An Actual Review of War Thunder

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You don’t see people making reviews on War Thunder too often, so I thought I’d take a jab at it. It’s gonna be a bit of a speedrun review, but the fundamentals are there. I talk about its user interface, graphics, sound, music, and gameplay. This is primarily from the perspective of a tank player, though a lot of this still applies air RB, not just ground RB. The title is borrowed from Shammy’s “Actual Review of” series. I asked for his permission before using the naming scheme.

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Songs used (in order from first last):
Halo: CE – Under Cover of Night
Halo 3 – Roll Call
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

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  1. I know it’s pretty short for a review, but I still think I managed a brief synopsis of most aspects. The title is borrowed from Shammy’s “Actual Review of” series. I asked for his permission before using the naming scheme.

  2. Getting one vehicle is bad enough, but then you realize you need 5 of them purchased to progress

  3. Wait…. people actually play ships?

  4. The 3 first tier are the most beautiful game Times 4,5 start yo see the major probleme of this game, 6 suffer and fall in a hole of die and restart without fun

  5. In my opinion, I think that arcade should be less easy, and realistic should be way less hard

  6. After seeing this review and reading comments, I’ll just stay with World of Tanks….who needs to get screwed twice….just sayin

  7. Some rock music should be fine, but WT doesn’t really need to have its own soundtracks of this genre

  8. from what i can say about WT… is it feels like… trying to push up a mountain, just to be knocked down at the point your at, then continue up, to be knocked off your feet at that location again, then stand up and push up it again. this is for everything in WT, the tank grind, the equipment grind… the gameplay.

    Youre getting there… but it just feels too much like a hassle to get where you actually want to.

  9. IcedVenom Nightcore

    You didn’t talk about the different game modes including sim.

  10. 0:52 i have to do a correction–>”from the moment you start it you can already see it’s a game IN FAVOR OF RUSSIAN tanks and planes”

  11. I’m actually really frustrated with the br system and it’s complexity

  12. 7:07 *hits dab and bass drops*

  13. Being new (150 hours maybe?) to the game I can tell you that the UI is a clusterfuck, explanations for why you died are god awful, somehow within the clusterfuck of settings there are simple settings that just don’t exist (Can’t disable C/freecam force snap which has and still gets me killed), chat is way out of the way and barely functional (bugs out when you die), the launcher is very dated missing basic options such as “I don’t have dialup but don’t have Gbit either” for the Download Speed limit, practically no time to see someone tried to add you as you have 20 seconds to accept it or wonder if you were going crazy, expect you to spent hours unlocking 1 tank at a time and likely 80+ to get to mid game for ONE country, every Premium tank costs a fortune because screw you, and to add insult to injury if you have thousands in disposable income it’s painfully Pay to Win.

    Overall the game is fun but it desperately needs help from some good leaders who are keeping up with the times.

  14. Idk maybe i have played it too little but i think its all around great game. But then, almost every game i play, somehow every community of that game thinks that their game is the worst.

  15. You never said anything about gaijin itself, the launcher, the security, separate account to play the game and many more

  16. but so did Gaijin…

  17. Bruh since when did Gaijin abandon Naval? They lauched the Regia Marinha recently.

  18. All you say is facts

  19. I stopped playing world of tanks coz other tanks are invisible until spotted what bs is that plus i know wt isnt balanced but tbh no game is plus its f2p so we should treat it like a pair game asking for impossible things

  20. Germany WW2 going against cold war. “Historical”

  21. There are so many small problems that lead to bigger problems combined with already massive problems that gaijin dorsnt care anout so yeah

  22. An actual review of WT

    It’s worse than World of Tanks :)))

  23. i like navy

  24. Nice talk doesn’t work, only buying Ka50

  25. I was interested in playing it because it hat the Abrams in it, and I’m an M1A2 master gunner irl. Too bad I uninstalled after 20 hours of grinding to try to unlock it.

  26. Is nobody going to question how he happened to see the tank at 4:56 ??? Wall hacks bro? it didn’t even show up on the minimap either

  27. Panzerknacker Auto

    This sounds like World of tanks with extra steps

  28. Everything you just said about WT’s issues has already been said in like 2014. There is no way of changing things in this game by pointing out the issues and talking nicely to gaijin. They are lazy idiots and understand only shitstorms, not the feedback.

