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  1. First!

  2. SECOND!!!!!!

  3. Felix Anglhuber

    Well done video Baron

  4. Mister and Missy

    Love ya vids baron!!!

  5. rip cod XDDD shit joke

  6. well second. now lets watch

  7. sekond

  8. Welp…not sure how I feel about ATGMs just yet. I’ll need to do more
    research and see more official statements by Gaijin, as technically this is
    not confirmed, but the footage does look real, authentic and compelling.

    Video of ATGMs:
    Reddit post by alleged witnesses:

    Thanks for all the support on the Char B1 video yesterday, you guys are

  9. Please no.

  10. ATGMs? bye WW2

  11. BARON QUESTION!! How would you feel about them adding the M50 Ontos?!?!?!?

  12. ATGM missiles vs WWII tanks, seems fair.

  13. Duke Of LongTree

    Russian Basis

  14. yeah i don’t want this

  15. Well… ist russian….. who would have thought!

  16. I hope tier 4 tanks and planes won’t see that shit

  17. please war thunder it’s ww2

  18. Robert matzenauer

    yes 101

  19. Where’s my German/American mbt 70 tank ?

  20. omg im like the 21st first time ever

  21. another bullshit idea from Gajin.

  22. The ATGMs are gonig to be on premium vehicles anyway so only people who
    spend real money will have a chance to get them that sucks

  23. Batman Plays Minecraft


  24. Jeroen Mutsaars

    i’d love to see the sheridan

  25. When they add that, then they have to implement a Mechanik that it will
    only face Post-War Tanks. Everything else would just be unfair.

  26. cyka yhebal axaxa da ))))))))

  27. fucking russkie game I’m uninstalling this shit

  28. RIP Balance(or what remains of it)?

  29. This game is still a thing big enough for a shitty event to force even more
    Russian bias down our throat?

  30. Adel bin Khalaf

    So M60A2 will be added to the game for sure (:

  31. I can already see how gajoob will give 4.7 BR to that thing

  32. What ?? missiles against Tiger 2?, sure I can see gaijin doing that.
    Balanced for sure.

  33. OMG, other nations didn’t even catch up with russians on Tier V vehicles
    and now they want to add another russian OP crap…

  34. Fuck this shit. They keep adding shit that makes the game more unbalanced.
    What Gaijin and Activision have in common is they don’t listen to the
    community at all and got there thumbs shoved far up there own arse.

  35. Fucking nice ! Still waiting for the french tree though ;)

  36. Would be completely underpowered actually

  37. Swedish Armed Forces:

    Centurion Mk 10 (Stridsvagn 102/104)
    The de Havilland DH 100 Vampire.

    Both of these vehicles were introduced to the Swedish Army in the
    Make sure to use that 105mm to full affect against the Communist Soviet
    Union’s tanks! And those x4 20mm Hispano-Suiza cannons to eliminate the
    Soviet jet aircraft!
    Please use the Swedish Air Force Roundel on both the Centurion (European
    camo and roundel on the Centurion) and the Vampire! hope you enjoy this
    combo!! love from Sweden! 😉

    Attempt: lost my count :(

  38. No why :(

  39. This is bullsheit comrade, I’d rather have a B-29 with freaking nukes….
    at least it’s ww2 themed

  40. Let’s just hope for T-62 in 1.59 :)

  41. My opinion… A Will unninstall the game

  42. sometime ago I’ve noticed that in options you could assign key to flares,
    now I know why it was there…

  43. i think it will be fine, dumbfire weapons would still be faster and more
    reliable plus you cant drive while using an ATGM, so you could shoot an
    ATGM with your machine guns. the ATGM will mostly be a threat to long-range
    campers. so i think this would be a good alternative

  44. probably gold only….

