AMX 50B goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. I really enjoyed the part where the Waffle House yolo’d up the coast,called
    for help, died, and told the team to “look minimsap morons”

  2. I prefer North West over South Coast. I wish they had got rid of the latter

  3. I don’t like that map very much… except if I am like ELC AMX and going
    lolz only mode… still there are better maps for that too…

  4. Because Russia and reasons and fuck you. Man you are the king.

  5. Very nice match Foch, I actually saw this one on your livestream 🙂

    To be honest I’m surprised that that arty didn’t start focussing you
    earlier because that position is so easy for arty to hit. I imagine it
    works really well with a Russian medium as they are flat as a pancake and
    can actually hide in that dip.

  6. epic IS7 shot!

  7. when an is7 shoots you like that its rigged, and when you do that its
    skill…. LOL!!!!!

  8. More HAM. The last 4 vids on this channel have been HAM. Is that all Foch
    does now is promote breakfast meats? Did he sign Hormel Meats as a

  9. Ich “NoSkill” Nicht

    Foch155 gameplay please

  10. Comhghall Geraghty

    in what way could 50b be better than t57 other than mobility?? t57 is
    clearly the more powerful machine in my opinion. am I missing something? I
    don’t have 50b

    • Fabian Buschkowski

      +Comhghall Geraghty Better aim time (2,5 vs 2,9), so whenever the first
      shot is fully aimed, all the other shots will be aimed as soon as they are
      loaded while u need to wait a bit in the T57 when fighting at longer range.

    • +Fabian Buschkowski The T57 has armour that does work though, not reliably
      but far better than the big target the 50B is. Also, the shorter magazine
      reload time is very nice. That said though, I have had plenty of good games
      in both and I am happy to have them both. If you like one, I reckon you
      will like the other 🙂

  11. let me congratulate on your vids. they’ re more better then other noob
    channels showing tier 6, 7 trash

  12. Really liked this game. You got unlucky a few times, bouncing off of
    batchats, etc. and you did make some bad decisions but you won purely
    because you controlled all of the fights.

    • TheBlazinAsian XIV

      It’s not unlucky to bounce a batchat, he aimed badly at his 2nd shot off
      their upper plates when they were angled

  13. i was bat chat, damn uniscum cheater. Replay and link of video sent to WG
    support deperatment. I bet u got some hidden mods, WG will check, hf with
    ban no life

  14. I got my first Kolobanov’s on this map today. I ended up having to cap
    against two arty because the arty were fast and I was too slow to catch
    them. :(

  15. TheMusicFanForEver77

    “He was playing extremely bad and I was just playing bad so I won the fight”
    I cannot watch a vid of yours without laughing :DDDDDD

  16. Do you think that initial position would work with a TD with good base camo
    i.e. a 268?

    • Fabian Buschkowski

      +StirbMensch i dont think so, in my opinion u need a turret to be able to
      cover all positions quickly without having to turn your tank. And u need
      gun depression, but I dont know how good it is in the 268.

    • +Fabian Buschkowski
      It’s rather awful, actually, but I reconned you could remain unspotted if
      you don’t move, even without a camonet

  17. foch , please try to get us a good game in the foch 155 ….

  18. I didn’t even know you could climb from that flank, Mind = Blown.

  19. had a beast game on this map 11 kills and the win in the t14, fired 0 gold
    rounds(never fire premium rounds by the way mainly because im a silver jew
    lol) but on the other hand people still suck at teir 5 so i was noob
    stompin a bit haha

  20. i always drive on this position, also with tds if the have good
    gundepression or armor. works quite well.

  21. MMMMMOOOOOOORRRRREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME

  22. wachted this game live on stream. So fkin nice 🙂
    Wish i could support you more ;/ you do such a great job, and your stream
    is allways funny. keep on the good work my friend! <3

  23. not out long enough to watch fully but still got likes ;D

  24. have you done a batchat review?

  25. the fuck? 2 mins out and 20 visualizations already…

  26. Last?

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