AND WE’RE BACK! (War Thunder 1.59 Dev Server Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder 1.59 Server Ó Now the Show!

Thanks for watching!


  1. first comment

  2. damn im early

  3. What excites me about the key-guided ATGMs is that there will be a whole
    group of player who master them and are able to shoot down planes and kill
    tanks around corners with ease.

  4. Baron thank you for giving me the courage to study for ww2, All thanks to
    your content. :)

  5. Baron when will you do japan planes

  6. lel that was fast

  7. Peacemaker Jutzy

    good to hear you Baron 🙂 your vids always amaze me and I’m happy that you
    keep the great work up

  8. Prerecord you deserve your holiday?????

  9. Danm Barron is a confederate

  10. 11th. Hi Baron 😉
    Could you do more of the T-29?

  11. Massive big ups from UK mate, and everyone else im sure! I’d like to see
    stream highlights, rather see you and slick and co having fun, and its less
    work for you, take the time and do what you need to do!

    Keep it up Baron 😀 x

  12. hey baron may ik how to get pilot in your cockpit view

  13. Dev server si open?

  14. baron did you know back in Florida in a town called Titusville (by the
    space coast) their is a museum called Tico warbird museum and the have a
    c47 that participated on d day the battle of bastone and the Berlin airlift
    and several other battles and you can get rides in it just so you know ; )

  15. Play some Sherman firefly plz ?

  16. richie thach (TitanicMan2)



    Welcome back baron!!good to hear tha u r ok now. keep up the great work

  18. cenker yakışır

    baron you shold use wasd to control jpz atgm

  19. When’s the release of 1.59 update someone plz answer me

  20. Comeback is real


  22. baron you shuld make a series with custom battels and where you pik custom
    battels ideas from the comments

  23. i am happy with your vids baron :”)

  24. Still waiting to hear why you and phly have bad blood

  25. Baron your next task is to take over Europe using the rakentenjagdpanzer 2
    and Heinkel 111 because the hills are alive with the sound of sieg heil

  26. How was the fishing trip?

  27. How about when 1.59 drops you compare ‘stock vs spaded’ with the new tanks,
    stock can include parts & FPE, are they worth spading etc.

  28. I recommend plane request series!!!

  29. try to win with every tier tank

  30. Peace Army (리안)

    welcome back comrade o7

  31. Arcturus Mengsk


  32. Nathan Schuppert

    big missle vehicle like fw190 with 300mm rockets and rocket tanks

  33. Dude, you make war thunder videos, I dont care about your family crap.

  34. B-29FlyingFortress

    Are Japanese planes getting anything?

  35. Baron baron! Do you know who FaZe is?

  36. wtf 1820 view but 402k likes?

  37. Matthew Articulo

    Bye baron see your videos next week

  38. baron, I am sure we have all been closer than you think. We have all
    witnessed you slam your torpedus into whatever you desired.

  39. idea for a video: invite two friends over who have never played warthunder
    before and let both of them control the same plane. I did it once with my
    friends and it was the funniest shit ever :D

  40. Connor Eirschele

    Do funny moments

  41. baron with that tank you need to use wasd to mover the rkts

  42. adrenalinejamie

    I think it would be cool if every week or month you squad up with a
    subscriber and play a couple of games

  43. Welcome back, Baron! Thanks for sharing with us your humanity!

  44. Andrew Flemming

    Here is just an ideas for a new series. This is just me but you can do qn
    airplane request series where along with requestin an airplane you request
    a game mode (realistic arcade …)

  45. Love u Baron

  46. Modern chaos maker

    Play TU-4 as a AC-130 gunship

  47. BARON BARON we need plane request series dont forget about us propeller

  48. Pixelated Apollo

    Hey man! I live in Georgia. And i’m moving to FL soon. didn’t know we were
    so close!

  49. Custom battle requests!!

  50. johnathan miller

    St simons?!!?! I live so close there. You should do a meet and greet!!

