AMX 50b goes ham!… again.

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Lucky enough to see this live on twitch… I was impressed at your calm in
    the situation, gj Foch :D

  2. hey foch you should play the t30 again now that it has a accuracy buff!

  3. Michael Stiles (Kamo)

    Foch What do you think about the *Super*Pershing now that it got its
    frontal armor buffed?

    • Foch hates it.
      I like mine and actually think it’s better than it was when first released.

    • Michael Stiles (Kamo)

      +GadgetMart I know he hated it but now IS3’s wont pen your angled upper
      plate with AP even T34’s with AP wont pen it.Thats why im asking

  4. +TheFochYou could you show us what you use to record and what settings you
    have set?

  5. foch gimme link to your XVM config please

  6. Foch, please do sandwich goes ham!
    Or maybe baguette goes ham!!

  7. What does ham mean?

  8. Well played; but you were correct to acknowledge the contribution made by
    the 121 in that game as well as your own.

  9. this is not going ham… this is clearly playing support as you said

  10. what a monster game gg!

  11. This is motivating as I have the 50-120 and am grinding the final xp needed
    for the 50B.

  12. Richard Gustafsson

    First Anfield uploads a awesome 50b replay and now you. It brings back
    strength and will to continue on the Amx m4 45 :D

  13. ham=?

  14. mmmmm….ham

  15. Yet another superb game! Thanks Foch!

  16. wg: Arty stops camping
    Foch: 3 arty, I’m gonna “camp” in arty-cover because I’m not a retard…

    • +Dv8 Particularly necessary when your tank is constructed using baguettes.

      Everyone knows that tracks are the strongest form of armour. 🙂

    • +ScootaProject Tracks are strong but nothing beats pure stalinism

      IS with more side armour that a battle ship says so

  17. The Queen of England

    Back in the day I used to own them tanks.

  18. Ethan “SkyWarrior1030” Dai


  19. This is why I need to play solo more. 

  20. AMX 50B will get fat if you go HAM too often :o

  21. Nice one, epic game as usual…

  22. Michael Williams

    Great Video!!

  23. secund!

  24. First! Let the hate begin!

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