Are Loot Box Tanks Worth It? (E-75 TS, Object 703 II) | World of Tanks Holiday Ops Boxes 2020

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Object 703 II Review. World of Tanks E-75TS Review. World of Tanks Loot Boxes 2019 / 2020. New Premium Tanks in Christmas Loot Boxes. World Tanks Holiday Ops 2019.

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Today, together with the Update 1.7, which for many you was a huge disappointment, introduced us all the tanks coming with Loot Boxes. This patch added Object 703 II and E-75 TS to the game files and I felt I need to talk about those tanks before they come available through loot boxes. Are those tanks actually worth going after?

Full list tank in the boxes:
1. Object 703 Option II (USSR, Tier-8, premium, double-barreled gun mechanics)
2. E 75 TS (Germany, Tier-8, prem)
3. mod. 46 (Italy, Tier-8, prem).
4. SU-130PM (USSR, Tier-8, prem).
5. Sherman VC Firefly (Great Britain, Tier-6, prem).
6. Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K (Germany, Tier-5, prem).
7. Sexton I (Great Britain, Tier-3, prem).
8. AM 39 Gendron-Somua

On the top that, many new special 3D styles for some legendary old tanks!

What do you think about it?


  1. Name: ThorVonTeutoburg
    Server: EU
    Answer: The Object looks like it won’t be very meta. Just too damn slow. Still, if I can get my hands on one, I will play the sh*t out of it.

  2. Player: ryplyn
    Server: EU
    Answer: I think it’s an interesting addition for tank collectors because at the moment it is an unique tank.

  3. User: lacusta
    Server: EU
    Answer: I think is it a novel tank, we have to see if it will be OP, but with that reload…i think not, we have to see if the tech tree tanks will be the same, or more like the British light tanks tree…premium tank good, regular tanks….very bad. Hope it wont be like that.

  4. Username: Edman_cz
    Server: EU
    Answer: Looks interesting and maybe a little bit OP

  5. Username: Paramilitar_29a
    Server: EU
    Answer : Next tank OP over the next 6 months

  6. Username: pepino16
    Server: EU
    Answer: Yes i like new things

  7. username: Ubenkid
    server: SEA
    answer: seems balanced

  8. Player: zega21
    Answer: i think os balanced, cuz of the reload time

  9. Username: Templemerc
    Server: EU
    Answer: it’s just another bobject, how unbalanced can it be? I’ll just grab a few boxes to top up on credits/gold and wait for people to cry they didn’t get one in their few hundred

  10. Username: comicaldan
    Server: NA
    Answer: It’s not bad.

  11. username: Mparmpouni
    server EU
    that looks balanced

  12. Username: RayMears
    Server: EU
    Answer: Looks like a gimmick or a naked cash cow if its any good

  13. Username: RiggedNG
    Server: SEA
    Answer: It will be OP. It has to be. How else will WarGambling be able to make money when they do it again next year?

  14. Username: swells64
    Server: Asia
    Answer: The tank looks interesting.

  15. Username: _StjepanCro_
    Server: EU
    Answer: I think that it will be like is3-a, in close range op and on medium-long range trash

  16. Username: NiceSkiller
    Server: EU
    Opinion: We’ll see when it hits the ground in game, can’t really tell at the moment.

  17. Username: Sprucehill
    Server: EU
    Answer: Broken I miss the days where tech tree mattered! Then the game had a soul.

