Another New Tank Behind LOOT BOXES | Shamrock Days Event and Boxes

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Shamrock Days Are Coming, with More Loot Boxes.

WG just released information about another event, featuring loot boxes, where they release the awaited Type 5 Ka-Ri – new tier 8 premium Japanese tank destroyer.

What do you think?


  1. I’ve Never ever spent real money in any game! & Never will

  2. Transmo ́s Brickstuff

    You miss spelled Skamrock 😉

  3. If I see this one in my skoda t56 game , I will almost take his hp in 3 seconds i mean 1250hp with this butter armor will be fun

  4. One thing WG not realize most ppl playing only few tank in their garage. Most tanks just sitting in garage just for collection. They are not worth playing.

  5. They get me every year at christmas, but nothing they could put in this box would tempt me to buy them. They really are trying to milk this game before it dies.

  6. Can’t be milked if you’re smart enough not to play the game.

  7. Des but we would still have these tanks behind high paywalls of premium store. Its not like it makes things different for non spenders

  8. I won’t be buying these boxes. WG=EA these days.

  9. i smell SHITE.. SHAM it is

  10. But reverse sidescraping with Ka-ri?

  11. 3d style for FV4202!!!!

  12. PickelJars ForHillary

    WG discovered Prague is expensive.
    Should have moved everything to Austin.

  13. I’ll be passing on this lootbox crap for sure, Christmas is the only one i go for.
    But to those who ain’t, gl. ¯⁠⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

  14. That reaction on “DeFLAkT SCHaLs” got me.

  15. Wallet says no daddy WG no!!!!!

  16. what happened to the good old marathon grind, or did they stop that because people were getting free T8 premiums? I hate the whole lootbox thing, it’s boring, I liked the challenges of the marathons even the discounts from the marathons were great imo

  17. LMFAO, a great selection… Once again Whoregaming is not gonna have my money…

  18. when the su 130 p wants to be grout i am grout lol

  19. id spend 10k gold on em if it will be possible, what yall think, can we get em for gold?

  20. so sick of this money grab bull shit

  21. can you do a video on where to set all the op tanks on fire and or ammo rack spots

  22. would’t even logg in if the boxes where free

  23. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    What a great selection!🤣🤣🤣

  24. Yo, Su 130 I have and rest of this I don’t coz it’s a crappy 💩 hahaha 🤣 even if I pay i win tank i don’t have so win win. I forgot Gonzalo I have with regular name.
    Btw it’s the same way they released ambt.

  25. How can they show a pot of gold but actually offer no gold

  26. What happened here is the result of wargaming realising that a mission rush event to get à tank for free doesn’t bring that much money , then do a battle pass to get à tank by buying a prenium pass , same result at their first try and finnaly decide to copy the chrismas event with less reward To get the most money out off your pocket … again . Its starting to be boring that so far no even for free to play players (exept battle royal simulator ) dont get anything to chew on . I hope something come up realy fast because the game is starting to get realy boring ….

  27. Theres a daily limit of 500 boxes, so.. hoping they are super cheap

  28. Cannot believe they messed up the type 5 before it’s release. This is annoying. Can’t wait for people to press 2 for skill. So cool wargaming. Amazing…

  29. Meanwhile BZ will be laughing at this tank. Free kill 😂😂

  30. They r greedy. Now will be lootboxes each time

  31. No gold in the boxes! How can they justify the value? At least at Christmas you get a good gold value, so they are worth it, but this seems like a scam.

  32. why do we need two su 130pm
    why not release forest spirit as a 3d style

    but anyways DEEEZZZZZZ !!!! DEEZZZZ !!! love your content bro

  33. I do like the forest spirit it looks pretty

  34. No guaranteed gold, not gonna buy.

  35. They wouldn’t sell them if they don’t sell. Stop blaming the company for the weakness of the consoomers. BTW, those box openings you do? They contribute. If you actually had a problem with loot boxes, you wouldn’t do those videos. But you do, because they line your own pocket in views. You’re just another Loot Box hypocrite.

  36. RNG and matchmaker manipulated.

  37. you can have the highest penetration in the game if you miss 3/4 for nothing ,addition u full aim weak points en u miss u noob if you don’t do damage , the team considers you noob ( Rng balance ,every day it motivates you to delete the game ).

  38. so Marathons are over lol… WG getting greedy as fck, way to get their game DOOMED!!! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  39. I play every day and I receive two special offers a day. I have a feeling playing the game is not important any more for WG. They only care about their store and selling virtual pixels. Please, don’t buy. I already put all BZ owners on black list.

  40. I would honestly pay probably for the SU style, but not for the tank, its useless to buy a new tank when you already have one and definitely not paying for shitty loot boxes again… Daily limit for the boxes to buy is 500, who the heck buys 500 boxes a day?

  41. Green loot boxes, NO Thank You WG, not this time.

  42. We want the full version of the video 😇🤣

  43. Pablo - KFP Software Architect

    If it’s better than BZ-176, then it’s going to kill the game for a lot of people. On the other hand, if it’s not, I don’t care about it in the slightest. Checkmate Wargaming

  44. 😭 I wasen’t there

  45. WG kill their game . GG

  46. I spent like 30 bucks on the Waffenträger boxes and I regret it to this day. Never gotten such a bad deal. This doesnt look any different and tbh, WG wont see another cent from me until I have found a good use for my gold and my 360 Premium days from christmas tick down a bit. No reason to participate in these milking event every 3 months.

  47. WG takes us for big wallets fat pigs

  48. Looks like WG is trying to single-handedly fund Russia after the sanctions using the very wallets of Russia’s enemies.

  49. dont buy nothing this shit of event !!

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