • Ooooh no it is not like that,iys balanced,it has 10mm less armour on lower lower lower lower plate and incredeble 12.4 mm less on comanders cupola.And if that is not enogh instead of going 55km/h now it goes 50.Balanceee comrade

  26. Jesper Askov Møller Petersen

    Good to see you back!!!??

  27. Foch is very lazy, just like all of us. So Foch is us, and we are Foch. All hail Foch, the saltiest man this side of the Dead Sea!

  28. Awesome!!!!!! Great game!!!

  29. congrats on the mission!

  30. 0 dislikes so far! Good content!

  31. Still cry baby against artys… lol grow up fuku

  32. i have done 1/4 on 279 E now how long have you come foch? still want more viedoes…but if this is all…i still enjoy it every once in a while

  33. Masturbation might give you better sleep and yada yadayada but it fucks up your dopamine system, that light be why you are so lazy.
    Why work and make a video when you can just lie in bed and jerk off all day? Thats what your brain thinks.

  34. Fooooch,my favorite streamer,u lazy shit when u gonna rant about IS-3A

  35. Nice to have you back foch still awsome as usual

  36. rusty as hell foch but you did great as always ay

  37. Thank you for putting more content up, I often cannot get on Twitch at the right times because I live on the other side of the world to you. You are the only Twitch streamer that I sub to and the only one I log into Twitch for though.

  38. Forgot to pay the rent?

  39. You could just do the same as Circon and Skill4 and upload twitch clips into YT, I barely ever have time to watch anyone’s streams or a lot of peoples stream from the US so it would always be like 3-6AM for me. I’d appreciate a daily dose of SirFoch too.

  40. :0) YEEEHAAA !!! 😀 !!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOO !!!!

  41. 60T is a new tank? ive quit ages ago…looks like a british heavy

  42. Foch, those of us who follow you understand that your priorities have changed. But as you can tell by the number of views already, we are patient and appreciative when you do post. Whatever you do mate, GLHF.

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