^^| AMX ELC 3rd Mark Highlights Funny Moments

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Thanks for watching!


  1. sovelis holimion

    elc best tanku!

  2. Your 3rd mark memes are the best memes

  3. Greetings, almighty Lord Circon!

  4. Laugh and swear words I hear here are enough for whole day :D

  5. Hampus Johansson

    Try O-I, then t-34?

  6. The music, though! Glenn Miller? Circon, you spoil me. I feel bad that I
    missed this stream, now.

  7. I fear Circon is getting a lil bit crazy

  8. Next Churchill Gun Carrier =D??

  9. try to 3 mark the hetzer unless you already have it.. just mark some meme
    tank, love these vids btw keep it up beard king <3

  10. 35 seconds ago, huh…

  11. ITS SO WARM, but i am streaming at 17:00CEST anyways! World of Tanks today

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