ANTI-AIR vs HELICOPTERS | Eradication or Balanced? (War Thunder Helicopters)

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ANTI-AIR HELICOPTERS | Eradication or Balanced? ( Helicopters)


  1. What happened to guns gore and connoli 2

  2. At 12:30 a rocket nearly hits you!

  3. the helis are kind of forgetting about their cannon armament, would chew this pos AA up

  4. Come on phly buy a Mic you cheap prick

  5. Spaas survive so easily

  6. Can’t wait

  7. Well it’s only a matter of time before the OH-58 gets added to help AH-64’s guide their Hellfires to targets

  8. Aron Jade Abejaron

    Even tier 1 AA can kill it

  9. A6M5 otsu and J1N1 plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Im gonna bloody love this on urban maps.

  11. That’s a sexy looking tank you got there…

  12. DavidJorgensenVlogs

    Phly wtf you talkin about? Gaijin said the cobra will have atgms on the blog page

  13. Jets vs helicopters lol.

  14. Maybe choppers should be made a bit stronger, just so they don’t fall out of the sky as soon as an SPAA sneezes on them

  15. Phly its not the velocity its the rate of fire look at the zsu 23 4 and then you can have your opinion.

  16. i feel like that radar should not work behind buildings

  17. I think its going to be pretty balanced because of radar ranges so its not eradication the moment the anti air sees the helicopter, and the anti airs should have some kind of cover trees, houses etc to hide from the choppers ATGM’s.

  18. Helicopters are gonna be useless with that thing being on the battlefield with them

  19. Loving the Unloved (so unloved you haven’t even made a video in it)
    Charioteer Mk VII
    Attempt #1

  20. lentera nusa siregar

    This air taker tank is look op as f


  22. with better pilots in those helis phly would be dead af, they didnt stay low, they didnt use the buildings and ridges and the hinds with their atgms did use the range advantage, the cobras need to use mobility and suprise , such as flanking low and fast and appearing beside the AAA

  23. Gaijin always go extra mile to find new ways for people to spawn camp, whilist pretending they give a damn about the fundamentally broken gameplay that allow such tactics and feed the toxicity in the game.

  24. KV-2 or other vehicles with a derp gun vs. Helicopters unless that has already been done

  25. 1:29 a missile flys past you

  26. New Spaa US tech tree ?

  27. How To Defeat ISIS 101

    Honestly I’m not too surprised, I thought it would be a little worse. I mean they can defend themselves against it even the bots almost hit you with atgms and you can use the terrain to mask an approach. I feel like it’s pretty balanced as that is what they’re meant to do.

  28. M163 or the Gepard might do an better job at this

  29. If you ever played the Wargame franchise, you will understand that a helo shaw never go head on with a SPAA in close range unless you got SEAD missiles ?.

  30. Thegreenberretwearingbrony gaming

    Wirbelwind VS high tier aircraft

  31. Is that a e3 or e4 hull?


  33. Little hint: you can shoot down rockets with MGs etc.

  34. Hi Phly, could you explain what happened between you and Baron ? Your duo was so iconic, you were so cool to watch 🙂 I miss this time when you made videos together.

  35. Radar definitely needs a dead zone. Like…how planes and such can fly “under the radar”, I think that would make it much more balanced. Then, choppers could make low altitude high speed gun runs.

  36. 1.  The M247’s radars fold to reduce vehicle height when not in use.

    2.  The York has TWO radars, one of which acts a handoff mechanism to the other which cues the fire.  The bar shaped surveillance radar is good to about 30km so it should never be ‘out of range’ on any threat which you can see.  The key difference between the M247 and Gepard vs. the Shilka and M163 being that you can target stack in a shoot list.  Targets are labeled 1-2-3-4 etc. and sliding the engagement cursors over any given target slews the turret automatically to that bearing.  This helps, a lot, when the threat goes Surround Sound on you and tries to tap-bounce kill you using team tactics.

    3.  SPAAGs are never used alone.  Their employment is missionized:
    A.  If defending a static laager, they are placed around the perimeter with the idea of engaging helicopters as they fly into attack a less well camouflaged (decoy) vehicle.

    B.  If defending a road movement, they leapfrog between cleared areas/high points so that they can both cover the longest stretch of ground to either side of the line of march and take shelter behind covering terrain.  Again, if you are smart, you sector your coverage to engage targets flying INWARDS towards the column, not outwards as they attack it.  This is how you outrange a 3.7km TOW or 8km Hellfire with a 2.5km gun.

    C.  If escorting an assaulting unit, the mode is usually overwatch with the primary mode being defense of friendly CAS lanes since the York turret is not defensible against more than artillery splinters.  Occasionally, if the SPAAG unit commander is gutsy and/or the lines fluid, you will forward ambush the enemy IP lanes to hit aircraft moving into the FEBA from their side of the lines.

    4.  The M247 development program was done on the cheap.  They used old Bofors L60 barrels from WWII which were often warped and corroded from improper storage.  The production vehicle would have had brand new, L70 (length of barrel = high muzzle velocity) guns and a stinger mount was envisioned.  The Gepard C2 _did_ have Stingers mounted, on the sides of the gun pods.

