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World of Tanks is buffing and nerfing tonnes of vehicles in update 1.20 including the AMX M4 54, , Progetto 65, T110E3, Comet, T-43, Tiger (P), Centurion AX, Rhm Pz Wagen and more!

Draft was provided by WG under NDA and the same stats can be found in the official article:



  1. Let you know? Crap as usual the only thing wargaming should be fileing down is all the OP reward tanks in the hands of Unicums and Exceptionally good players. T95 E3?? Two of the slowest tanks in the game. Glad I don’t have the time for this game anymore. Marriage took care of that 😀 And I am ok with it. Great Vid Qb And your right about the Reward Tanks kudos for mentioning it.

  2. @Random Knight Yep… Just another SuperConqueror…

  3. No Russian nerfs? Color me shocked.

  4. Normally I defend wargamings choices on things since I try to look at things on my own instead of just joining the hate wg and anything they do bandwagon. However out of all the blunders they have done this is probably one if not the worst I have seen. Really upset about the AMX M4 and E3 nerfs. They’re my 2 favorite tanks atm and I grinded both of them in the last couple weeks/months just to now have them get shit on.

    Only think I’m hoping is that they don’t make the changes, its just trash, even the buffs for shit like rhino were just trash. So much for the hype around vehicle rebalance, more like vehicle shit show.

  5. Nerfing good tier 9 and 10 tanks will advantage only pay to win players, only wallet whales, which afford to buy the supper expensive premium or reward tanks (they are not really reward, you must spend tone of money to achieve them)

  6. Here is my opinion, the AMX is OP , no doubt , but it was the only tank that could actually beat a chieftain for example , it was a tool to use against these vehicles, it requires a nerf but at the same time those reward vehicles get less and less competition

  7. They are nerfing progeto because they introduced Lion. If you remember, after and i mean like right after they nerfed the progetto the first time they introduced carra 45 T. Wargaming think they are slick

  8. they must have accidently copied the last medium italian nerf by accident 😀

  9. I miss a USA tech tree buff to the Easy8, it is the second lowest performer of all tier 6 medium! Bar the 40TP.
    I would really like if they plainly it’s switched ammunition layout to that of the T23E3: 149pen AP M79 and 190pen APCR HVAP T4 shell, while retaining it’s signature 115 damage.

  10. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE on every page 😉

  11. Please do not share 😉

  12. I have been struggling with the 90B TD cause of the horrible accuracy

  13. WG like ”DONOT SHARE” QB like hold my beer xD

  14. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    The previous nerf to the Progetto was a killer but this one now definitely represents the nail in the coffin and there’s really no need for it. STB is a much more powerful tank and it wasn’t even mentioned here. The Lion will be the new meta italian medium tank and being reward tank means it will never get nerfed. The buff in the Rinoceronte is to counter the 116-F3 Chinese reward tank, clearly superior with its 530 alpha 3 shot autoloader. Let’s see how much armor went up.

  15. wtf they nerfed the AMX M4 54?? I am grinding to that >:(

  16. WG is like DIE itallian mediums DIE !!! XD

  17. They nerf and buff vehicles, because they want other lines to be popular from time to time. This way they earn back credits, gold, demounting kits, etc.

  18. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    You say that the T110E3 has low skill floor and this is why it is performing so well and I think it’s the same with the Amx M4 54. Sure it needs a nerf but the Vz 55 is more OP in the hands of a good player.

  19. Standard B / Progetto 65 are not nerfed because they are overperforming, but because they are pleasent to play.

    This will force ppl away from them and into other tanks, look at their # of battles compared to rest.

  20. The subtitle of the document: Please do not share
    Quackybaby: “Let’s make a half hour video about it and put it on YouTube”

  21. Tibor Kristóf Váradi

    I love how when checking the tier 8 tanks’ winrates pretty much all of the non-premiums just suck ass. Hmm I wonder what could cause that?

  22. Why isn’t the st ii getting some love? It’s so sluggish and boring to play, at least wg can buff it’s mobility. A bunch of changes to the game also seem absolutely stupid, like the spaghetto and the 65 t, the 65 t is already bad enough and the prog is absolutely fine. :V

  23. I said it lots of times, A-44 is the better Comet.

  24. Thank god they finally balanced the Chieftain and 279e. Oh, wait, they made them more OP buy nerfing the rest 🙁

  25. The nerf to the Progetto 65 and Standard B are so unnecessary, I honestly don’t see why they even considered them let alone are going through with it? Un-nerf the nerf!

