Are DERP Guns Dead or Not? | World of Tanks T49 and Sheridan Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks T49 & XM551 Sheridan Gameplay. World of Tanks World of Tanks Update 1.13 Patch Review. World of Tanks T49 and XM551 Sheridan Derp Guns Buffed.

Today I am going to play with Derp T49 and Sheridan, because i have received so many requests them. The question is… Are thsoe derp guns dead or not?

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. So, how do you feel about those 2 legendary Derp Wagons?
    Have a lovely day and *stay tuned for more, by gently touching the subscribe button* and make it happen! 😉

    • ​@Pedro That’s exactly it. Tried a few games yesterday:

      T26E5 frontally: Multiple hits from 80 to 140dmg
      VK 100.01 (P) frontally: Two hits for… zero. Side: Zero.
      Defender frontally: 4 hits, two zero, two times dmg: 70 und 90.

      Yeah, you might make more dmg if you would aim those shots fully and try to hit the weakest part of the tank. If you are lucky. But it’s a derp gun after all, you won’t hit weak spots reliably.

      But it’s exactly the same with the FV4005 or any other derp tank. You might get lucky, but most times you won’t be. Wargaming told us that the changes won’t affect HE-centered vehicles. But it does – and they’re now useless. You don’t play any of these tanks (T49, KV-2, FV4005) to be competitive but for the fun. And this is simply gone.

      Hitting the Object 777II with the T49 in the butt for 140 is just… yeah. Why play it at all.

    • Fiume Fiume AntiFa

      Shuts artys with that mode is not Ok.

    • @Peter Paul … Exactly! WG literally killed artys (a complete tank class that is completely useless now) but worst…. They’ve killed the “go to” tanks we all use just to have some anti-stress fun. Well… Guess what… WG is def decided to remove all fun from the game. Yesterday i was playing KV-2 and facing another KV-2… He was at one shot. I’ve loaded HE just to finish him but only his turret was exposed. You know what? Derp RNG …. And straight to the gun mantlet! Result: No damage at all! HE shot and zero damage in order to finish him … LIKE….. WTF!!! Now we need to be “lucky” when playing FV or KV-2…. And that’s not fun! That’s just bullshit. T49 is a complete diferent play style and is fast…. Can always get better angles and so…
      For me was the worst patch in ….. Can’t remember one this bad and that no one asked for! Well besides obj 279(e) drivers …

    • Christoffer Brandt

      The Derp Guns like KV2 or T49 need a buff to the gun handling and most importantly to the penetration after the latest patch. Tested both of them out and the RNG is way to high. You can aim for weakspots, but it is pure luck now. So people are going to avoid those tanks in the future. Those tanks were mainly fun tanks in the game. Now the took the fun out of the game and this tanks are not competitive anymore. No reason to play them anymore.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      @Peter Paul warch Orzanel playing KV-2. It has better accuracy now and still oneshots thing even easier than before. You shouldn’t be able to hit a tank into a random spot and do a ton of damage.

  2. I like the new update, 279 and other premium 10s should not face tier 8s on battle I think they should fix this as well.

  3. Fv shitbarn HE 0 dmg on Carrot face. 🤔

  4. You know, when I come up to a Leopards side and didn’t pen with HE because it hit the tracks, I’d rather just use HEAT

  5. I actually like this update. The HE mechanics makes more sense. You need to aim at those weaker spots to penetrate them. I do have a KV-2 and a T-49 and I still do enjoy using them. The revamped intuition skill is more useful for these tanks as well.

  6. Damn, I picked the worst time to buy the 112. I was hoping to HE spam hull down HTs but it seems thats no longer an effective solution to my lacking AP pen department problem

  7. good job

  8. Total fuckup….

  9. Dez you are running GOD equipment and crew, dont forget that. For ordinary players the derp is now shit

  10. Luís Augusto Panadés

    For Grille 15 zero buffs.

