AMX 50 Foch 155 – NOT FOR SALE

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In World of Tanks the 155 going to be removed from sale in update – here’s all you need to know.

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  1. Funny, WoT Blitz just got the Foch 155…

  2. Hey Quicky, they are planning on adding Chinese TDs in 9.20, you should do a review of one of them, or more.

  3. Had the Foch 155 before the nerfs, was a monstervback in the day. Luckily I never sell tier X vehicles! Still enjoying it now though even if it is mediocre/weak. Looking forward to this!

  4. “We’re going to remove a problematic tank with a ridiculous autoloader that we could never quite get balanced right, and replace it with what will likely be another problematic tank tank with a ridiculous autoloader. That’ll fix *everything*!”
    Oh WG, never change.

    Good on them for being generous to existing owners when they go to do the swap, though.

  5. it prob wont happend on xbox 1 intill another year or more lol to bad they wouldn’t buff the aim time it sucks at 3seconds

  6. Hype for the Waffenträger auf AMX50

  7. Wargaming’s doing it on purpose to tell is to grind it now so that we won’t get the Foch 155

  8. I cri so much

  9. Tyngchinchilla Chang

    Lol they gonna do this to encourage ppl grind for it and then they gonna nerf it lol.

  10. So that’s why I started seeing so many tonight

  11. RIOT! Why was the foch left as a reward tank, but wt auf e 100 was just swapped?! TRIGGERED

  12. Illiya Mayatskyy

    I hope the new foch will be OP!

  13. Samuel Hofstetter

    well… i guess wargaming just gave me a reason to start playing this game again!

  14. at the FT AC… I will get the Tier 10 in the next month

  15. bxcovert the gamer.

    deletes the wt auf e100 decides to make a half version of it later 6 round 120mm -_- nice wg noce

  16. you “get” the amx foch 155. That is what they said for the fv4202 tier 8 prem tank aswell but first we needed to complete a set of missions before we got the tier 8 prem fv4202. So I hope they dont do it that way but you never know right

  17. Hey QB what is the super warchest thats coming out august 11? Any word what is in it or the deal it is? NA anniversary event

  18. Catistix The cat

    at least there’s wot blitz XAXAXA

  19. owh gosh! the tier 8 will get an autoloader!?
    BEST World of Tanks NEWS IN RECENT YEAR!

  20. awww man… I have always wanted that tank but I havn’t even started grinding down the french td line because I heard it is painfull. Im not gonna get it in a month even with a premium account. 🙁

  21. René's Video Ecke

    Die nachlade zeit beim neuen der einzelnen Schüssen ist sehr schnell. Soll bei 1,5 Sekunden sein. Aber ob das wirklich so kommt werden wir nächste woche sehen

  22. 6 shells? here comes the AMX auf E-baguette

  23. WG sad that teh Foch will be e special premium or reward tank, on the site

  24. Holger Breidscheid

    Great, the next OP autoloaderclickernoobtank. 2400 damage per clip? Great stuff WG, great stuff, please more of this overpowered idiot tanks, and please give them at least 300 mm armour and no weak points. Why not a Type 6 super heavy with a 6 rounds 200 mm howitzer and 6000 damage per clip.

    They can’t balance a WT on E100 and introduce a new 6 rounds autoloader? WG get brain please.

  25. Piffft….. I haven’t even started the French TD cuz I don’t play WoT that often anymore and if I do now then its going to take 2-3 years of 24/7 playing to get the tier 10 cuz of all the grinding and credits it will require to buy them cuz I don’t use prem.

  26. This is because Circon’s HE m3m3s with this tank xD

  27. 6 round magazine for 400 dmg you kidding me? lol hahaha…. 2400 dmg if you put all the rounds in that new auto loader amx 50 foch 155B

  28. Dam im still on the tier 8

  29. I’m at tier 8 on this line.(already research top gun) Do you think it is possible to get the tier 10 before updates?

  30. the name changes and tge gun is being replaced but its tge same tank
    Dezgamez has uplaoded a video about it

  31. Lol. I stopped playing the French TD line a long time ago because it was terrible and then they then nerfed the top top tier to hell when I was at tier 8. Now there is what sounds like a great opportunity to pick it up again and I am left feeling .. well..’meh’. Iif 155 is OP then we get to see a swamp full of them in game from people who dumped them ages ago and now farm them :(. Business as usual at WG…slow to react and then (predicted) over “fixing”.

  32. Guys what should average damage given in tier 6 tanks? İ usually call it “good game” when i make 1.5k damage is this okay lol

  33. im not sure but i think if i remember correctly, it has a 2 sec delay between the shells. people with the sandbox server were able to play and test the replacement a long time ago

  34. improve KV-4 too plz

  35. One will rise without hesitation, it will be a price of this toy. This game is only 3xM (MoneyMakerMachine)

  36. I’m probably too far away already at Tier VI

  37. Wargaming can lick my balls! Removing one of a favorite

  38. You high tier player can easily get your hands on this , but me a player which is stuck in tier 6 can only imagine to getting that

  39. So…I’m at t6 now…should I…no.

  40. +QuickyBaby Please make video about new chineese TDs, they look awesome 🙂

  41. 6 X 400 with a 2 second interclip . . . what cancerous former POS TD does that sound like? So yeah, getting permatracked and clipped out by some mouth breathing bush wookie is just what this game needs.

  42. But the WT E-100 is broken. Sure.

  43. So when will I get my T-50-2 as a promotion tank? 😀

    But seriously, constantly buffing tanks in the name of ballance is like increasing taxes in order to keep social welfare in order — it’s just plain stupid, for each 1$ of tax the country gets like 0.80$ because the rest are manipulation costs. Same here in WOT, ballance by buff to meet the op tanks and op premiums will just end in meta powercreep endless loop. Back in the day 20mm armor buffs were a big thing, today wg just throws 100-150mm of extra armor out of the hat.
    The proper way would be to nerf OP tanks or use both ways, but it’s not possible since WG will never nerf premiums as it would mean refunds as well as nerf popular tanks among their hypecreators and unicums they keep promoting (look at the cancelled BC nerf).

    I just hope we are not past the point of no return.

  44. WT auf E100 will become a reward tank in the russia server but i don.t know if they would bring it back in the other severs

  45. dammit i’m still at the tier 8 on that line…

  46. Eazy Muthaphukkin E


  47. Waffertractor? Is it your angry bloodthirsty soul screaming from the void?

  48. Still no new maps….

  49. Maximilian Meier

    Seems like a baguette edition of the WTF-100

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