AMX CDC review! Is it worth the gold?

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. CX - FPS is overrated

    why do I feel a lot slower with my CDC after the physics patch?!?!? cdc has lost it’s potential after all those other meds that was added to the game

  2. I’ve honestly just stopped playing this game. Letting my prem account tick away. And I probably won’t even consider playing it seriously again until the next patch. Even then I may never be able to get over my hatred for how badly this game has been fucked by WG.

    Been playing a lot of CoD MW2 and BO2. Congrats WG, you have failed to make your game more enjoyable than mindless twitch shooters. Although BO2 is serious fun.

  3. played over 700 games in this piece of junk. loved it when it was released but nowadays i play it when i want to suffer

  4. seeing how shooting HE was a waste against this tank, which has no armor, do you recommend using it in any situation exept maybe sniping arty?

  5. Talking about shitty premiums…look at the is-6 with 175 pen and 217 gold pen vs. mäuschen or type 4 heavy. I really regret throwing my money to war gayming.

  6. This tank is a joke nowadays

  7. sir foch what is the ultimate best tank for you

  8. WG is all about stupidity and fraud

  9. This tank used to have best-in-class penetration, but now the Lorr 40t has 20 more penetration. The problem isn’t that this tank is bad. The problem is that the new tanks are too fucking good. It’s like they brought out the Defender just to fuck with the CDC’s profitability since now you have to fire 10 premium rounds per game when there are 2-3 Defenders on the enemy team. Shoot 10 premium rounds and that’s half your profit gone, but you can’t pen a Defender’s LFP even with 212 penetration that used to be considered really good penetration at tier 8. Same with the VK 100.01, you can’t pen that tank’s cupola with less than 220mm. They need to stop making these tier 8 heavies with 220mm thick weakspots that are given exactly enough armor so that the new tier 8 premiums can pen with normal rounds and old tier 8 premiums have to shoot gold to stay competitive.

  10. I don’t know why do you give this tank so much hate. Find it accually pretty good. Gun is not that bad…
    I will agree the softstats shit on it but 2 thing weren’t mentioned is that that power to weight ratio gets you on any uphill position 1st. (ehm himmelsdorf 40+ kph).
    Secondly, those 90mm AP shells are so cheap it makes it a great creditmaker.

    Would rather have a fast tank with less armor then then to sacrifice all the mobility for armor. It’s easier to counter armor in this game*cough premshells* as it is to counter mobility + better positioning.

    The Lorraine 40t is maybe better at doing the same thing the CDC does. It’s just a question what line you want your crew for?
    Lorraine 40t —-> BC 25 AP, BC 25T
    AMX CDC —> AMX 30, AMX 30B

  11. Ravioli is so much better… This gun is pure rng… half the shots don’t hit anything

  12. The number locale seems fucked at the end stats: the money amount is divided in groups of 2 digits (is it a Latvian thang?) but a bit lower, the XP amount is in groups of 3 :O

  13. I’m surprised that Belarus has not invaded Latvia yet to take out Foch

  14. In the last couple of months playing CDC on and off, I’m getting only tier 10, and I get shat on really, really bad. It’s almost masochistic to play CDC nowadays.

  15. This tank used to be great, now it’s only good at climbing hills…… I mean it’s still a fine tank, nothing has really changed, it’s just that now you can get better tanks for the same Price.

  16. how they buffed every freaking other prem tier 8 MT from that time and never touched the CDC is fucking mind blowing…
    still salty as fuck that i spent money on that…

  17. I’ve bought this piece of crap suggested by your previous video. I regret it sooo much 😛

  18. Herr Schicklgruber

    Updated review for Leopard prototype pls Foch…

  19. snowisthebestweather

    7:55 “Load HE and shoot Tourette.”
    That M46 is a genius.

  20. Indienpanzer has worse soft stats (gun) i think. maybe not anymore since last balance patch

  21. Buff CDC!

  22. Alexander Yordanov

    I agree that soft stats have to be presented in the game, but if they dont exist, then machines like the IS-7 would simply be the BEST. We have to display the soft stats.