  45. r.i.p. In piece

  46. Speedy Commando

    not liking the guided missles but super stoked for fleet!:D

  47. ô dear we are in trouble…

  48. wtf are these clowns doing to wt


    great vid baron


  51. If they actulay put the ATGMs in the game I’ll never going to play it again
    it’s gonna ruin the ,,balanced” game even more

  52. Still waiting on the F3D, F4U-4, P-51H and the P-47N

  53. I Don't Understand Math

    “M1 Ambrams… 70 tons of pure democracy”

    quote by Americans

  54. op noob stuf for tier V tanks

  55. Stupid russian devs! They should focus on fixing bugs and gameplay before
    they make new shit -_-

  56. There is no real optic and more detail in tank and they want to advance
    more?? Plz stop

  57. they better make that a premium tank accessible to All Nations. or give
    each Nation their own guided missile system

  58. Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

    Please tell me this is a joke

  59. ppl seem to forget the competetive side of War Thunder,
    thats why WW2 tanks face post war tanks -_-

  60. brendan crummey

    this worries me a little but I feel like they will make it so it has a

  61. Why is there no update fixing the MAC problem

  62. Yeah why not!…maybe nukes for russians?! Fuuk this game.

  63. Leandro Ribeiro

    Anti-tank missiles if its true, will set a new phase for War Thunder, we
    are not only seing a new era of tanks that could be aded but also the
    integration of missile tecnologie not only for tanks but also for planes
    who might also get a new era as well, its exciting but the balance issue
    needs to be discused

  64. I wouldn’t say it will be so unbalanced. It is probably gonna be just a
    regular HEAT warhead that moves at let’s say 200-400 ms, plus the driver
    must remain stationary. and we all know heat doesn’t have the most amazing
    pen, so I think it will be pretty balanced. unless you know fire and forget
    guided missiles are added

  65. Harrison Rawlinson

    So this will be a premium that people who don’t spend money on the game
    can’t have. The ATGMs will have huge penetration and massive damage
    potential. So I imagine tanks such as the Maus will soon be irrelevant.
    Being user controlled, they can hit weak spots meaning that armour is

  66. Rambo_Lambo_Bear

    Hope not because the next thing will be heatseeking missiles for jets :L

  67. Now they seriously need to separate ww2 + ww2 prototypes from postwar

  68. first

  69. Does this mean America will get the Sheridan?

  70. give it a massive reload time and it’s not different than the KV-2 and
    other derp tanks.

  71. Where can we see that b-29 be shot down by the rocket?

  72. Yup-wen defintley need another tier

  73. fuck this

  74. Alpha Meta (Father of Intervention)

    yay Russian bias… bet you that thing is going to one shot any tank…

  75. *bias intensifies

  76. Quintin Baumeister

    April Fools was a month ago though?

  77. The new Era here son , maybe a new Jet for america

  78. Adding ATGMs I think is fine but once again they only add it for one nation
    and that nation is … “Drum roll” Russia! Thus supporting the Russian bias
    notion even more

  79. Do you know something about Italian TT?

  80. Roach Greythorn

    At least post-war tanks should be matched with post-war tanks if they’re
    going to implement that, otherwise it’s a fatality to this game’s

  81. Andyrew theWeasel

    Wire guided missiles for aircraft? Helicopters? Hmmm, I think yes.

  82. A guy who Likes tanks

    Guess this means Vietnam Era tanks and planes are coming to War Thunder :3

  83. noooo

  84. pt76 and the us light tank

  85. I bet it’s premium

  86. Cant wait for getting killed in my Pershing by t-54 missile tanks from 4km

  87. Well this comes out is the day I uninstall war thunder

  88. Akaliptos O Megalos

    Guided missiles shouldn’t be added in War Thunder. The game will be

  89. a crew of 3, only 217m/s velocity, only 12 shots and a deadzone will limit
    the tanks opness…. dont scream bias until you see it in action

  90. Since ATGM are coming, maybe we will get a proper ERA add-ons? Im very
    looking forward to the T64 or T62 which ever

  91. Of course RUSSIAN

  92. The Bathrobe Gamer

    I thought this was going to be a BaronvonClickbait video, but no

  93. Exploding Baconeer

    What will Gayjin add next? T-14 Armata and T-90 tanks? That wouldn’t
    surprise me tbh.