  51. All I’d say Baron, is make the vids you want to make. Authentic vids will
    always be better than once a you feel forced to make.

  52. I think we all enjoy any series where you’re interacting with the
    community; AKA bombers vs. AA, deathstar series, etc. Any opportunity where
    we get to participate in the gameplay and be a part of what you’re doing.

  53. Plane request series?

  54. Jagd Kommandant

    Fuck your family

  55. When is patch 1.59 coming out? I saw a video of slickbee where he could
    download it but i cant 🙂 and keep it up man plane request series would be
    fun as well :)

  56. it took me 3 videos to recognize what song you are humming all the time :P

  57. Bradley Houston

    What part of Florida are you from Baron?

  58. “holy shit titty balls” baron 2k16

  59. Sjoerd9007 meijer

    could you do sone T-26

  60. Hit feeling doesnt exist in this game.

  61. challanges sound good right?


  63. idontconsent toinfobeingsold

    When they doing smoke screens?

  64. Still want my French Armor

  65. Hey Baron do you know what happened to verdun because when I get on there
    is only one person on so do you know whats happening?

  66. I wish you would let us see when the shell hits you so we can see what

  67. Jack Waligura (Doge Gamer)

    BaronVonAmerica, it’s your job to do something amazing, to in other
    words… MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! I Donald Trump, am sending you on the
    mission, to show the commies who they’re fighting with. Fly out in a P-51
    D-20 and nuke all the commies with the M26E1. From, The High God Trump.

  68. @baron what kind of car do you drive

  69. Baron you should upload total war war hammer vids :D

  70. Lol the first three minutes is just him getting rekt

  71. nicholas prayudi

    baron, make war thunder challenges series. And Baron if you are making a
    vlog I think you should show your face

  72. pls shut up and just play

  73. How about putting together a personal top ten? Which combos did you enjoy
    most/were the most effective and why? Start from #10 and work your way up.
    Just a thought. Again: all the best to you and your family.

  74. any baron video is a good video

  75. Androlito Games

    Good day sir!

  76. Well in the Real World, the SS.11 ATGM has a range of 500 to 3,000m.

    From 0 to 500m is spent “gathering” the missile (i.e. getting it under

    No idea what War Thunder figures are though.

  77. 30a = $$$

  78. Bro I live in Georgia but it’s Atlanta far away from the beach.

  79. #BaronVonVents

  80. A Piece Of Bread

    Hey Baron!

    Do Men of War Mondays

  81. Hey, I live in Georgia. Hope you had a great time and hope you will feel
    better and your family gets to feeling better as well. And u agree,
    southern food will put you in a coma. Have a safe trip back!

  82. Is4m vs is3 plz love you man no not gay tites balls lol

  83. 3:01 ”i just want you s… *wants to say soul* feedback” that is creepy

  84. total war videos are not very good…they may be fun for you but they are
    boring to watch

  85. M3 Lee with the Helldiver!!

  86. I was hoping the F5E tiger 2 would be added to give America a twin engined
    super sonic fighter with 4 20mm guns

  87. Baron gg in everything

  88. holy crap baron is like really close to the state i live in now

  89. when patch 1,59 will be available for normal players? ;D

  90. I feel like the Tortoise and T-44-122 needs some BR changes. The IS-2 (non
    1944) just can’t do shit to a Tortoise where a Tortoise can pen you
    anywhere, anyway, anyday of the week and the T-44-122 is just a BS, 1-shot
    medium tank with an impenetrable frontal plate, I hate fighting this thing
    more than the Tiger 2.

  91. Ah a fellow Floridian!!! What coast Baron?

  92. dandi aber (danny7up)

    Baron bring WOW back

  93. Harrison Rawlinson

    Keep strong Baron, we love ur videos but feel free to take breaks because
    even super people need a break

  94. I have stronk idea comrade: 10 tanks on Allied side vs 10 tanks on Axis
    side (same or very similar BR)

  95. baron you know you can controll the ATGM’s with WASD…. right?

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