  29. I had more fun in War Thunder testing vehicles in single player than i had in 10 years of world of tanks…

  30. I’d like to see you do a video on this vehicle

  31. Aroutin Zargarian

    Its ridicules that it takes so much time to research a vehicle and the point theyr saying about queue time it takes long enough for me it takes 2 mins to get in a match and then getting absolutely destroyed by a higher br rate tank

  32. This is out of War thunder could you do Metal slug franchise Vehicle Design?

  33. TheRaptorOfGaming

    4:24 Don’t assume my video watching preferences :p

  34. Forgot about naval, forgot about air

  35. It’s like 49 percent fun and 51 percent raging

  36. cold war soviet vehilces should have c&c red alert 3 soviet march as their theme

  37. Ok lets talk about war thunder and the people who want the true realistic gamplay that some of us just joined for : I suggest gajin should implement a gamemode with 100% realism . For example this gamemode should replace simulator battles . Lets go over an example : The map Bulge was added in game , the new simulator battle that i am talking about is added . Players from allies are allowed to come with M4 shermans (all variants inculding 76 mm ) M8 greyhound , M10 GMC , Hellcat . The allied spawns would be around 150 but not less than 80 spawns. Meanwhile the germans present with tiger 1 , king tiger , and panthers would have around 30 spawns but just for these type of vechiles that are much better than allied ones , panzer 4 , stug and stuh would have around the same nuber of spawns as the allies cause it is more balanced. The fuel mechanic for this battle mode should be added . And the germans should stay on defensive and prevent the enemy capture points . About the points there would be no more tickets. If the American team manages to capture all the …. lets say around 20 poits they win if they would not manage and all their spawns would finnish then they lose . Airforce aswell should be present with of course more spawns on the american side BUT ! The americans would need to get from their airfield really far away from the battlefield that would mean they need to get more fuel , meanwhile the germans would have the airfiled closer to the battlefront. The rewards for kiling a tiger , a jagpanther or a panther for theamercan side would need to be double . If the germans would have an advantage they will spawn earlier than the enemy to get into position but they will have a limited area of moving just for beeing balanced and to somehow overcome the sherman hordes . Ships could also be in as an altilery support over the battlefield and future development submarines should encounter them . That is my whole suggestion about replacing simulator with this new historically accurate type of battle , this could also work on eastern front with soviets and germans , i would like you if you dont mind to include this idea into a video of yours and discuss it and maybe we have luck ! (sorry for my bad english i am not a native : ) )

  38. I feel like the most annoying negative has been left out. The rendering system of WT is a mess. More often than some the far away targets, especially if you are in a plane, are not rendered properly or they completely disappear. I understand that Gaijin must make sure that their game runs on older equipment as well but the ideal solution should be to check the gaming rig and adjust the rendering elements and how they behave dynamically.
    Also, for a new comer, the battle rating system is an utter nightmare. There should be more tutorials to describe how the planes and ground vehicles should level-up together, maybe show some examples if they don’t.
    And finally, there should be more, proper co-op PvE missions with clever bots. Their current PvE is a joke at best.

  39. Well, the naval battles and mechanics were a complete failure, range finder constantly say “error” instead of the distance, if not that, the torpedo kills you even though you are like 5 miles in front of it, or the torpedo is 5 miles behind you, or your AA wont do anything against the planes because they are too busy trying to shoot at another boat even though you have them set to shoot specificly on planes only…… so yeah, Naval basically died….. I see little to no people playing naval battles at all, in fact, I see more people playing helis than naval

  40. I stopped playing super early cause I figured out it would take me months of in game time to actually get to do anything fun. Like 2:05. What the fuck is this wheely bitch? I don’t know 🤷‍♂️. Do I want to use it? Yeah. “Sure that’ll be 1000 hours or 25.99”

  41. It’s….
    WarThunder, they don’t care about what people suggest

  42. Yamato Kurusaki SS

    4:49 ww2 Vs cold war ATGM
    Ww2 jets vs cold war yets :/

    Rockets that are begin nerfet pretty often :/

  43. Dakotah Hutchinson

    They removed the Flakanzer 341

  44. Why I hate the game:

    They changed the germany theme OMG WHYYYYYY I LOVED THIS ONE

    Jk I love war thunder but come on :((

  45. Tfw they still haven’t removed the strv 122 and replaced it with the 121 using correct shells

  46. How do I get a plane title quickly? For ps4

  47. this is what i had in mind. gaijin getting greedy more pay to win vehicle, and more close to rng game. and always you’ve been gaijined

  48. The times were they only had ussr and German tanks were good. And the repairing cost thing doesn’t make sense,

  49. I’d play the Halo Scorpion Mix track playing this game. The start of “Metropolis”

  50. I still don’t forgive them for removing the old hanger music….

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