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  1. rip the unhistorical stabilizer this thing had during the initial release, press f to pay respects

  2. DAS NEUBAUFAHRZEUG! with the BF-109 E1 And the HE 111 H-3. Invasion of Poland or Scandinavia Or Whatever you want to call it. Please! Just play the Neubaufahrzeug! Attempt #34 (you’ve never played this tank ever on the channel)

  3. Yo, Phly I’m a big fan, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a new game coming out in 2018. It’s called Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. You may already know about it, you may not, but I just wanted to let you know because I’m really excited about it and it looks really good. Looking forward to you playing when it comes out.

  4. The barrel depression on that tank is terrible

  5. Attempt #1Comrade Phly,The Great Stalin wishes us (mainly you), our best phlyers, to go and eliminate the bomber threat to the Russian Homeland. He wishes us to take out Mother Russia’s finest fighter at this time, the I-185 M-82 equipped with rockets of your choice to help you take out those ugly bombers. Go in fast and take them out quick for we don’t have forever before this war ends. But don’t be afraid to eliminate the bombers of the Americans and British for we have plenty of ammo for you to use and you know how unpredictable they can be. So look alive pilot, and take this challenge.

  6. Devil sounds like baron

  7. Spitfire vs Vought F4U Corsair,

  8. german sherman loving the unloved

  9. doesn’t the bmp-1 have hydraulic suspension or something

  10. I was about to ask y u dont play with anyone anymore

  11. its september 2017 but still no news regarding to ships

  12. lel lolololllololololol 1774

    Russians are red.
    Their my favorite class.
    Hey baron you forgot to activate RUSSIAN BIAS!

  13. Russia is getting all the love..

  14. Phly+Devildog= power overwhelming

  15. Play the Chieftain Mk. 10!!! The hull down king!!! Show those peasants whose boss!!! (attempt #2)

  16. That ATGM at 5:30 was beautiful. The RkJPz and company piss me off but I can’t complain about a good hit with a Malyutka, MCLOS tracking takes some talent to score hits like that with.

  17. pink pather song

  18. Yeah tiger 2’s were facing ATGM in ww2 all the time….. Atgm were already broken and now u got one at 7.3

  19. tanque top.Curto muito seu canal.✌

  20. Pink panther intro, yay, loved that cartoon when i was little.

  21. Kudos to Devil for using MPH/FT measurements.

  22. Custom battle object 906 vs bmp-1

  23. In the bmp1 you use ammo as cover ?

  24. ”I’m coming, coming at you”


  25. And now you know what Israeli’s army went through in both the Six-Day war and the Yom Kippur war. Tanks vs ATGMs before wide deployment of reactive armor. (And the threat of the IFV vs the APC)

  26. Too bad they removed its stabilizer 🙁

  27. Dude. This vehicle is the *VERY DEFINITION* of cheeki breeki. It is Russian Bias incarnate. If the Russian IFVs can take on shit like that, then I’m pretty certain that Russian Bias has returned in full force this patch. XD

  28. Hey Phly Daily! I have new game for you is: BOMBER CREW.

  29. Bro that tank BMP-1 is from game cod 4 modern warfare when enemys take you to zakhave and al aside , easter egg 😀 :3
    Like who was know that !

  30. Hey phly I bring you another challenge
    “The one shot challenge”
    Here’s the rules
    #1 you can only shoot an enemy tank once
    #2 if you don’t kill the tank you have to let your alleys kill them
    #3 you have to stay near your alleys and help them

    Good luck phly 😉

  31. Big news today….I think I found my actual calling in life….No, not a pimp, or a whore, or a cult leader…Not a sex councillor, or sex researcher who has to watch people fuck…But a “Breast Feeding Support Specialist”….a job I didn’t know exists, but discovered has a college degree or certificate built around that title…And even if I choose to go down a different employment path, it would still be great to carry that diploma everywhere I go…it would almost make my grabbing random girl tit, or staring at moms breast feed seem like I’m doing research…Dreams came true today…

  32. Uuu. We are getting close to 500k Phly!

  33. Phly if you are planning to use American tanks next please at some point play the music with devil dog of you too going behind a tank like MURICA FUCCKK YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Then put up a boot in his ass the American way

  34. Get Phly to 1 Million for Christmas

  35. play the b7a2 (7)

  36. coudnt think of anything good

    i needed this video, i just got done looking at those stupid fucking flat earth conspiracies and the idiots saying gravity is false, i saw some person saying if gravity was real then the oceans should all be at the south pole

  37. Phly, please take out ze Waffletractor. I didn’t see a lot of video’s about it on Youtube, so please make one! Also try to ambush with it. Do you think it’s better than the Nashorn?

    Attempt 1

  38. Use the LVT-1(A) and F4U the island hopper combo

  39. I’m new to War Thunder. Can you tell me how to use this field glasses view?

  40. Phly do not put have a squodren that I could join I’m on ps4

  41. fuck fsa terrorists

  42. You and Devildog should do more videos together. You two are so fun to watch playing together.

  43. Play T 34-85(D5T) it gets uptiered so much

  44. Just unlocked T34 heavy tank and I drink tears of salty german tankers that whine so fucking much you can suck my dick honestly I will punish you for fucking me in lower br fuck off-

  45. Hi,
    Here’s the petition for war thunder on Xbox One, we need people for that! Please support this idea…
    Thanks you guys.

  46. بندر الشمري

    Am sad for all this years that
    i was play world of tanks … ??
    I will start play war thunder

  47. After those atgm’s I always half expect some Allahu Ackbar…

  48. Y’all would be great tank commanders. You’re coordinated and work together. Awesome video as always ??

  49. 영국땅크 영국땅크

    Phly, try new sneaky cute Daimler ac mk.2. Finally a car with actuall gun came out!(I mean in 4 wheeled car) Try this car in rank 5 and get kills like locust!(It is in british tech tree)

  50. Is it just me or is every spaa got 300mm of armor on the gannon breech; and the asu-57 too?

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