  94. this game really has gone to shit

  95. M551 Sheridan and M60A2 Starship please Gaijin

  96. And they’ll still say there’s no Russian bias

  97. 1.59: add T-90 at 7.7

  98. Its probably a Pay to win Gold tank.

    Like the Calliopes and Nebelwerfers.
    If not. its just going to make T5 even more frustrating. Not that it
    ALREADY wasn’t frustrating enough.

  99. Germany should be getting its guided bombs then

  100. Niccolo de Luna

    Especially the fact that its a t54 with atgm…. RUSSIAN BIAS

  101. If that’s the case they need to completely seperate ww2 era from post war.
    And that can only be done by decompressing the BRs like people have been
    asking for years. If they don’t do that then they are going to lose more
    pepople than when they dropped the max br to 7.7. P.S. If they actually
    fuck the game up as described above then they better drop the Maus and the
    E100 to 6.7, seems fare to me in that case.

  102. as if russia isn’t OP enough

  103. T54 with smooth bore and M48 patton too leopard

  104. this better be a joke, I swear there trying to murder the game one patch at
    a time

  105. CarnivorousCookie

    Wait… It’s not April first. OMFG!!

  106. Daimler ferret with Vickers atgms plz? make it T4 with dual 1min reload
    ATGMS wouldn’t be op because 6.0-7.0 BR and 1 min reload

  107. Honestly if they do it well and atleast make it so tanks face historical
    opponents(Protos can fight in their respective eras they were supposed to
    be introduced) and that there is an Option for WWII tanks that fought in CW
    to either fight CW opponents or WWII opponents. (It would be interesting
    none the least really, and it would make much better sense then what we
    have in WT currently)

  108. Renegade phantom

    RIP War Thunder
    this thing will just completely unbalance the game and be completely unfair
    unless each country got something like this
    Also rather than adding more tanks to the Russian line which they have
    enough of they need to add more Cold War tanks to the Germans so WWII
    vehicles will stop seeing Cold War era tanks and let’s not forget they just
    added British they have a lot more of their tanks to go also they need to
    at least try to work on the Japanese tanks plus they gotta fix the MM so
    its not completely broken like it is now

  109. where’s my men of war Mondays 🙁 why you do this?

  110. More Tier V russians, wow shocker. Fuck Gaijin.

  111. I’m excited if this thing takes out bombers in arcade mode which I think is
    the bane of warthunder ground forces in arcade mode. Ive always hated
    trying to deal with op death from above i.e bombs while I’m in the middle
    of great tank battle, it just always ruins the game and gets me salty.
    Peace out baron keep up the great work.

  112. anti tank guided missiles in war thunder ruins the game

  113. Planes War Thunder needs to add: F4U-4, F4U-5N, P47N, F5U, and XP-67.

  114. according tu sekrit dokumint T-90 was made in 1936… xaxaxa put it in 2.0
    BR ))

  115. cyka blyat idi nahui Allah Akbar

  116. you’ll like its pretty quick to

  117. it’s a beta games Balance won’t really exist sadly my friends. and ATGM PLZ
    give me the shardyn tank. I love you long time if you do this for me.

  118. Anti tank missiles could be a problem with the one hit nature in War
    Thunder if it was just Anti Air then I’m all for it. Could be a new type of
    AA in the game which we need since theres hardly any defense against air
    threats right now

  119. They seriously need to do something for the American tech tree.
    The M18 Hellcat is literally the ONLY reason to play as USA.
    Every other American tank is outmatched by either German or Russian tanks.

  120. I read your comment, Baron.
    Totally agree with you. Bussian Rias, indeed!

  121. Community: fix the BR
    Gaijin: More Russians Tonks
    Community: fix the fucking BR
    Gaijin: Oh look, ATGM missiles 🙂


  122. Who thinks ships should be implemented first into the game before adding
    stuff like ATGMs? I mean we have been wating so long but they are still not
    in the game. And instead of working on them they work on ATGMs :(

  123. Will they fix the BR compression???

  124. White house gaming

    Add the Sheridan!!!

  125. Now we need a Rak. Flak. Pz. (Raketenflakpanzer)

  126. The Combat Commission

    yeah I’ll take the DC-3/LI-2 over a fing ATGM firing vehicle

  127. DigitalDeath849

    Inb4 T-72s with ceramic armor.