  23. Vincent The Keeper

    If the power creep is this bad the really need to stop, when this tank first came out people really liked it and it was doing well

  24. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    I love facing cdc s in my Vk2801…i usaully hew 2-3 ap shells in it, just for cdcs on battlefield, i dont always pen with HE , and ap just overmatches it 10/10
    Tho the fucks gonna take the 105 from it in new patch 🙁

  25. Foch you ve done it ! I will not play my french medium premium cdc which is ok tank, rather I will spend 40euro on lorraine 40t lol x2

  26. I really want a refund on this and the FCM.
    I liked them at first but playing them over time to now they are just outclassed in every way shape and form.
    Fun fact: The CDC has power to weight on par with the lights yet it goes half of what they can.

  27. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    Mutz is good but sadly it trains crew for Leopard which is a box of dicks! Maybe they buff Leopard? I hope so.

  28. Check out Dez and his tier 10 light nerf rant. STOP THE ARTY LOVING PANCAKES AND GET THE SHITTERS OUT OF THIS GAME!!!

  29. another legit review. thanks foch

  30. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    I didnt know people would complain so much about this tank though. Yeah, I’d also love buffs to my CDC since there are retarded tanks like the defender but I can still do 2k+ dmg per game as I used to when it came out. I guess my 3 marks give me special RNG?

  31. The reason for soft stats is easy to guess. Hidden numbers allow Wargaming to nerf tanks after the purchase. Not part of the official offering = no legal grounds for a refund.

  32. #StopCastratingOurTierTenLightTanks

  33. Softstats are … just ridiculous
    cdc(34t) vs. fv4202(41t)
    hp/t: 35/12
    soft: 1.44/0.38 – x3.8
    med: 1.63/0.48 – x3.4
    soft: 2.88!/0.96 – x3
    Why? Because!!!

    Dispersion on move and on touret traverse especially (0.15!) is killing both tanks

  34. And what are those 5 best prems?

  35. Thank you Foche. I’ve hated this tank since I bought it. I had to unsubsubscribe from Jingles and Quicky because of all the shit tanks they have sold for WG.

  36. So isnt the Mutz the better CDC now ^^?

  37. SirFoch pls do the Leo review, T7 swedish trash can excuse of a tank.

  38. FMC 50t review please

  39. Youtube keeps trying to tell me you are streaming when you arent, not sure if you can change that or not? Thought id say something anyway. Nice Vid.

  40. Cheers for the update Foch. So end result is french have no decent crew trainer tanks for meds unless you are comfortable in an autoloader because Lorraine craps all over this. That said though the only similar tank is a 30B and if you aren’t comfortable in autoloaders wtf did you grind those lights for?

  41. foch what about the t54 joke 1 lol

  42. Michael Kavanagh Coughlan

    One of my favourite tanks

  43. i usually agree with foch but i cannot agree on this one. The soft stats exists so WG can balance the tanks without touching historical values or fucking up the logic of the same gun and modules in diferent tiers. For example imagine if the speed of the CDC was OP, what WG could do about it without the soft stats? Remove the 1200 HP engine and saying to the costumers that the tank lost his majot sellpoint? I think the soft stats are a soft way for WG to balance. But i do agree that WG should make those stats a visible statistic. Saying a tank have 1200 hp power engine and weigh X tons is useless if you dont inform all variables.

  44. RIP KV5 167 pen and armor that is useless.

  45. ‘member soft stats?

  46. Is this game worth playing anymore? I’ve taken a break for a while but was interested in playing it again. That being said all the talk about power creep and continued gold spam is discouraging. What do you guys think?

  47. Lol this is the only tier 8 I ever bought…and yeah I pretty much wish I never bothered. I learnt my lesson; no more money for Wargaming.

  48. I didn’t have to pay for it on console and even I want my money back for it.

  49. #StopCastratingOurTierTenLightTanks

  50. i dont play my paper thin cdc anymore.. has lots of power but no top end speed .. what a waste of 1200 hp.. Why dont you show what happens when a cdc runs into some auto loaders.. Back to the barrage in no time flat..

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