AMX CDC and T34 Finally Getting BUFFED! | World of Tanks Premium Tanks Buffed

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Premium Tanks Buffed – KV-5, IS-6, 112, WZ-111, T-34-3, T34 and AMX Buffed. and T34 Gameplay. World Tanks Update 1.14+ Patch News.

00:00 | Introduction
01:05 | KV-5
02:10 | IS-6 / IS-6B
03:05 | 112
03:20 | WZ-111 / Alpine Tiger
03:30 | T-34-3
04:11 | AMX
08:00 | T34 / T34B
10:10 | Conclusion & Drops

► Information from: WG

The time has finally come, AMX is getting buffed together with T34! 🙂 Let me know what do you think about it?


  1. Twitch early squad o7

  2. Some good news for many World of Tanks VETERANS! 😉
    Have a nice weekend, beautiful people!

  3. Greetings from the land of Twitch

  4. 196 – 186 = 100
    thx Dez finally i get math 😁

  5. In you next videos, can you make the images a little bigger? Bit small to watch from a phone. Keep going though

  6. Yeah they could easily buff the CDC aim time even more becaues the gun is horrible if you try to use it fast. Wich is annoying on a tank as mobile as that .

  7. *10mm extra pen to KV5

  8. AMX CDC comeback, really nice tank. Can’t wait to boost the engine with new bon turbocharger

  9. It’s about fucking time with the IS-6 (and IS-6 B which I have).

  10. Your Friendly Neighborhood Lamenter

    Did the WZ-111 need a buff? ◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗

  11. Chonky Leopard on de move en France

  12. Herrman Thee German

    What about the German premiums no buffs for em? This is why I don’t play the game anymore

  13. I’m 80% sure that CDC will become french proggeto sometime soon, only way to make it viable is to give it an autorealoding system

  14. CDC needs way more than a small buff to turret movement dispersion! It’s ridiculous….. If was Russian would probably get a coffee machine, AMG kit and all….

    • {Pedro} Did you expect any less from WG? If you have been following the recent buffs, you would have known they do not add much.

  15. I think all the china mediums need aim time upgrades.. the wz-120 top gun loading is same as the FV215b 183 :/

    • Yes. This honestly

      Chinese med line is one of my favourite lines, but I sold them just because I couldnt enjoy the aiming time any longer.

  16. Dieter Von Hellstrom

    I traded my CDC….

  17. T-34-3 is just getting better and better. WG buffed it once in 2015., once in 2016., once in 2017., once in 2018. and twice in 2021. Now it”s going to be just as good as Type 59 or 122 TM.

  18. They are literally the only two premium tanks i got

  19. jtiger 8.8 needs a ton of love…..

  20. T34 is the first and only pre tank I have ever sold. Its also my first prem tank. Horrible dispersion. Horrible accuracy. Horrible aim time. Ok if played as a long range sniper.

  21. Where is the buffs to the non Premium tanks?

  22. 112 doesn’t need an extra 10 on pen, it needs a total rework, because it is frankly shite at nearly everything. Gun handling is awful, penetration is awful, gun is inaccurate with stupidly long aim time, it’s not that fast, it’s armour simply doesn’t work for some reason, it’s got virtually no gun depression. I could go on, but it’s so uncompetitive that even if they gave it a standard pen buff to 240 it would still suck monkey balls, because it sucks for so many reasons..

  23. CDC defines MEH-ta. I think buffing view range to 400 and give it extra hit points (it’s a faster TOG II…kind of 😛 ) wouldn’t go amiss either.

    • btw: just compared it to Panther 88: 88 has more alpha than CDC (90mm), is more precise, and has 500 more DPM. Centurion MK5/1 has similar DPM, top speed and dispertion – and 400 view range. Yep, CDC definitely needs more buffs – maybe buff armour to 70 in light of new HE mechanics?

  24. LOL I bought T-34-3 back when it had worse depression (3 degrees !!), worse precision, less HP and only 175mm pen XD. Plus the gold shot is very bad.
    This has to be the most buffed tank ever in the game after this pen buff.