  128. im waiting for aim4 air – się missle

  129. Obnoxious_Gamer

    Oh goody, more bullshit that top-tier German tank players have to deal
    with! Y’know, because fighting tanks from the fifties in tanks designed in
    the forties wasn’t bad enough! Boy, I’m so glad that Gaijin try to be
    historically accurate and fair in their BR changes! I’m so happy that more
    people aren’t calling this out as the shit it is!

  130. Individual Situation

    *Uninstalls War Thunder*

  131. On 1:09 you can see | Полигон шуток | in the tittle of the video above,
    that means “The joke testing ground” (Or testing range, or polygon??)
    Like… well… the Testing ground, but for jokes. (dud wtf)
    Maybe that’s just a joke?

  132. I think it’s fair for it to be used to take down the higher teir aircraft
    but then that means the higher tier aircraft needs counter measures to fend
    off the missiles/guidance system. Like flares and chaff for example.

  133. Megawatt Muffin

    A Guided missile is no different to a good gun. You will get oneshot by a
    good gun and you will get oneshot by an anti tank missile. Just cos you can
    move the missile doesn’t mean anything it’s not like it will do 90 degree
    turns. TOW missiles aren’t easy to hit anything with unless it’s stationary

  134. I don’t think it will matter at all, I’d rather take a cannon every day
    than a guided missile.
    Why? Because I can kill you with a cannon faster than the missile will hit
    It will be a gimmick at best, perhaps easier to hit fliers with than the
    cannon but I don’t see it making a big impact and I bet it’s a premium
    vehicle so you won’t see many of them anyway.

  135. Okay this is getting ridiculus. First, they copied WoT concepts, and now
    they’re copying ATGMs from AW

  136. flubber drupper

    i really want gaijin to put in the he 177 for the germans

  137. “We’ll stick to the Korean War era limit” they said…

  138. Anal Devastation

    At 0:38 does that say T-62? please tell me that doesn’t say T-62.

  139. fahliilkriid of the unicorn brigade (unkownsoldiertg)

    i want a damn sturmtiger


  141. BlueRosse Gaming

    as long is tier V or thay make VI postwar with tanks after wwII i gues is

  142. corgidog quirke

    Seems kinda op…

  143. Drake Tamer (EnderDragon24)

    I knew draogns would find their way into War Thunder at some point other
    then just decals^^ Now we have Dragon Powered Missles! More please!

  144. Does anyone think that War Thunder will be so advanced, that tanks such as
    the M1 Abrams, T-90 and Challenger 2 will be added in at a higher BR. If
    they do then…. They need to sort out the matchmaking they already have.

  145. Ok Baron look you play crossout, you know how are the missle guiged
    bullshit? Well in WT theres no way you cant repel that! In crossout you can
    use that cheap trick with the center mass but with that? NOTHING! I only
    hope you can shoot that missle with a MG to blow it up atleast but still i
    dont want this in the game.

  146. t-62 incoming 0:40

  147. I honestly would love to see War Thunder go all the way to 2000 or
    something. At least early 90s with Tomcats etc..

  148. linkinpark12349

    Baron, would you play Battlefield 1 when it’s available?

  149. Wahhht???! Nooo! War Thunder just do it Not!
    1. Heatfs ammo
    2. Britsh ammo over 400mm pen
    Guys pls say This is a FU joke….
    And trace rockets
    And T72 Leopart 2 With br 8.0
    And than atomic bombs OR WAHT

  150. #ripcod

  151. Well… I gonna stick to Need For Speed then…

  152. this a Russian game for Russian players.

  153. I want them to add smoke grenades to the game. we can clearly see those
    little launchers on a lot of tanks, yet we cannot use them.

  154. they need to have a very bad range be hard to luck on to something

  155. Please no, not missiles ffs

  156. if you remmeber gaijin said they would stop at missles aka rockets and
    thats it .
    this might be a change of tact too open the game up more etc.

