Are Double-Barreled Tanks Worth Your Time? | World of Tanks ST-II Gameplay – Update 1.7.1 Patch

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks ST-II (СТ-II) Gameplay, Tier 10 Soviet Russian Heavy Tank. Double-Barreled Heavy Tank Tech Tree -II (ИС-2-II), IS-3-II (ИС-3-II) and ST-II (СТ-II). World of Tanks Patch 1.7.1 Update Test Server.

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

The long waiting time is over, update 1.7.1 test server is up and running with new mini-branch, double-barreled Soviet Russian heavy tanks.

In this episode I am going to talk about double-barreled tanks overall, are they worth it and so on… With some live gameplay action in the tier 10 ST-II.

Double-Barreled heavy tank tech tree:

Tier 8 – -II / ИС-2-II
Tier 9 – IS-3-II / ИС-3-II
Tier 10 – ST-II / СТ-II

What do you think?


  1. Hey, you one sexy, awesome viewer… Have a nice weekend!

    • 11:00 you have a “spoting point” on your gun mantlet

    • @Abolfazl Ashrafizadeh he uploads what his main audience is looking for, for some true fans it doesnt matter what he uploads we will always support him. Let gim do his job aslong as dez is happy with it its great

    • Туьполев Илйущин

      THANKS! DEZ!

    • @Abolfazl Ashrafizadeh then watch another wot channel ????I( moaner)

    • @Abolfazl Ashrafizadeh His content is going to be repetitive to an extent, because it’s all world of tanks.. duh. But out of all the WoT content creators Dez has the biggest variety of content from face-offs, to top tens, replay casts, tank previews etc, just check his playlists. If you don’t like his content or channel go somewhere else.

  2. Maybe they are maybe they are not, however they are fun as .. BOOOOOOM

  3. I would rather have the IS 3A

  4. Looks interesting. I need to get some more battles in the 703-II to make up my mind in this line.

  5. When will it Hit the live Server?

    • Tuesday in RU, Wednesday EU and NA

    • @Roger Rondeau next Week already? Weird how they Release a new, fairly untested Line Shirt before campaign

    • @YoO161 I am pretty sure that is what Cody Menz said in his video. From my understanding they were scheduled for the holiday ops patch but didn’t make it in. I know it sucks that they failed so hard on the campaign. Right now I am on hiatus from tanks, went back to World of Warcraft for a month and blizzard is just as fucked up. Guess we can’t win lol

  6. Worth it for the double gun sound mmm!!!

  7. I have the ST-I even though i unlocked the tier 10, so, ST-I +1 gun? Me gusta!. By the way, how much exp do I need to get the tier 8? I’m getting tired of suffering the kv-3.

  8. I would much prefer they concentrate on fixing all the bullsh!t things wrong with this game, such as excluded maps not working and the bloody awful matchmaking where you play literally just to lose 15-0/15-2 etc to the other team. It’s this cr@p that is making me sick to the back effing teeth with this poxy game!!!

    • They already addressed excluded map thing. Map exclusion only works for the standard battle type game mode. You can still get the map with assault or encounter. Its aids yes but it working as intended

  9. In conclusion… get these only if: you have every tier X, you want a fun gaming experience or you really like double barrels.

    Why not to get it: you are a star padder, all you care about is WN8, you don’t have all tier X (preferably avoid these if you don’t have all tier X)probably get the Russian meds or American meds first and then you can consider but it’s all opinion based at the end of the day it’s a new addition so why not try it.

  10. that 705 A knows what tank he should grind on live server

  11. i only grind out lines so that I can get the tanks from the personal missions. Therefore, would this line be effective on the heavy tank missions and what not. Currently on the T55a missions and excalibar. Is this line worth grinding with that in mind? PLease, Im stuck on LT missions and HT missions!

    • I finished ht15 for t55a with is7 and ht15 mission for obj260 with 60tp, you have to be persistent and lucky… Lt missions with 100lt and amx 13105 but depend heavily on the map and on the enemy ebr (crazy ferrari) 😀

    • Sitting here thinking well my obj279e is a nice tank

  12. will go out of my way to never get these tanks i have the premium and i never have a good time

  13. release date of these tanks?

