AMX 50B Goes Ham

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Last video before the new . review!

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  1. i never see amx 50b do good in my games. i always destroy them easily. idk
    maybe im playing good but the tank still seems shit when i see it

  2. The reason why I keep watching Foch, is because he is not a gold spamming
    douchebag. He thinks the exact same way as I do, has the same playstyle and
    can communicate properly.

  3. Always love to see your video and I hope to get no artys in game, because
    today when I play 4 games in row in my O-I always I died by arty and the mm
    put me 3 or 4 arty in enemy side and all maps was open type, was very
    terrible time lol

  4. i think your right about the new payg introducing a bit of lag to
    everything. ive noticed when your waiting for your tracks to repair the
    indicator normally flashes hen you can immediately move now it seems to be
    that yoi have to weight for it to flash and then fade to yellow before you
    can move its really weird. its like an extra half second stopped so that
    can get you killed.

  5. Nice game, and no prem ammo, either :)

  6. the 50B is a tank i just cant seem to play very well. i can still do 2.5k
    damage average but yet to Master it. Foch another great ham game.!!

  7. mentalgen Kappa Foch

  8. Where is the ! in the title?

  9. I Made You Read This

    nice vid foch

  10. will e5 veer go ham ?

  11. Hello Ladies and Mentlegen!

  12. Daniel Holt Pedersen

    why am I in 480 p help !!

  13. it’s my birthday today and what’s better to do after 10 mins I am waked
    up,whach some foch and his salt c:

  14. world of tanks is so weird. I just got the same 1250 base xp in an E5 with
    4000 dmg and 1500 assistance. thats like half of what foch did so wut?

  15. Lol raped

  16. Any chance you’d ever continue your “How to improve!” series?

  17. why 13 90 is douchebag ? I will do the same if I can.Why to give enemy more
    exp and credits?

  18. lol that amx in the end

  19. GG As always man ! by the way the video looks great

  20. hello ladies and what?

  21. Damn watched the video 17 seconds after it came out

  22. I luv ya foch

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