  157. Yeah if you add this gaijin why not just add a plane with the GAU-8 which
    reks tanks even faster than anti tank guided missiles? Or why not add a fat
    man or little boy nuke to delete the whole map? This is just getting

  158. Game over man! Game over!

  159. T-14 nekst to keap russia besd netion!

  160. well if USSR is getting this we Germans better get the sturmtiger

  161. If they really go ahead with this and add guided missiles they’ll have to
    reduce the power and impact of those things to make them fair. They’ll
    probably be no better than really big tank shells that you get some
    directional control over. In essence, slightly more accurate versions of
    the missile tanks already in the game. Slightly frustrating, but since
    they’re post-war that means they’ll only face the top end tanks so I think
    that will balance it out to some degree.

  162. I need A-10 in WT.

  163. why we going forward in time in War Thunder why don’t we go backwards

  164. Hype

  165. Next step, War Thunder on their way to become Armor Warfare xD

  166. Some Random Guy On The Internet

    ATGM? Soviot ATGM? That sucks, If I wanted an ATGM shooting tank I’d go for
    the M551 Sheridan.

  167. BestofShooterGames

    GG even more op than arty in wot rip vodka thunder

  168. Timeless Toaster

    I think the IT-1 Dragon would make things…interesting…
    But it would most likely be a high priced premium at Tier IV or Tier V.

  169. Oh mah, M551 Sheridan anyone? Sounds derptastic and tasty!

  170. plz no. don’t do this to my game D:

  171. Russian bias confirmed.
    we dont even have smoke curtain and they are making guided missiles.

  172. As long as those missiles are guided manually I’m alright with that. They
    have to be guided by a person with good view on the target, what will make
    it really difficult to hit someone. Those missiles (and especially bombs)
    were already tested/used in WW II, but I hope they won’t add automatic
    guided missiles or missiles with a live camera in it

  173. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre

    i saw the video :)

  174. Then they need to add T-62 too.

  175. Of course its Russian.

  176. where are the links? @BaronVonGamez

  177. ATGM? BR10

  178. At this point, just add nukes.

  179. I can hear capitalist crying

  180. i thought people would be happy if ATGM is added but since its on a Russian
    tank chassis they’re like, Nope!

  181. Patrick Johnson

    ATGM…. NO

  182. I went to the WT headquarters a few months ago and I met the guy doing the

  183. so we will also get raketenjagdpanzer

  184. We already have a round in the game called HEAT-FS.

    In my opinion HEAT-FS needs to be removed because of the fact that NO tank
    in the game has any ERA (Explosive-Reactive Armor) or Composite armor
    needed to stop HEAT-FS rounds. i dont really care if post war tanks are in
    a WW2 game but when you start adding rounds that are so OP that nothing can
    stop them, i have to put my foot down.

    Now they want to put this in the game? NO. just NO.

  185. Fuck war thunder, it perma’ died for me…

  186. why won’t there be a modern war thunder

  187. Michael Thompson

    Here’ the thing for me, if they are line of sight only, relatively short
    range and a simple fly by wire system that you have to eyeball, then I
    could see this being a thing. Treat it like the KV-2. Big derp gun that you
    have one shot with to kill the enemy or you are most likely dead.

  188. MBT-70 new german tank please!

  189. I think it is bull!

  190. *asks for italian/french/other tech trees* *possibly gets guided missiles*

  191. I think all ,,After War” Tanks so 1945-51 need a extra Ranking for
    themself…if not it will be totaly unfair if only Russian have these
    Tanks…Pls Gaijin Fix this we need an New Ranking System!!

  192. Time to write my warthunder resignation letter.

  193. Fix BR? Add smoke launchers? Do something about completly broken damage on
    unarmored targets?
    Have ATGMs, guys.

  194. Baron wat happened to world of warships i want to see those torps

  195. Well… Rip ground forces…

  196. if they do this, the missile has to be very fragile. in that we should be
    able to take it down with a MG or something like that

  197. LaterMeansBrick

    Depleted uranium rounds don’t seem so unrealistic anymore……….