  11. Kind of funny but since they nerfed arty I made two penetration in one day with it, nerfe or buff, ww what did u hide

  12. im glad that the HE is bad now. I can finally fight people without arty or 60tp he spam or fv spam

  13. Your favorite word is still “actually”.

  14. Dez, I think the changes are effective and overall an improvement across patch; arty doesn’t ruin your day anywhere near as often or as much and the HE mechanics reward knowledge of where to pen enemies, not just “point and click”. Just need to fix wheelies, possibly limit arty to 2 max and we’re good.

  15. Loose player or two? I would say 10k or two.

  16. Wanted a build with the bounty IAU for some derp sniping par excellence!

  17. I think this rework is just bullshit. I played the KV 2 to try it out- hit Tiger 1 and 0 damage 😐

  18. I think the way HE works now is just not synergizing well with the derp guns. One one hand you have a bloody inaccurate and inconsistent gun, and on the other hand you’ve got a shell that requires more careful aiming to maximize damage output. I’ve also had games where it was heehee haahaa I penned for 900 damage, but it just does make the tank more competitive and it doesn’t feel like it’s really still worth picking over other vehicles. I’d much rather see something like a far better increase in accuracy and those awful dispersion values to be cut down and to compensate for that maybe some lower damage values like 750 damage on HE, 500 on HEAT with a better pen value.
    The gun, just like the tank is even more hit or miss. You either shit on the other guy, or get shat on. I don’t think that kind of high fluctuation is good game design.

  19. I’m glad I stopped wot, my life has been better ever since.

  20. The only tank, where HE was too strong, was the 60TP. So WG tipically decides to change it for all tanks and with it ruining the most fun tanks as well.

  21. Alejandro Perez. C.

    They kill the derp cannons. I have so much battles dealing loooow dmg, derps are trash right now.

  22. typical of WG it aint that broken so we will “fix” it… and guess what… they didnt get it right again…

  23. They wanted to make it more predictable. It became way less predictable. Working as intended.

  24. The Derp Guns like KV2 or T49 need a buff to the gun handling and most importantly to the penetration after the latest patch. Tested both of them out and the RNG is way to high. You can aim for weakspots, but it is pure luck now. So people are going to avoid those tanks in the future. Those tanks were mainly fun tanks in the game. Now the took the fun out of the game and this tanks are not competitive anymore. No reason to play them anymore.

  25. Type 5 heavy better now?

  26. Wargaming secretly removing another way to deal damage for derp guns:
    Shooting under the tank which was a reliable tactic now is impossible due to non existing splash-damage

  27. One question…what is the default button for commander view??

  28. I already had the intuition perk trained on many tanks and they now made it a skill, meaning i wasted 20 million XP to train intuiton on (for instance) E100,
    where now every noob can do the same in 5 minutes with books, which took me 3 years.
    Needless to say, i am not impressed with how WG treats customers, they basically give me a finger for my 8 years.
    They have nerfed the crap out of many tanks that was just plain fun to use like SU-85B and FV304 and now thay try to self destruct the game completely,
    with all these equipments and field thingys and gold ammo and artys and wheeled vehicles and overpowered reward tanks,
    while the bushes on top of hill on Malinovka are still Fake Bushes, why cant they be fixed after 10 years ?
    I see myself playing alot less and not spending any cash.

  29. Thy kill fv cause fv only tank can stop and disturb Russia tank fuck wg thy dont have brain 🧠 thy make the game bored only how u cant stop object e vergine 4 object 260 is 7, you will do that with maus or 60 tp? hhhhhhhhhh stupid game

  30. Guys, what should I turn in my settings to get this green dot in the sniper mode as seen on 6:47? The only thing I have is the arrow pointing up and no dot at all. I really need this as I mostly play with TD and always suffer non-penetrating shots. Really appreciate if you can help me with this!
    Thanks in advance!

  31. Thx for review vid. T49 is my favorite tank in the entire game, and I’m worried I won’t like it anymore. But after this video, I may go ahead & test it myself.