  14. IS-2-II has a to weak hull I mean the clear better tank is obviously Object 703–II is still better. The best one will be IS-3-II from the line. Its huge/long but amor works, DPM and MM is nice. ST-II is not worth it because of the bad tier 10 MM and it has simply only a tier 9 amor from the normal ST-I and the DPM and hit not really better than IS-3-II. I have the feeling the tier 10 will not be often seen compare to better tier 10 tanks most of the players will like the IS-3-II much more. The sound work about this tanks and shots are really nice.

    • ST1 armour is very effective if used right if you can reverse side scrape it’s a monster

    • @Marshall Walton Yes for a tier 9 MM the ST-I armour is fine but on the end it can’t really compare it when you have it permanent on tier 10 on a ST-II. I mean the IS4 is a scrape god but nobody care about this fact on tier 10. Very effective armour has a IS7 on tier 10.

  15. Nope its not because Premium one is easy better

  16. WG are fucking ruining their game over the past few years. It’s a complete shit show now.

  17. Ros Vincent Alvarez

    The double barrel introductory video released by wg mentioned a bloody twin gun spg. Weeeee….

  18. i will only get these tanks to play with them in the tournaments

  19. that maus in the first game was cancer asf

  20. and wargaming need to fic their servers and those lags

    • Linas Tatarinovičius

      When they gonna fix, they will add some secret updates(nerfs or bufs) again :))

    • They have been using the same shitty servers with the same shitty set up to re-route people. The reason why we see so many spikes and shit is due to the players getting re-routed IE packet loss. That is something WG will never fix b/c they are beyond stupid. lol

      Everyone chooses to blame the ISP as well instead of understanding how WG is fucking over the players the real way. No other game has the server issues that World of tanks has. Even World of Warships runs better than WoT. Hell, Blitz doesn’t suffer from packet loss issues.

  21. it would be fun if they released a double barreled tank destroyer. 😀

  22. In my humble opinion they are not…

  23. My impression in supertest: If you like to play IS-4 line with 2 cannon and some gun depression (-7 gun depression), go for it, at least was my way to compare, just my opinion. Have a nice weekend everyone 🙂

  24. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    Wtf was the maus in the first game doing ?

  25. when is the patch being released

  26. That Maus player was being a dick.

  27. What’s next?..flying tanks?

  28. So wait a minute. Everyone bitched and complained about the IS 3-A and now these are cool? WTF? I wonder now about the advise given here.

  29. Hello i am a gentleman!

  30. TY for video. As always, you are the best WoT commentator.

  31. FU, i watched a minute to see that u want to make everone feel alright about these new tanks,
    make it short… tier 9 is worth trying out, the rest of the line sucks.

  32. “Is this tank worth it? ~Double penetration performed on stream~
    I see where this is going right away.

  33. They are bloody OP and you are putting caption like “Are they worth your time?” Come on, Dez. -.-

  34. I am constantly amused by people complaining about people automatically shooting HEAT at them when they do the same.

  35. CAn we Has IS-4-II at tier 11?

  36. that maus so noob.. i cant stand watch him lol…

  37. 100% garantuued ammorack when salvo hits ammorack since its 2x module damage & normal damage

  38. The “problem” I’ve seen with a lot of YT’s when playing the DB tanks is the fact they don’t take the single shots guaranteed to do damage but rather wait for a reload and then wait for both barrels to fire. By which time the enemy tank has either moved out of the shot corridor or angled enough to bounce the shot. Looks good when they connect tho. I’ll stick to my trusty IS-3A. Cheers Dez

  39. I play yesterday batlle ob 703 2100exp?

  40. the tier 9 with 100mm will be fun. tier 10 is rarely fun unless you’re in some sort of meta tank

  41. Ofcourse its worth time/money 2X490Dmg=High roll 1000Dmg?

  42. 1:50 That maus really screwed you over

  43. I just know this: IS-3 is kinda useless now so either it’s going to be buffed or IS-3 II gets nerfed.

  44. We all know its not worth it. Object 703 II at tier 8 is as strong as tier X if not stronger… armor wise…

  45. you ask if they are worth it, i reply with :
    “I am a simple guy, if i find, i grind” :))

  46. Pfff, if it wasnt be the test server, i would definitely report that Maus at 1:53. He is just stupid idiot who blocked your way. But maybe, i would report him on the test server as well, he is total cancer.

  47. WTF was with the muppet in the Maus? lol

  48. I dont get how you get that gun handling to be derpy gunhandling, when its among the best of the heavies.

  49. what kind of players put that question ? lol

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