    5.  The monster threats on the battlefield were the SA-8 and the Roland mobile SAMs.  The tracked Rapier with Darkfire mods also wasn’t bad.  Capable of either EOCG or RFCG, they were accurate, day or night and could command guide two separate weapons onto targets within about a 40` bearing arc.  These were so costly that they were held at division or army level and dolled out, sparingly, to high value missions like forced river crossings.

    6.  The Soviets did not use helicopters like we did.  Their air assault formations were regimental sized and so could easily number 50-70 aircraft making a rapid insertion to do such things as guard the forward bound of a river crossing or seize key assets like depots and FOLs.  They knew they were going to lose a lot of them and so saturated in huge numbers.  When they DID use smaller formations, usually as battlefield sweep assets to score shock kills on isolated units, it was done with a ‘troika’ or sled effect as the Hinds were very fast, flew very low and usually could get away from threats which the trailing flight commander in a ‘stinger’ aircraft then engaged.  It is a variant of the Kuban Shelf tactic.

    Hinds do not hover well and lack almost any slow speed agility.  They were not used like we intended to do with our attack helicopters: as ATGW snipers.

    7.  Phaselines and Objectives are everything.
    Nobody fights wars, just to be doing so.  You fight to protect vital communication links (Highways) and centers of gravity (COGs: Urban Areas, industrial base, military installations etc.) as an enemy mech formation which uses it’s all-terrain capabilities to get beyond the 7-layer defensive lines (breaking out of Fulda or the Hof for instance) can grab Route-4 and go like skunk, all the way to the capital.  This is the difference between a 20mph overland advance and a 40-50mph paved roadway.  You’re trying to get beyond the reach of any enemy QRF to stop your penetration.

    What War Thunder lacks is a decent mini campaign system with a scale-accurate set of maps which reflect a battle matrix that walks it’s way through phaselines as gained ground REQUIREMENT in a certain number of turns or rounds before seizing a given endgoal.  The attackers win if they reach the designated target.  The defenders win if they hold the enemy short.  Everyone gets a fixed order of battle with limited reinforcements.

    If you want to mimic maneuver warfare, you have to have this requirement to ADVANCE because it is that need which drives you to mass forces to protect themselves and absorb attrition.  Because you’re not sitting still in a dueling ambush mode.

    8.  Helicopters are fragile.  We lost something like 4,900 UH-1s in Vietnam.  Often several times.  The way you kill FAAD is with dedicated weasels and ARM + Mavericks.  Not with helicopters.  I doubt seriously if we will get an F-4G anytime soon but Shrike and Maverick were compatible with all models of F-4D/E and the A-7D, while the A-10 could at least carry the AGM-65.

    If you’re going to advance into modern ADV, you need to counter them with some basic tactics of ‘radar on, enemy sees your ground spike, radar off, they don’t but you have to aim optically instead of by radar’.  Shrike doesn’t have a strapdown IMU autopilot and so doesn’t ‘remember’ (Pin The Tail On The Donkey) where the target was.  Maverick homes optically and is fire and forget with a 125lb HEAT or 300lb DA Blast warhead which will single shot any armored vehicle on the battlefield.

    9.  The AH-1F was entirely a TOW delivery vehicle.  It was too heavy to be agile and it’s teetering rotor would not handle large sideloads in a flat turn.  That capability is resident in the H500 and the RAH-66 and the Eurocopter Tigre NOT in 1970s design airframes (including the Apache).

    The UH-1B with the XM27 weapons system was a test bed, used operationally only once, in Vietnam.

    The Hydra 70 rocket system did not come online until the mid-80s and was still largely useless because it didn’t have a M261 MPSM submunitions, HADS air data sensor or LAAT laser ranger to make accurate targeting possible.  With these three PLAYER UPGRADES, the lethality of the rockets should got up quite a bit but it is still only a <2km weapons system. 

    10.  The York looks better in MERDC camouflage.

  37. For helicopters… Is ATGM still called Anti Tank Guided Missile? Or is it now called Air To Ground Missile?

  38. This patch is bullshit… why add helicopters when the T6 gameplay is not fixed (too fast battle) they can add new game mod for T6 where during the battle randoms event can change the the battle…
    They kill this game with helicopters

  39. What the hell was that ungodly noise at 2:06?

  40. Now show us the Wibelwind against helicopters

  41. It is balanced, both would be superior to each other if one of the two is more skilled than the other.

  42. KV-2 vs helicopters

  43. Finally the the 88 will be seen by its Real purpose

  44. Custom battles back

  45. Great video can’t wait to get to the choppers also have you tried playing warthunder on the ps4 I play on it with mouse and keyboard but i just got the joystick and throttle i think you might like it, the joystick helps playing against PC players

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  47. War thunder Ultra non-official channel

    15:55 It’s 23mm, not 12,7 …

  48. To be honest, your enemies actually did a pretty bad job at piloting a helicopter. You DON’T fly that high. You fly low to the ground, make a strike and get out asap. Then your SPAA won’t have much time to lock on.

  49. Phly can you please make a review of the kv1 (zis5) please?? And maybe can you add some informations on how to kill a kv1 1B? Thank you very much, you’re lucky player!

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