AMX 50 120 review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. 1st SUB !!! 

  2. i subscribed after 8 seconds video upload :D

  3. 3rd comment :D

  4. Not a bad tier 8 if you manage well reloading nice review

  5. Tier 9 sory my bad;-)

  6. Only have the 100mm gun and its a painful grind to unlock the tracks and
    the 120mm, mostly because you take longer to do much damage at less then
    300 damage per shot (I get so many low rolls)

  7. Christian Hostetler

    I miss the DUH

  8. Sees a notification that foch has uploaded a video. ” I bet its a 50 120
    review” I was right :)

  9. I really like your vids, but i am from Portugal and i cant speak english
    very well, i can understand, but only if you talk a bit slower, thats the
    only thing i would change in you vids, just talk a bit slower so the “non
    english” can understand better what you say, other then that nothing more
    to say then perfect, no shit talking just saying what we are here for, i
    really enjoy your vids, keep doing them ^^

  10. 50 120 or T54E1?

  11. Fuck the first guy!

  12. Mihailescu Vladimir

    Thank you sirfoch. Really needed this review. 138.000 xp on the amx 50 100
    and i was wondering if its worth buying the next one in a couple of days. 

  13. “the king of towns”

  14. Just got the 120mm on the 50 120 and the gun makes the tank , now i am
    about to get my second mark of excellence because of it. As well as that
    you can have some monster games in this tank and it doesn’t even feel like
    it , the damage just wracks up , i imagine this is the feeling with all
    high tier auto loaders but i only have the 50 120. Over all I think it is
    an excellent tank. Good review foch.

  15. Short Version: 50 100 and 50B are much better, its a huge ammorack in the
    front, no gun elevation or depression.. its fast though and the gun is
    good. thats it

  16. This video made me missing this tank. I really loved it, IMO it’s one of
    the best T9s. My avg damage is 2559 with it.

  17. What about sub contest Foch you should be making video for that

  18. playing it right now and I hate two things. gun elevation (but you can work
    with it) and that the gun is bipolar as fuck. clipping E100s is great tho

  19. Appreiciate all the tips. Thanks man

  20. Nice Foch, you are making videos as I unlock them. I get the IS-7, 2 days
    later the worth the grind is up, I get the 50 120, two days later Heres the
    review. Thanks Foch as always – TL-DR (NA)

  21. You just keep getting better Foch! The amount of info packed into one vid
    without being overwhelming is impressive. werd

  22. The uploader is named foch so of course there will be massive french bias
    in this review (hating on the t54e1). m41 bulldog still the best auto
    loader, america!!!!

  23. How’s the grind?

  24. Only now i realize how good this tank actually is… good vids.

  25. Great review again!

  26. +Mihailescu Vladimir DO NOT BUY THE 50 120 (just yet)

    Wait for the 24th X-mas discounts. Save some credits… The discounts
    around X-mas are supposed to be like 15% off all high tier tanks… 

  27. Hope the top gun makes the 50 120 the way it made the 50 100 for me. Was
    pretty average at the 50 100 til I got the top gun, and then my average
    damage skyrocketed. Pretty bad at the 50 120 with the 100 mm, pretty sure
    the 120 mil will make all the difference.

  28. if you like amx 50 120 you’ll like amx 50 120!

  29. hey Foch maybe you could put subs in for the none English peoples.BTW when
    will the winner of will it derp be announced

  30. Foch, did you run into a ammo rack issue on that tank? When I play the 50
    120, I got ammo racked a lot. 

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