Are BOTS ruining War Thunder?

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  1. I’m glad its not like the TF2 situation, were the bots actually were just hacking, at-least these ones aren’t spin-botting with sniper.

  2. Me casually watching a level 100 sniped me from the capture point to spawn point through 8 big buildings while he is in a weird angle that he shouldn’t be there

  3. It’s not working on PLAYSTATION as of 7/14/23 at 1:33 am

  4. just ban the Chinese from any western game. Period. end of. They literally do this in every single game.

  5. They actually own this game now. Its a fact. If gaijin would want to rly do something about them, then it would be done already. But they like botters better, than common players. So thats it. Theyll nerf economics behind it, theyll nerf ways to scrap those pathetic dozens of thousands of sl.

  6. And remember the snail is balancing by “PvP player statistics”

    That is getting massively skewed because of the bots.

    BOTs are stupidly common and ppl don’t talk about it. Many times in GRB I see tanks stuck in spawn that can’t find the way out. Probably why they are most common in ARB and Navel.

    Snail don’t care as long as money is rolling in.

  7. If they want to kill this behaviour then they need to hit the wallets of both the buyers and sellers,, if they detect that an account is a bot then just set its matchmaking wait timer to 6 hours or something, then if you detect the same account being played from a different ip address just ban it, the idea being that the guys buying the accounts will be wasting their money and the bots will take so long to grind a tree it becomes unprofitable. Bots arent that hard to detect if you look at the regular gameplay performance of the account and reports from other players.

  8. the game has bots??

  9. Assault ground:
    They spawn in a heli, hover at 300m with their wheels out. Fire off rockets, never hit. I fly into them, the spawn and the whole thing happens again.

  10. yup been playing jets for the past 3 days usually in the odd morning hours and there’s always 2-3 jets that just fly in a straight line and they commonly have Chinese names. its free kills for me but still its obviously a problem

  11. so thats why they dont listen to call outs

  12. 😅 well im not a bot i just suck

  13. Holy crap, so they were 100% bots after all lol

    I was using the 50mm 410s a lot for a BP task and game after game, down tiers and 4 wellingtons resulting in some very poor team outcomes.

  14. THEY EVERY WHERE…. if you free player odds of being on their team hi swear to every thing game times players in que not afk loading screen hi yo go less and ping range is so gross ill be in ones 300 range whole match… bots are covering how dead the game is. i yell in chat bots killing the game might get into one argument once a week with one player so low who txt getting lower people use the attck the d pnt stuff

  15. I recently started playing air RB to unlock a good fighter so that I can fight cas planes in ground RB and I have definitely seen some unusual players in air RB though nothing so unusual in ground RB.

  16. Bots sells premiums, they won’t fix it
    And I understand why they exist : The grind is too insufferable for a lambda user

  17. I just had a game with 5 bots at 10.0 Air RB. I killed one, a Milan, then two A-5s and two Su-7s flew directly over our base, turned in unison, then all died to Roland 1s they didn’t even try to dodge.

  18. Tank arcade is really bad with bots and they are really really really bad at the game

  19. theres more bots in other game modes because gaijin disabled th ai crew from being able to control and fire the main guns in naval meaning afkers and bots essentially are useless or ALOT less effective.

  20. yeah i usually report those accounts when i see them

  21. I have an idea to keep bots away from arcade and realistic battles: just revert the nerfs to assault ground and assault air rewards. Previously, these game modes used to give much more rewards per kill. You’d get a similar reward for killing a bot there to killing a player. So, with this, bots would move there to farm, and AB and RB matches would be freed from bots. Easy fix without screwing over the actual players with economy nerfs. Easy peazy, everyone wins.

  22. Mate thats why I usually team kill JU 288C’s or Type 75’s if your playing in those things dont bother

  23. I honestly didn’t notice any bots.. EU server btw

  24. Bots really annoy the crap out of me since it’s costing me time and money dealing with them. SL costs for repairs on tanks killed by bots get expensive, especially at higher tiers. Naval is basically unplayable now from the bots that do nothing but sit at spawn as destroyers and just nuke anything they can hit. Try taking out a coastal ship on a match full of bots and see what happens.

