An Underdog Story in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

We’ve all been there – 3 SPG, wrong map, against tanks… What to do?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. A 6 minute battle tho…

  2. The other players only follow you bec you are QB!If someon else will ask for this they would not do it!

  3. nah.. meanwhile … another story on asian server everyone looks to your win ratio and then blame each other
    so sad…

  4. Loving these videos lately i mean all your videos are great but I rlly love when you watch replays of yourself or other people they are really entertaining. Please do a replay on a Fv4005 its my favorite tank id be very great full

  5. and TVP ???? he got two shots, i dont think he liked teamwork like u did XD

  6. its now as good as any other “ok” heavy tank. woopdie doo

  7. Same map as the last replay, is this just a highly skilled map?

  8. We are such lousy tank designers that we had to remove one of the worlds most famous tanks, the T-62 because we broke it so badly and replaced it with a fake tank that never was. Oh World of Tanks do you know how ridiculous it all is ?

  9. Is 55% considered good on wot pc as I play blitz and that is not really considered good

  10. Its always great when someone pushes through and the team follows.

    One time me and an enemy where having a stalemate around a corner, when a fast medium rushed in and got behind the enemy. Then me and the other tanks behind pushed through and won the flank, and that play is what prob won us the game. He wasnt a great player ( below 50% wr ) but he knew where he was needed and that way he was able to help the better players win the game.

  11. Hey QB, you should do a video about the fail WG did with the E100, mainly the fact that the turret ring now has 0 armor and can be penned by Tier 1 and that HE now does full damage to it.

  12. How do you do a free camera in wot replays???

  13. Since when has it been the underdog? Even if armor never works, it still has highest alpha damage of all heavies; at least for a long time.

  14. Shoutout for the TVP T 50/51!!!

  15. This Tank NOW is the

  16. I actually prefer the big 15 cm gun because no one wants to peak when a 750 boxer is waiting for you

  17. “diamencik” is “a tiny diamond” in polish

  18. I have chat turned off, tired of morons

  19. I never realised until this patch how much QB sucks Wargaming off.
    Don’t bite the hand that feeds I suppose….

  20. Omg Quickybaby shows up that the german E100 is OP now (Killing T95 and a 430U) so WG will nerf the germans soon…. 😉

  21. Did u know u can Pen the E100 with Any tank? There is a glitch on the turret ring.

  22. I unlocked the T62a but never bought it. Is it gone now?

  23. Wow diamencik is lower rated than me :/ wtf I play med tanks like arty.

  24. I honestly have so much respect for QB such a legend thanks for entertaining me with your terrible content 😉 since I started watching you in 2013 🙂

  25. What’s more satisfying
    Killing clan wars tank with great team communication

  26. I had the chat turned off for the longest time. I turned it back on not too long ago but it’s all the same. “gg” at the start of the match. “Team of retards”, “omg team of bots” and so on.

  27. Chats turned off for the massive ammount of chatbans ive been getting trying to care about the game and the dumbass team that dont see how and were they can be usefull….

  28. first name Last name

    I just started playing with because I just got a gaming pc my first tier ten is going to be the m48 patton

  29. Good teamwork!!

  30. I really wish that Maus gets buffed as well

  31. Hi QuickyBaby, going off topic here I was wondering if you could explain the service record and the hall of fame wg stats as I have 2 different figures and I have no idea what they mean. I’ve not played 8 thousand games yet so still a newbie. Many thanks midnight_222 EU

  32. Video getting shorter and shorter, upload getting less and less frequent.

  33. Nice one. Well done for the message.

  34. Communicating with a French azerty keyboard…… press “Z” to confirm….. What, the tank moves forward out of its cover…. OK, back into cover after been hit twice and try “W” which is the French equivalent of “Z”, you now get the whole wheel with various commands, except “confirm”…Oh, darn, I have given up on the new communication system. If WG cannot even get the proper French keys connected to the various commands…..!?

  35. TEAMS > Together Everyone Achieve More Success 😉 GJ – Nice Waves

  36. Since the new update most e100 using the 12.8 kwk gun

  37. Sry to say this but a real Team Player does not need to Komunicate this much. He/She can read the Battle and react to it with wisdom and some Gameplay Knowledge Automaticly. Just two Words, “push him ” one Answer ” Ok “. More is not needed ! These new answer features are more unneeded things only in my Eyes.

  38. One thing that I greatly appreciate about your commentary, QB, is that you give unvarnished praise where praise is due, like here, whether it is to a >50% player or a <50% player. You praise the play and not the player's history. Thank you for respecting the majority of us who play for fun

  39. But you still have no Kolobanov’s. And I have 5. :)p

  40. عبد الحميد حيدر

    TVP player: ;-;

  41. This video turned out more wholesome than I expected :>
    GGWP cubie <3

  42. Kailer is my name

    Me when t1 pens my tier 10 german big boi

  43. How did he get ap the black shell in his e100 ?????

  44. Hello QB! I watch your channel more than 3 years and I saw each movie you loaded, each! So I think that I better know your playing style than you :p. You talk about a communication and colaboration, but you don’t often do it yourself. Frequently you don’t see, that the tank next to you neds help. You think about yourself and run away. There are many such situations. You cooperate when YOU want. Greetings

  45. nice video, communication is important

  46. Yer talk about the ” Broken ” new communication features .
    You TYPED because the new communication system is clunky and broken .

  47. You really didn’t like that fence design, did you? Video should be called ‘TOP 1 Thing I Hate About This Map’!

  48. Idc who or what people says. YOU KNOW, teamwork is real, team work is love and life. If your not a team player, get off and go play a sports team. Then you will know the true power of actual teamwork!

    If both teams did real teamwork, wargaming would have to extend the minutes and we can all have a fair and epic game. (Now i know why wargaming has broken matchmaking. They want to have their players do actual teamwork. Please PLEASE, idc if it gets fixed or not, you have to do teamwork!)

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