  18. Username: Cro006
    Server: EU
    Answer: Are lootbox tanks worth it? Nope, tanks are not worth it, but gold is. I don’t care about any of new tanks, but getting Progetto would be nice. 😉

  19. IGN – Casparov
    Sever – SEA
    Answer – 703 Looks like it will be a good bit of fun but with that DPM I don’t think it will be too much to worry about. Dez 4 Pres

  20. Username :gg_spy23
    Answer :i think it will be a beast op in close range

  21. Obj 703.2 Is.. Yeap Its a bait. Nice marketing from WG . Even tho I would able to win that, I wouldn’t play that often
    Asia. oBLANCo

  22. Answer: 703 II will not have the major impact on the game, same as IS-3A or Progetto in terms of introducing new way of using the gun in the game. It will be interesting to play double barrel tanks, for sure.
    Username: Partibrejker0
    Server: EU

  23. Username: molan1976
    Server: EU
    Answer: Yes, for novelty.

  24. Nemanja Kostadinovic

    Username: Nemanja169
    Server: EU
    Answer: It looks really good

  25. Oreha
    Definitely a weird tank

  26. leonard sebastian buhnici

    Hey Dez, in my opinion this will be a OP tank at first but after a few patches they will balance it
    U: sebabuh
    S: EU

  27. Username: h0merx
    Server: eu
    Answer: it could be op but i have to see how it actually plays that aim time is pretty awful indeed.

  28. Username: Gedoc
    Server: EU
    Answer: If it has more that 1 gun, it has to be better! :)))

  29. -Iwanttohithemwithmysword
    -I think the 703 II will be more balanced than the IS-3A, but you know they padded it in the soft stats.

  30. Username: blackrider56
    Server: EU
    Answer: Ye

  31. Username: Puternicu333
    Server: EU

    It is a new tank, time will show. It’s certainly a pretty looking tank 🙂

  32. Well, most of the new prem tanks r op, so no surprise here. Its wg, they care only about finding new way to fool ppl to spend crazy amount of money. So yeah, OP but its less op then IS3A imo.?
    Ign: Jazz_ba

  33. Username: 183mm_of_Happiness
    Server: EU
    A: 703 II seems actually fairly balanced, can’t wait to see how this will impact the metagame.

  34. Answer: To me it doesn’t seem overpowered. Using the salvo makes the dpm so damn low, that it can only be used in very unique situations. I’m not going for it..
    Server: EU
    Tag: Deepfriedfries

  35. Name: mohammadjm
    Server: EU
    Answer: I don’t know we should test it out to see how it’s looks like

  36. Username: agremlins
    Server: EU
    Answer: I think it is balanced but it will be a good finisher/killer. I’m pretty sure we will have some very good games when it will be top tier.

  37. NA: Maui0711
    Seems like you might have to spend a lot for an average stat novelty. With that said will be buying boxes till I get it – lol

  38. Username:AMillionMilesAway
    Answer: Most likely will be broken in at least one way but it is hella interesting without the V-shape hull

  39. 703 II looks to be another OP soviet premium tank for people to throw money on …
    Server: EU
    Username: 8fly8

  40. Username: Canned_Comedy
    Server: EU

    The tank seems like it will be scary in close quarters in mid to end of game. It will be a bully in the right hands.

  41. Awkward__customer eu server . I think aim time and accuarcy will balance out early and mid game, but the double shot will be a major factor in end game situations to finish off lower hp opponents. If you have a few of these on your team towards the end then you will win.

  42. Checking both E75 TS and Obj 703/II i am going after something else. For example im gonna buy some lootboxes because of the prem days, gold, festive mood things. mynameisdani from EU

  43. Player: BlackBloodBandit
    Server: EU
    Answer: It seems balanced and I bet that bad/unexperienced players will not be able to perform well while using the double barreled-system, while good players will know how to take advantage of it. I’m not sure about the armor yet.

  44. Answer: gonna provide some great memes but not sure if worth it
    Username: dalelerah
    Server: EU

  45. Username: landser5151HUN
    Server: EU
    Answer: i think we need to wait and see

  46. Username: Lead_Magnet01
    Server: EU
    Answer: Not a must have tank

  47. Retropaintball clips

    Depends what a loot box cost? If it 20-40€ per box it’s not!

  48. If i buy them i hope i will get e75ts bcoz i cant play with rusky tanks

  49. Username:Levente_Zana_iron
    Answer: The tank looks ok i guess

  50. Hi dez, this tank will bi ok, in the start something new but with the time it will be nothing special!

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