  32. after 9 years i uninstalled this fucking game…

  33. Dieter Von Hellstrom

    Controversially I like this update.

  34. Try the Jumbo…. And you tell me if….

  35. wow you need to take a sec, you don’t need to snap shot if you had your sheridan come on man !…. dude i never miss for that fv4005

  36. well they truly fu***d up the latest update, game is terrible now

  37. Mátyás Kovács

    I tried KV-2 and Type 5 heavy and both derp guns are trash after the update.

  38. WG said the problem with old HE is the randomness. Now they inplemented huge RNG into derp guns and arty too. Bravo.

    Also you praise the small gun then right next moment punish the Bourrasque for good 😀 I play T49 with derp and I know its is 9/10 miss for that 1 juicy hit but it was really funny 🙂

  39. From what I’ve played and seen I think the HE changes balance out somewhat on derp tanks. You will pen more, but the non-pen hits do much less damage, which makes derps now super swingy all or nothing guns. Basically derps are now even more rng gun than before.

    The real thing that bothers me about HE now is regular guns HE ammo do so much less, and more likely no damage at all more often. Get heavy tanks for example fighting end to end down himmelsdorf banana road, against hull down or sidescraping tanks he does nothing, whereas before it was at least a little “chip” damage. It just forces more gold to be fired and hope rng lets you hit the tiny weakspots that many tanks have frontally.

  40. I love noob complaining about HE/HESH didn’t penetrate… Before (on the 1.12) for the noobs you just aiming with HE and fire, now on the 1.13 you need to aim weaks spots but it’s too much hard for those kind of players. Love all retarded players with full HE loadout. Cry more noobs or aim weaks spots…

  41. Not a fan of the HE changes, the 183 HESH shells specifically are just bizarre to use now. Sometimes you will get zero damage, but in other cases, it’s actually better, you can pen the side of an IS7 now because it ignores the spaced armour.

  42. Derps are fine. I just got penned by a T49 last night. 849 HP gone.

  43. I really wonder who needed a change in HE Shells? Last year, there were rumours that Shells would be balanced; as the player community, we were expecting an indirect nerf for Gold Shells, but somehow, everyone forgot about the Expected Gold Shell Nerf, and HE was nerfed. Yes, I say nerfed…because up to now, whenever I needed fun, I loaded lots of HE shells in my T110E4, and ruined the days of Hull-down Kings whenever they stood in front of people with their extra mega strong hull armours. Every time, I had 400-500 Damage on average, now it is 250-240. It is so annoying. On the other hand, since HE shells are very cheap when compared with other types of shells, I used to make Credits by using only HE in my T100E4. Now, I need to use Gold Shells, because HE is useless…and definitely it is worse economic wise…

  44. I just bought the FV and type 5now there are a joke

  45. For me this was the last straw, WG ignored the community. DERP now going to be only fun if you don’t get a corridor map only good from the side = KV2 dead
    As the T49 etc are fast & maneuverable.
    More unpredictable = more frustration.
    Skill4u did a rant video about what is wrong with the game at the moment & how to get WG’s attention. I’m taking a his advice & for now it’s $0 spend
    MM is terrible (ignored), 3 SPGs still going to be wreaking games. EBR 105s still broken.
    I will still watch hoping that WG gets it’s act together

  46. Fv is no worthless.

  47. The Great Memery

    Conclusion: HE is now an AP-HE round, Artillery is no longer concealed and their tracer can be seen by naked eye very quickly than before and also a Counter-Artillery barrage will become common than before(note that only experienced SPG players would wait to the enemy SPG’s muzzle flash instead of their tracers), and Derp guns and Derp tanks are now equally useless to stock guns.

  48. SPG Class is officially dead with how you can see arty shells flying now, easier to kill them w/o even spotting them

  49. This for the high tiers fitted with ‘derp’ guns and arties, but what about a turnip like me using my Hetzer down at Tier IV with its 105mm derp gun, with these HE changes?
    WG says so what? It is German TD, not Russian……:)

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