Anyone play this tank?

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  2. I PLAY IT !!! Its my first tier VII tank and i still play it every day

  3. I like the kv 13 more it’s like an is that goes 50 kph

  4. another tank people hate on for no reason. There are 3 tier 7 mediums with more than 150mm base pen (IIRC), and all of those tanks sacrifice something to get that pen. the T20 loses dpm, the T-34-100 loses armor, and the Leo loses gun handling (i think, I’m not very familiar with it). the t-43 may not have the highest pen, but it’s workable without really losing anything. it’s got armor, mobility, and dpm, which i enjoyed taking advantage of when i played it.

  5. The Sanity Assassin

    I still play it… crew training reasons….
    I can’t play it tho –

  6. I love this tank. I got my one and only pools medal in this tank. It may not have pen but the Alpha is sweet and its got the best gun depression of any soviet medium tank. Whats not to like?

  7. Arjan den Besten

    t43 and t44 are underrated but in my opinion just as fun as the t34-85 althought that one at tier 6 is very stronk.

  8. i play the 416 cooking pan

  9. i love this tank its so fucking op and nobody even knows it exsists practicaly

  10. I play this tank and send a replay but my replays never are chosen. i love the t43

  11. tier for tier, worlds better than the t-44

  12. another game made look too ez. Brought to u by the one and only Circon Flexes

  13. LTG is soo much better than T-43 and KV-13 combined… even thos it has 360m view range (it should have 370 min). I’m on 7K WN8 on it 😀

  14. I got away with sidescraping in Russian mediums all the time, they’re surprisingly good at it. At least the T-34 hull ones.

  15. Maarten Hartmann

    Would be a fun little tier 7 if it didn’t have to go against tier 9 supertonks.

  16. Used to play T-43 before grinds my way to French medium pastry life. Got one video of T-43 on my channel, wayyy back in 2016. Love it, especially the armor is rather OP for tier 7, reverse angle it and you’re impenetrable – except when you hit tier 8 and 9 :))

  17. I unlocked it a year ago and still didn’t buy one

  18. played it for a short time. Liked the T44 so much more haha

  19. Ikhouvan MANDJES

    hahahaahah circon. i’ve almost got 3 marks on t-43 ??. I don’t know why xD.

  20. This is my second highest T7 wn8 tank right behind the T29. It’s very underrated I feel.

  21. Potato Production

    Oh boy i hated it so much, and then the last 5 games to unlock the t44 were so damn awesome that it makes me want to play it again

  22. i like it, i think its a good tank 🙂

  23. Torje Kristiansen

    I actually grinded through it, went for the Soviet mediums after the heavies, which made it easy to go from the IS to the T-43

  24. yes I do It is a okey tank to play

  25. Just curious, but do you ever find this game challenging anymore? Your gameplay seems effortless…

  26. I enjoyed that … But one thing… I do find the TOG II highly over rated now… Matches today means the TOG is useless in most battles I have found. I loved the Tank… But the way flanks fold and teams on the EU server and how slow and unresponsive the TOG is within 5 mins you are surrounded by 2,3,4,5 tanks and dead. Real shame i feel personally… But that’s just my opinion … have my TOG stripped down these days and retired at the back of the garage.

  27. I had 4.5K damage in this baby, my favourite tank in the game!

  28. Ádám Strasszer

    I love this tank so much!
    its like a tier 10 Russian medium at tier 7

  29. Stop fucking showing us the countdown Circon!!!

  30. Beast tank love it got my 3rd mark of exellence yesterday in 77 battles

  31. Does Pope shit in the woods?
    The answer is simple

  32. At first, I hated it… but I recommend sticking with it for a awhile before getting the T-44. It’s now it’s one of my favs and really helped me to learn to play Russian mediums. Great tank!

  33. Bears Beats Battlestar Galactica

    I coulda have sworn the thumbnail was a Leo 1 wtf

  34. joseph flanders

    This tank is my favourite tier 7 med along with the comet, I actually enjoy meh tanks. 4k game and a fair few 3k games and got through the tank is 60 something games without prem account or boosters etc. such a good tank imo

  35. they should call this map grand lemming station

  36. Full marked B-) The best tank which I ever played 🙂 //DAF_1

  37. Anyone play this tank? Say that to the churchill gc

  38. lol i actually liked it….

  39. KV13 is a much better tank but no one plays it because it doesnt lead to anything good in the tech tree.

  40. I liked this tank when I was a pleb

  41. i hated mt t43

  42. yep play it once. it act like a medium heavy with high speed. the dpm was nice, it just balanced.

  43. was my first blue stat med 2 years ago, now my recent stats are all purple, this tank was the start to being a better player, my fav t7 med

  44. was my very 1st tier 7 MT….

  45. I’ve kept the T-43, I love it

  46. Which is worse tier for tier? T-43 or T-44?

  47. flostrichegamin

    Its a love-hate relationship for me, I just love that damn 85 it gets but I find its just awkward taking it against tier 9’s and the team folds like a damn piece of paper

  48. I loved this tank, got like 7k wn8 in the first 10 games (then it dropped doen to 3 or 4k). Sold it because I wanted the crew to grind to the T-54 and Obj 140 but’s still absolutely awesome. I’ve been told it’d be a shit tank, but people who think this tank is shit are probably shit themselves

  49. one of the best medium i ever played

  50. I three marked this sweet little tanky 🙂

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