AMX Chasseur de Chars Preview / Review – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

Chasseur de Chars – OMG this is one special tank! French, Tier VIII Medium, has the world gone crazy….


  1. It looks very unique and very, very adorable. :D

  2. Kudos Plumb. I like the edited gameplay the most. Showing areas of tank
    strength and weakness, all killer no filler, multiple games. Nice idea.
    Keeps the pace up. Video length also perfick! 

  3. Size of a Centurion, Power to weight ratio of an ELC and gun of a
    hellcat…what’s not to like? ;)

  4. Nice review have played this tank it is quick keep the vids coming THX

  5. Omg! Plumb did a Review!
    My life is complete now 🙂
    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

  6. Good review mate. Tank looks interesting. 

  7. More than good enough Plum. Thoroughly enjoyed your review and your play
    style and love of Brit mediums fits well with my play ethos. Will look
    forward to more reviews!

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