  198. Shockin Awesome

    now they need to add the M60a2 starship

  199. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    were gunah need ERA armor, composite armor, and chobbahm armor, APS
    systems, flare launching systems for planes

  200. f-18 un coming…

  201. guided misiles vs bombers in 3,2,1…

  202. Barbas the Daedra

    Uhhh? I drink too much again?

  203. Amnesiagrunt2356

    WE need T-62’s, T-64’s and T-72’s now! Go War thunder! branch out to all
    tanks don’t stay down in the dumps of WW2 XD (this is a joke but hey if
    they did branch out in to modern tanks i’m completely ok with that, I want
    to try and kill Challenger 2’s and stuff like that with a T-72M1 or M1A2)

  204. ATGM??? FUDGE NO!!! This is stupid power sprint and just another reason not
    to play GF.

  205. Yes we need more soviet

  206. They propably add ATGM`s but wont add the Fritz X guided Bomb?

  207. How much you want to bet… that machine gun on the side will be better at
    taking down planes than the missle

  208. I don’t like. It just doesn’t say war thunder when they are guided

  209. this could be awesome, a good way to put all cold war tank into their own
    tier and making profit for the company at the same time.

    i think this is a good sign.

  210. Andrew LaPlante


  211. For real if they add this I’m done with WT russian bias bullshit

  212. rip hans

  213. Hilarious.

  214. Yeah, but this AGTM wasn’t SACLOS, it was a shitty MCLOS. So i have no idea
    how it will be operated in WT.

  215. “Полигон” шуток means “silly polygon”.

  216. yay!!!

  217. rip maus:(

  218. Hurry Ivan we must grind soviet tech tree

  219. finally something for a angled camping maus

  220. Amnesiagrunt2356

    Now i’m just picturing a dive bomber in RB drop it’s bombs on a tank then
    turn it’s camera around to see if they hit their target, then all they see
    if like 5 ATGM’s following and gaining on them

  221. Pinecone Pinetree

    After burners may be soon if missiles are

  222. Cheekiest Breeki

    So what would be the US or Brit equivelent? The M551 Sheridan?

  223. I would rather have everything that is a problem in the game fixed before
    adding even more new premium shitty things. Id be happy without new
    vehicles for the rest of my life ifthey just fixed their game and actually
    made russian vehicles real, and not with some data from sekrit documents

  224. I wish they would stop allowing Russian gaming companies to make WW2 games.
    They literally make the most biased balancing and decision making ever. I
    mean, I completely understand their sentiment and love for their country,
    but stop ruining the only good WW2 games out on the market.

  225. I personally think they need to let new tanks rest for a few days and work
    on BR in aircraft, I think ab tank battles is …well stupid with the big
    markers and My vision is not good enough for rb tank 🙁 but I still love rb
    Aircraft.) I think they are letting the aircraft side die that is a shame.
    Such a great game, more people play tanks because of aircraft BR lol. I
    just don’t understand the thinking behind this. But at least we get some
    new tanks 🙁 I can only participate by watching barons great vids keep up
    the good work Baron. :)

  226. I’m scared about all this, ATGMs just don’t belong in a game like war
    thunder. That’s my personal opinion

  227. GG, Tiger II vs 1000mm Rockets fired from Tanks.

  228. Timothy Goodwin

    phew ATGMs I hoped the would add more modern tanks but not have them and if
    they do add them make every nation have 1 so you don’t have this huge
    imbalance that would occur if only one nation had them. But on the bright
    side SHIPS BABY!!!!

  229. There is only one way to respond to this tank.. Russian Bias

  230. chakatsnowfire888

    holy crap this is crazy but awesome

  231. If they just put it on Russian tanks I’m goin to be pissed off

  232. “Excuse me, miss, I am here to see Balance. I am an old friend.”
    “Oh… I’m terribly sorry, sir, Balance is dead.”

  233. The IT-1 based on the hull of the T-62 not T54 ;)

  234. Immanuel Nuh Wijaya

    It’ll be OP!

