Are 60 SPGs going to Crash The Game? | World of Tanks: 60 Artilleries – Face Off Season 2

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 30 vs 30, 60 SPGs in 1 Battle – Artillery Face Off.

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

Officially the longest-awaited series is finally back on this channel – The Face Off!

This is the series where we are going to answer to the questions nobody asks, where we test out the most ridiculous situations and scenarios, where you see the most and amazing action in this game… This is The Face Off!

In our first episode in season 2, I was able to get up to 60 artillery players together and let me tell you… SPGs are what SPGs, but they make some amazing clips!

Have Fun!


  1. Thank you to every single one of you who made this possible!
    Hopefully you enjoy the show… FACE OFF IS BACK!


  3. 59 SPG VS 1 EBR….

  4. I used to like you Dez. I really did. But then you got 60 spgs on a single server and that all changed.

    Now I love you, you beautiful madman you!

    Spectacularly original video, brother. Much love!

    Also, they really don’t build them like they used to, do they?

  5. Arrow showe….. arta shells, run!!!!!!!
    That base no decapped, but debased.

  6. Jean-Philippe Morin


  7. How about a real 30 vs 30 SPG battle, no one camping at the back, all of them trying to shotgun each others!?

  8. Was hoping for a battle 30v30 ??‍♂️
    Is there a part two?

  9. Trebuchets and catapults seem to be better at destroying buildings…

  10. 60 Teir 10 Ferrari’s racing or jumping the bridge.

    60 EBRs

  11. Too good to be true!

  12. Thank you for bringing face off back, Dez. Hope to see more soon. ?

  13. T110E3 vs tier 10 chinese td

  14. “artyship” from inside base circle

  15. I love the smell of bacon in the morning.

  16. Bloody awesome. Would have loved to see one lone Maus on the receiving end of those shells.

  17. The most beautiful video I have seen on your channel
    Artylove ❤️?

  18. The best thing in WoT = a single or many Jeff’s burning!

  19. Arty shooting arty and all die. O, I want see that in every battle. It always enjoy to see burning cancer-arty.

  20. this was amazing to be a part off

  21. What in the holy hell ????????? Now THAT is what Mother Russia had during their Winter Offensive………New meaning to MASS ARTILLERY!

  22. IT IS BACK!!!!!!! FINALLY

  23. 60 spg’s in one game..I’m gonna need therapy now

  24. Me: Gets spotted
    Enemy team: 3:12

  25. Glorious DesGamez! 60 burning all at once like a box of 60 matches! SKAL

  26. I despise arty. This abomination should be removed completely from the game.

  27. I only play artillery when I’m eating, only thing I do is *click” move the mouse *click*

  28. 6:42 This will give every tankers nightmares. 60 ST- 2 fireing double shot at the same time breaks the game?

  29. IT’S BACK!

  30. Reminds me of RUSE arty

  31. Hahaha. Often when I play arty, I type in the chat: Spot for bombs or remote artillery barrage confirmed or the earth will burn……this video has that all……

  32. I like this, I love to be in it, like this with the black and green T92. Thanks again DezGamez.

  33. I’m on team dez 🙂

  34. Ouuu nice view ? thx

  35. What if 60 ebr?

  36. ah yes, new video by my future ebr commander

  37. Dez when is face reveal?! 😛

  38. Yassssss faceoff is baaaaccckkk!!!!! Fucking right dez thank you

  39. The most beautiful site is actually if 60 wheeled vehicles go up in flames.

  40. Hi Dez,
    Nice video 🙂
    But which is this map not seen it before?
    Thank you Dez Again 🙂

  41. When Skill has nightmares, this is what they look like!

  42. Wow attacking that Castle is just like the last chapter of Harry Potter when voldermort is taking appart that big shield on the school

  43. ARTY DEATH!!! F… YEAH!!!!

  44. Noobs and haters: Arty is ruining the game

    Me and thousands of others: This is awesome, we need more!!!

  45. 30vs30 with 1 EBR & 29 SPGs on each team pls!

  46. The durability of that castle is freaking awesome.

  47. Excuse my French but that is fucking awesome.?

  48. Илија Кнежевић

    Добар видео 🙂

  49. How about 30 vs 30 EBRs?

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