Archer Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

I’m actually enjoying this weird little tank destroyer.

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  1. At 5.47 seconds into the replay a sixth sense symbol lights up the screen
    (a small Blue light bulb) and another one at 8.11 seconds and again at
    9.05. They seem to be behind the enemy tank symbols, I was just wondering
    what it signifies?

  2. Funny fact: this thing could never fire on the move, before firing the
    driver had to exit the vehicle, otherwise the recoiling breech of the gun
    would decapitate him.

  3. “I’m actually enjoying this weird little tank destroyer.”

  4. the British TD/SPG Did not get there view range nerfed 🙂
    the S35 CA also has a 17 pound and now it only has 340m view range and only
    330hp HEALTH !

  5. YAY First comment – My life is complete :)

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