  25. Idk man even if my teammates were a real person then they would prob still play like a bot

  26. I didn’t even know there were Bots in WarThunder

  27. idk about bots. but definitely gaijin is ruining wt. i play mainly ground sim. nowadays. helis have ruined high tier sim.- its literally unplayable.

  28. Honestly free kills for me idc rn … but i really need the rp sooo….. usually i wouldn’t like it. Btw im a few hundred dollars deep … so i plan on playing for a while.

  29. Chinese ruining for everyone else, what else is new.

  30. If you record a 21:9 video native and upload it to youtube, people with 16:9 monitors will see black bars anyways as the video is still being shown at 21:9

    So for us that also have 21:9 monitor get super mega black bars now haha

  31. waw cheaters bypassing easy anti cheat? never heard this before….

  32. No need for bots to ruin the game, devs already did

  33. Jade The Marksman wolf

    This problem might get me back into the game. Would be nice to grind without a totally dogshit experience. Easier kills means easier grinding. However the problem does need to be addressed. Like the hundreds of other problems gaijin has ignored. 100 fucking gigs and still placeholder textures. Unacceptable gaijin. Fucking unacceptable to have placeholder anything with that high a texture download.

  34. I’ve seen a lot of bots in ground sitting at spawn as anti-air vehicles. They sit there, spinning their turrets around. Sometimes see 3 on my team in a single battle. It’s funny to see them do their turret spinning but it’s also disappointing that they are everywhere.

  35. Its ok ash your fov is fine on mobile we have that zoom to fill feature.

  36. 2S38s that never move and only spin their turret to find a target. If you push them out of the map they will stay there and get destroyed. They will fire straight into buildings as well.

    XM-1 that drives straight. Hits something, wait a few seconds. Backs up, turns 30-45 degrees. Goes straight again until it hits something.

    Even seen them going to a point, capturing it and then sitting there. Shooting randonly with the machine gun in one direction, then moving the turret 45 degrees and shooting again. After a few seconds it shoots its main. But there are no enemies near. Doesn’t even move when arty falls. Insane

  37. Until Gaijin learns to code they’ll never defeat the bots.

  38. Arcade is Fulll of BOTS, 2S38 just stay in the base and shoot only at planes and helis

  39. Gaijin never ceases to disgust

  40. Gaijin is moer ruining the game then bots if they fix the grind most of this not be to bad

  41. I would say they come from heavens to help me spade shitty aircraft in air RB (easy missile kills)

  42. Bots have ruined the Russian grind for 10.0 because my team will have 9 su25’s and it will be me and like 2 other fighters to somehow cluch a game from the moment we spawn

  43. …dead eye accuracy of bots in naval?

    News to me. Bots have been complete shit for years and I farmed 800k in a battle with some boosters by killing 4 DD bots in a row. That was like a month ago..


  45. Team Fortress 2 players:

    First time?

  46. I saw two bots with regular “bot names” like “Cecil”. The thing is, the bots had this suuuuper long name that was hidden and it had Chinese characters.

  47. every arcade 9.7 ground game i play, there are at least 2 (per team) AA spawn camp bots.

  48. I thought those base bombers crashing were doing it on purpose.

  49. Big Red's Music and Gaming

    Every air rb has about 3 bots per match

  50. I would rather have bots as they cant be toxic, and its not like anyone helps with repairs, putting out fires or cover shooting, having a bot only team seems more like a win imo.

  51. seems like some of yall can’t define wether someone’s a bot or an actual players, so here’s are some habits that bots might do:
    1. they either camp on their spawn or go straight to the point
    2. they usually spin
    3. their movement are legit absurd, and they tend to hit something into buildings/terrain and will completely immovable
    4. they usually use 1 vehicle (some may use 2)

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