^^| AMX CDC First Impressions Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. yeyeyeye

  2. Louis-Philippe Nault


  3. First for YT HYPE!

  4. yeyeyeyeye!

  5. Needs moar Baguette :)

  6. What do you think about accuracy changes circ ? 

  7. but boy….is that thing ugly…

  8. FCM 50T or AMX CDC?

  9. char de baquette lol

  10. You pick CDC for crew training

  11. +1 would French again.


  12. what s up whit sta 2

  13. ooo a 50t that can be penned with HE. youve really outdone yourself

  14. I can almost hear the FCM drivers weeping…

  15. What an original name for a medium tank : AMX Chasseur de Char ( Tank
    destroyer )

  16. gib me :DD

  17. Now who should I trust on this one? SilentStalker, who’s always a good and
    reliable source on tank opinions * chuckles * or Circon, a unicum tank
    driver, who knows his shit.
    If only our relationship was better, I could fully trust him.

  18. RiP Family dinner

  19. Kinda looks like one of those ant eater things

  20. the Indien Pz. compared to this is crap… it’s faster, im sure armor is
    similar, more agile, and only slightly less DPM

  21. Oh theres jochem again :D

  22. So it’s basically a cheap FCM 50t without pref mm?

  23. The Jgtiger 8.8 has cheaper ammunition circon, so its not exactly that

  24. i think anyone who like hte fcm 50t will like this

  25. Tank looks super comfy.. shut up and take my money

  26. I thought that thing was a TD with the way the turret fits to the hull.

  27. Is that a new premium and will it be released to the na server

  28. can anyone on the test sever play this

  29. so the tank is called AMX Tank Destroyer (translated) yet its classified as
    a medium tank?

  30. The hoover has evolved… that gun depression tho

  31. Can’t wait to get killed by the Center of Disease Control. 

  32. What is this tank? Obviously french, but what tier, class, is it prem?


  34. Is this the super test or normal test server?

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