AMX-30B review Is it WORTH the grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. i think u dont lose any health if u go sliding down with side

  2. nice review! 🙂 might wanna check out another 30B gameplay on my channel?

  3. That arty shot on the WZ-1111111-4 at 11:10 just shows again what’s wrong
    with this game. You think you are in cover? Not from the Conqueror GC!

  4. Foch, that drop is not so hard. Instead of going to the left, you just need
    to go as far to the right as you can. In this replay, there is a corpse of
    B-C around that place and about it is a little bit of grass. If you can get
    there, drop is easy from that possition. There you can get tracked (but you
    don’t have to, it is possible without it), but you don’t take any damage,
    especially if you slide sideways.

    Thanks for review btw :)

  5. existentialvoid

    To shelf as always.

  6. “Penetration is only 10 deg less, not that big of a deal but it can be.” ?
    So is it a big deal or not? :)

  7. Rammer on an autoloader because fuck you!

  8. Rammer in autoloader… because fark u.

  9. social3ngin33rin

    all the AMX lights need a buff, they’re so shitty compared to the new
    american lights. The french autoloader line is obsolete compared to the new
    light line all the way to the T57 which is without a doubt better than
    either the BC or 50 120 imo

  10. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    Very nice review Foch. You seem to have the ‘nack’ for driving fast lightly
    armored tanks, much more so than I do. I learned a thing or two watching so
    thanks for that. Keep em coming!

  11. Fuck light tanks!

  12. 3456Smasher3456

    help pls: batchat or 30b? :O

  13. ThePeople'sPanzer

    Of course I’m biased because I like German tanks and own one, but I still
    say the Leopard 1 is superior. Better pen, better mobility (slightly) but
    the deal breaker: camouflage. That huge cupola is terrible for being
    spotted, whereas many of my Leopard 1 map specific strategies are based on
    me knowing my camo rating and being able to not get seen or hit back. That
    cupola makes that really hard. 

  14. because fck u 😀 love this comments

  15. [BBSF] ItsMeBro

    Why do you play without shades? Is your PC to slow for that? If yes I know
    the feeling, mine is very old too and can’t see the full beauty of the game
    because of this :(

  16. You got rammer as the recommended equipment. On autoloaders. Foch are you
    drunk? :P

  17. oh no, sir foch died

  18. Could we get a vk7201k replay

  19. the AMX 13 75 should get a penetration buff to 198 mm penetration, just
    give it the gun of the Panther

    • +Leon Haven There are tons of tanks that are just anemic in the gun
      department per their tier.
      I’m not asking for a heavy cannon on a light or medium tank.
      But if you are going to fuck me with the stuipd light tank matchmaking,
      atleast gimmie some chance to actually do something other than hide in non
      existant bushes while heavy tanks can spot me before I spot them.

    • +Sarin Highwind you are insane. 198 in terms of what it can pen isn’t far
      from the gun the 50 100 gets. So giving it to a light that is one trier
      lower (i know other mm but still it’s a t7) would make it op as hell.

    • +Norbert Korzus The amx 50 100 has 232 pen, thats a loooot more. Its also a
      autoloading heavy with much more alpha, so a bit of a bad comparison. The
      t71 and Bulldog are the closest comparison, and right now the amx 13 75 has
      almost nothing over them (expect a bit of camo, which is, if you look at
      what maps are in the game now, almost useless). They are faster, more agile
      and have better guns, gun-stats and much more gun depression. The amx
      really needs a compensation.

    • +Valivali94 I agree 13 75 should be buffed but 198 alpha is more than 90%
      of the heavies in t7. Hell it is more than many t8 mediums. On a more
      mobile and better platform and WITH an autoloader? Are you insane? Walker
      Buldog is very strong and you want something stronger than it? Unless the
      198 alpha gun has even worse handling than the 90 F3 it would be broken

    • +Norbert Korzus 198 is also not a lot more then the WZ-131, and that tank
      is faster, with more alfa

  20. When you have to go down a mountain turn so that your tracks absorb all the

  21. There is one Autoloader that I know of that can can benefit from a Rammer
    and thats the Chi-Ri. Another lowtier irrelevant tank has it too.

  22. silly foch, gun rammer on autoloader

  23. Could you do a 50 100 review plz?

    • Branka Rajic-Bijelić

      He has one, and it’s, well, it’s not new but it isn’t outdated eiher. Go
      check it out!

    • social3ngin33rin

      +taief miah it doesn’t take into account the new american light line, which
      i would definitely say is better overall

  24. Standard account noob ;)

  25. George Cochrane

    I like that you don’t have the kills per tank visible on normal view. As a
    noob, I always panic and screw up when i see that I’m on 5 kills and about
    to get TG

  26. I was waiting for this,thank you Mr Foch :)

  27. I enjoyed this video BECAUSE FUCK YOU!

  28. all tier eight light tanks are painful to play, most of the time are in
    tier ten games..

    • +sicongchen1990 totally, you must be a very good light player to make such
      a generalized and wrong statement.

    • anOxygen Addict

      Clipping E-50Ms in the side after they try to ram you in your 13 90 is
      always fun!

    • +TehFelis thanks for the sarcasm! Anything a tier eight light can do, a
      tier eight median can do better and have a much more stable performance.
      You don’t agree, just f*** off. Don’t respond, i don’t want to argue with

  29. Would you please stop swearing so much…

  30. Rammer on the AMX autoloaders? get your shit together lol

  31. When sliding down at the bridge on Mountain Pass, go as far to the right
    hand side as possible. You won’t even lose your tracks.
    Btw, while the 30B doesn’t get ammoracked as much, you shoud have mentioned
    the frontal fuel tank, which is quite annoying. This thing burns like a

    • TheMusicFanForEver77

      +H311fi5h and people like using combat ratios over fire extinguisher couse
      of the 12% engine which makes burning them quite fun 🙂

  32. Yeah equipment part is obviously rushed on this one, autoloaders can’t use
    rammers and nobody should play ELC with optics over binocs. To me, ELC
    really needs GLD too but I guess that’s up for a debate.

    • +SoundAndFuryy
      My ELC is equipped for fun mode – GLD, rammer and vents with BiA, smooth
      ride and snapshot. Pretending to be a scout in ELC is just waste of the
      potential this tank has.

    • +Infernal969 although the elc doubles up as a very good tank destroyer

    • George Cochrane

      +Infernal969 Agreed, my favourite thing is rushing up to heavies, hiding
      under their gun depression and watching them panic (leaving my team open to
      taking them down). My stats in the ELC are terrible but its so fun

    • +SoundAndFuryy the equipment was only for the 30 B

    • +liuxoB smoke weed everyday?

  33. Pls no rammer on autoloader correct that!!!

  34. Meglen Andreevski

    When you go down slopes like that, just drop with your side – you track
    will fall off , but you will get 0 dmg

  35. Can you actually use gun rammer on the autoloaders? I dont think so.

  36. Im racist

  37. Good timing:)

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