  26. Half the changes very good, the other half bloody stupid and unneeded. Oh and not 1 russian tank nerfed as usual.

  27. OP techtree nerfs make OP reward cheater tanks more OP QB stop sucking up

  28. And again no buff to China’s heavy line

  29. The AMX was the only answer to the Chieftain that were had. According to that Nerf, the Chieftain should be removed from randoms and be only available for CW where it is come from

  30. nerfing tech tree tanks while premiums stay unchanged, I’ll really just be playing the game for the twitch drop missions to get free tier 6 premium tanks

  31. The game sucks because of the OP Premium tanks, balancing the tech tree will not help. If you play VI and above, 80-90% of the 30 tanks are always premium. Do what i did, delete the account and uninstall the game.

  32. Tier X Progetto nerfs are valid. The tank was used and “loved” by so many because it simply was leagues above any single shot tank. Played by all ranges of players is a simple conclusion that it was overtuned for an autoreloader. Another reason why it needs nerfs is how popular Progetto 46 is, people have 6 skill crews on them.

  33. Somebody at WG really hates Italy

  34. RU pig game !

  35. For those that are outraged by all this …one thing to do, remember it’s just a game, so STOP paying WG real money! And, by doing this ,we can all voice our concerns, it’s no point in crying over messages on someone’s YouTube channel . WG doesn’t have the balls to have poll’s opened for us to voice our disagreements . I stopped paying real money in this game from about 2 years ago, now, i feel pretty much nothing about this stupid choices thei are making

  36. Doctor: you mean decreasing the dispersion of aim.

  37. Now please… nerf premium tanks… Tier 8 is unplayable rn.

  38. Nobody plays these French heavies in Random there still crap.

  39. those changes are pretty good overall, sad that they are balancing tank without taking into account prem tanks tho

  40. Nasib Siddique Bissoy

    Oh no, don’t you dare say that the STB-1 needs to be nerfed. There is nothing wrong with this tank. Though it is a very good and competitive tank, it is not noob friendly. It takes a lot of skill and high game knowledge to master and play this tank. It is definitely not OP at all. This tank was never OP in the first place. In fact, it used to be shit in the past. WG did a good job buffing this tank to make it still relevant and competitive in the game but not OP. I am using bond equipments and my crews are pimped out to the max and still the gun handling and accuracy troll me sometimes.

  41. noooo not my progetto its ine if the few tier X i really get along with

  42. Nerf the 279e? Only the top players get those tanks. By working for it!??? Or paying a boosting company to get it for them. Better than Nerfing reward tanks, Keep them in the battle modes/rewards they come from and no cross-over, Meaning Chieftan’s are won in Clan Wars, Well then they need to stay in Clan War modes, and Advances. No more Random Battles for you. And the Obj. 279e won for completing missions in Random’s should never be allowed in Clan Wars. As far as nerfing tech tree tanks or boosting them, I am sure that the fan boys will get their way as to Nerf’s and Boost’s.

  43. I think you are focussing too much on WR. The prototype Standard b has a very high DPG.

  44. For the love of god please nerf the god tier premium top heavies. All they do is drive in your general direction and spam gold. They are the laziest fuckers I have ever seen and it ruins the gameplay for everyone. There’s no skill involved.

  45. Nerf the 279 and Chieftain.

  46. I spat my tea all over my monitor when QB drew back the curtain at the end to reveal the elephant in the room, and it was… a couple of tier 10 reward tanks. I think the way tier 8 has been carpet bombed with over 100 premium tanks that WG won’t nerf is far more detrimental to the game’s health than those two tanks. Who cares what’s going on at tier 10 when new players hit a brick wall at tier 8 and stop playing?

  47. 32:34, look! at as the fourth best: the 116 F3 chinese tank that is inbound. sofar the dread of that tank seem to come true in being a toxic shitstorm on the horizon.

  48. No nerfs for all the fake Russian bullshit tanks, what a surprise.

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