  235. Yay it will fight my tiger 2 even more reasons for me to not play

  236. Just when we thought the Russian bias couldn’t get worse…

  237. No missiles should be added to WT

  238. 2:62 it’s says t-62

  239. Takumi Fujiwara

    rip matchmaking

  240. pls baron play Kerbal Space Program again….pls m8

  241. Germany better get a strumtiger very soon before that OP crap gets added

  242. Anyone surprised that the Russians are the ones to get guided missiles?

  243. OH NO…

  244. Much balanced
    Russia stronk

  245. war thunder is doomed

  246. This had better not be an actual thing. They’ve talked about how this would
    be bad for planes, it’ll be the same deal for tanks (unless it’s super

  247. I would be excited, but I got excited for the Calliope and ended with
    disappointment. Sorry I don’t feel like shelling out $50+ dollars to play a
    tank gaijin.

  248. Maybe sth like the T29 and the T30 would be gd addition to the US tech tree
    a 155mm of doom for the T30 I mean the russians got the 152… deh

  249. Can we have jet missiles now

  250. Russian Bias, russia get’s the new stuff and realy atgms…. can we get
    heat seeakers for planes then?

  251. +BaronVonGamez only way to make this match play fair is to have other
    nations early verisons of anti-tank missiles/ early countermeasures…also
    it seems that now (more than ever) match making should be done by eras and
    not exactly BR (aka post korean war tanks only/only WWII tanks). We now
    have soo many tanks from all eras that we shouldn’t see bleed over from
    older eras to make it fair

  252. Like the game wasn’t broken enough.

  253. If it’s as accurate as the rockets in Crossout we’re all screwed.

  254. it all depends on how they work…. if it works like the HeatFS rounds then
    we are gonna see people get pissed a lot more often b/c of the OP ATGMs.
    But if its a smart player, he can utilize the ATGMS mobility in mid air and
    come straight down on an enemy penning it from the top.

  255. Matthew Raleigh

    Im hoping this is a joke because this would be extremely over powered and
    considering that the first is going to be Russian just proves that their
    “Balancing” has been biased and is unfair towards other nations. I
    personally love the German Armor and Air. But when I get put against a T 54
    gun in my Tiger 1H it makes me suspicious and doubtful of the games future.
    Will it be good and have the “balancing bugs” fixed or will it be more bias
    issues. I have to much invested in this game to stop playing and I feel bad
    for anyone who gets sucked into this hole with me. I hope that they will
    fix all this Soon(TM). For those who have read this all, Thank you and have
    a wonderful day! :D

  256. Plz just give us Smoke launchers!!!
    (and sturmtiger if you feelin frisky)

  257. I love how WT says they won’t add something and then they add it next up
    afterburner and heat seeking missiles

  258. atgm in war thunder…… why

  259. really fair fuck u gajin

  260. ATGM vehicles are overrated. The only immediate benefit they have is that
    they dont have to worry about drop but other than that its just bad news.
    Needs to keep a line of sight on the target, needs a 300meter minimum
    arming distance, slow middle travel speed. In the time and effort it takes
    to kill a tank with an ATGM, you could have already done it and scooted
    back into cover with a well placed HEAT-FS shot.

  261. them newbs crying bout russian bias
    just so fucking hilarious

  262. If this is true, it reinforces my theory that Gaijin is short on cash and
    is adding something really crazy and out of context from the rest of the
    game in order to attract new players

  263. pls add t30 with 155mm with t267 shell with 406mm penetration let see how
    well does russian tank go

  264. Well, I suppose we should be grateful they didnt just give Russians
    Gun-Launched ATGM.

  265. well I liked warthunder because it was mostly a ww2 game but now…eh idk

  266. they should fix the physics in the first place, add more maps and bring
    back daily doubles

  267. Gabriel Müller

    Will they also release Nazi UFOs?


  269. I see the new most expensive premium vehicle in the game and the next most
    OP vehicle in the game. Also, germans are left behind more and more every
    patch. I hope they give the germans working smoke grenade launchers to buff
    them slightly. Germans also need proper tier 5 lineup.

  270. OK, Tier 4 tanks already get crapped on by Tier 5 tanks just go ahead and
    throw Guided AT Missiles into the mix that should really help.

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