    • In 2014.-RoF buffed and gun handling
      In 2015.-gun depresion buffed to 5° from 3°
      In 2017.-armour buffed to be just as good as Type 59 and gun handling eas buffed again
      In 2018.-AP pen and velocity was increased and gun depresion to 6.5°
      In february 2021- HP to 1400,aim time to 2.5s and accuracy to 0.42m
      Now pen buff

  25. WTF over…lets nerf American arty and buff russian tanks with more pen…sounds good. AMX CDC is a glass cannon but rather than fix it’s armor, we’ll just tweak the gun handling…useless.

  26. Finally, after years of waiting, those tanks got buff, i could buy it back from tanks rescue

  27. Fake buff for the CDC. Abrolutely worthless buff compared to other tanks… What they should have buffed is concealment and RoF.

  28. Day 2 of asking Dez for face reveal

  29. So T34 still 12s reload for lower than 400 dmg ;/ even T30 with the same/similar gun (second one) 400 dmg for 8s in the old days T30 and T34 were like brothers or sisters idk but look how they massacred T34 ;/ almost 3s aim time to T30 2,11 lower dispersion for T34 by 0.04

  30. At least!! How long we should wait for that? IS6 and CDC were my 1st premium tanks and nowadays – IS6 is almost unplayable (1 battle for 20 can be very good, but rest are weak). IS6 vs Defender (try to pen Defender’s lower plate using gold ammo – 1 for 10 shots maaaaybe would get in), IS6 has average armour (specially turret). It is good tank vs 6-7 tiers, but vs 8 tiers (new tanks like Bourrasque, Progetto 46 or Bisonte) or 9 tiers like AE1 Phase is just bag of free damage… CDC is exactly same, but we have mobility, so we still can run, but… nooot, its quick, but we are still fuckin big tank. CDC is perfect bag of free damage. What is good in CDC? Only good power/weight ratio and moving forward. Rest are average (turning, dpm) or shitties in game (armour, big tank, ammorack everywhere). It would be good to see that tank with that buff (I hate french guns when u have to full aim if u want to hit target) but anyway CDC needs definetily more IMO.

    • Yeah, you can never pen the lower plate on the Obj 252U with the IS-6 gun. On standard shells. When the only obvious weak spot is the top of the turret.

      And the Obj 252U will win the encounter 9 out of 10 times (if you forget that you can still pen on top of the turret). Because their pen is over 20mm to 40mm better than the IS-6.

  31. Have you played the cold war tanks on console?

  32. Nothing for the FCM 50t?

  33. Still waiting on a better jagdtiger 88 buff… for a tank that basically has to frontline like a heavy, 212 pen just isn’t enough when Defenders run around. And 237 premium means tapping the 2 key doesn’t help

  34. CDC BUFFFF FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh never mind

  35. Still no Patriot buffs..

  36. Fv4202 anytime?

  37. I sold my CDC years ago, honestly I still don´t regret it, this buff sucks

  38. Before i watch the video. Please please please let them decrease the reload time of the T34 its accuacry isn’t that great and the long reloads make it so much worse with EVERTHING else it has to face.

  39. Glad the CDC is getting some better gun handling buffs I have a gun handling type crew in mine so let’s see how it’ll be now

  40. Maarten van Roest

    Please give CDC some more love. It is just gathering dust in my garage… 🙁

  41. AMX CDC needs more love

  42. 112 buffed again, come on Dez go play my gift again 😉

    Play it close range as much as possible

  43. El Hacedor de Lunas

    Wargaming buff Skoda T27!!!

  44. Michael Navarrete

    Wargaming literally hates the CDC.

    A lot of years waiting for great changes like dpm or speed.

    And a lot of wait just for a little bit of better handling :'(

  45. Finally my T34 B getting buff

  46. El Hacedor de Lunas

    I agree CDC needs dpm, but T34 is ok. It has the same dpm as Löwe, which makes sense cause both are OG premium heavies imo

  47. T34 didn’t need those changes it needed about 1.5-2 seconds less reload time.

  48. Some link from a streamer sent me here,,,,, thumbs up

  49. I traded both T34 for ELC even and T92…

  50. AGAIN NO FV4202? Fuck it, Imma just sell that shit tank, why bother…havent touched it in months now, and not planning to do so any time soon

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