Are Premium Tanks Worth it in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

All this grinding and mission marathons in World of Tanks have left me asking if premium tanks are worth it in World of Tanks?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. It has come to the point where it’s not Worth it but actually a Necessity to Progress in the Game lest you suffer the unforgiving Grind.

  2. Random but can anyone tell me how i got a free camo with hurricane either side from a random game with the TS-5 when i know players who havent?

  3. there is ten missions how much fingers u have qb?

  4. definitely worth. Especially in the Frontline mode. Min. 3 units are necessary.

  5. No. Never spend any money on WG. They have the worst customer service.

  6. Θωμας Ανδριανος

    I dont have the time for the renegate im not gonna take it i only play 2 hours a day but i do like the gifts that every stage gives.i prefer to spend the money for having fun with my wife and my little daughter.

  7. They never nerf premium tanks ? type 59 here , did you forgot about me ?

  8. “The problem with premium tanks is they’ll never nerf them.”

    Tell that to my Type 59.

  9. If you want easier earn ops play console, little to no effort daily will get you lots of different premium tanks, boosts and premium time

  10. im in a clan for now only have clanwars at tier 8
    and there is lands for x and vIII wars
    as you say when you are 70% discount in stages then you are invested in that tank
    would have been better if you could buy just the tank and not all the rest if or not you already have or not creds for equipment to buy
    2000 base exp awesome but if you do like me an average of 800 or less then its tedious and for every defeat its harder to press on for how many hours do you need for like 150-300 exp in defeat

  11. I have old tier 8 premium tanks, but I also need new ones because most of them are totally obsolete in the new game meta (amx cdc / jagdtiger 8.8)
    I recently got the liberte for bonds so that’s solved the issue ?


  13. In this days are no so worth it how was a on start…This the true….

  14. I disagree with the credit income remark. Sometimes make loads more credits than others, and it comes down to repair cost and shell cost.

  15. I have luck my dad and me share a Account so we will complet the Renegade marathon tomorrow

  16. well said qb.

  17. I think they should give u 1-2 gold per game..

  18. What about 147 premium tanks?

  19. I really love this game!! I Play it for both Xbox and pc but mostly Xbox so I can with my pops!! And I thank you Mr.QuickyBaby for taking the time to give us tips and tricks about the game. It has helped me grow a fellow tanker, and can now really enjoy the game…. expect for trying to grind missions… and thank you for providing us your content!! And also thank you to all who shares there reply’s with Mr.QuickyBaby!

  20. WOT will be extremely happy if you give them 20 euros, even 12 for the ”free” tank, so the scale is logical

  21. i know Wargaming has made these missions to win these tanks and it gets harder towards the end.But I feel the parts of the mission you do,they should give you a discount to buy the tank.Thats only if you decide the last three stages are too hard and you decide to give up.At least you end up with something rather than nothing.

  22. hey quicky baby you should try grinding out a mercenary tank in wot console.

  23. I started playing a month ago and I do not have a premium tier8 tank. I was excited about this challenge but then I was disappointed that it was impossible to dofor me.

  24. This grind is like a “Russian Refund” on the price of purchasing the Tank

  25. I made my goal. Finished stage 4 and got a free day of premium.

  26. There’s no way I’m going to spend money on a premium tank. In fact I’m pretty much done with WoT for a while. Played 30 games today and lost all but 9 and it wasn’t even close. Just not fun grinding it out when you keep being assigned teams that don’t know how to work together. Losing 2 and 3 to one just gets depressing.

  27. 50k means 3 days for me and I am at 7th level and that is it. Not sure if I bought Renegade.

  28. I only buy premium tanks at 50% off. And I buy them if they look fun.

  29. I play a lot of tanks, but i never try the marathons. They arent worth the damage to your physical or mental health.

  30. Hi, QuickyBaby. I’m a great fan of your work. One think I’ve noticed in your videos is that you don’t mention Tank Reward Game site as a method for getting for free of premium tanks for completing simple missions in game. You get a free prem tank just for playing 10-15 games for a 15-20 days each day. I stumbled on the side by chance four months ago and so far got a t3 premium german, t5 American – t15 (cos the two mediums I already had), and this months you can get the t7 American TD Scorpion for free. I think this site would be a great help for ppl with free to play accounts. HOWEVER, I have WOT premium account, so I’m not sure if the site is available only for ppl with prem accounts. Would love for you if you test it if it works for free-to-pay accounts. Here’s the link:

  31. if its fun to do then sure go for it, if it s a ~1-5 hour a day pain in a ass chores then its not worth it.

  32. I think that Wargames really dont want people to be able to get the vehicle for free. They want to lure you in, like you say with some easy early stages and THEN trick people into buying the vehicle w a discount BUT on a price that they purposely made high to begin with!

    But people will be more inclined to buy it because they will feel like they have to – since they put some work into it…

  33. I feel like mission marathons with their 10 stages of different bonuses (equipment, credits, premium days) is at it’s self nice profit for a free to play player who doesn’t want to waste two weeks of his life for a tank. If someone wants to grind it all the way, I’d say it’s all deserved.

  34. Im wierd or just I like play with my m4 rev ? 😀

  35. As average player can t make it.

  36. The leFH it’s garbage compared to what it used to be…

  37. I missed the first three days so there’s no way in hell I can get the renegade

  38. That thanks looks op man

  39. Couldn’t care less. Wargaming absolutely broke the game and now they want you to pay triple A-Title money for ONE tank, just so you get the game experience that you should. Fuck off Wargaming. I am done with your shit. 60 Euros for ONE tank? Hell, I rather get Red dead Redemption 2 or Cyberpunk 2077 or a few older titles like BF1 and BF5 for that kind of money instead of ONE tank.

  40. Watched your video on the grind for the Renegade, as a fairly inconsistent and easily off-put WoT player (i.e would rather quit and play something more enjoyable than get frustrated) I immediately decided to not even bother trying. Not all heros wear capes.

  41. I gave up grinding Renegade realizing last stages requires roughly 50k exp each *sob*

  42. I did back in the day wz111 marathon. On christmas. Was last time i spent time for marathons. And after that havent spent money as i dont want to encourage this type of marketing

  43. I’ve done one marathon, for the Prog and got 70% off… and you know what, I was ok with that. I’m not sure its meant for everyone to get it for 100% off.

  44. Spending 20€ in Christmas loot boxes gave me enough gold for the whole year …

  45. love your content and never cared bout WG & their schemes……let them do what they want, I’m not interested, as simple as that

  46. 4:50 unless they nerf Those indirectly by buffing Everything else 😉

  47. Did the Renegade grind in 5 days. Easy game, easy life.

  48. I think a very pertinent question here is how much of a real income you can earn per hour. If you are able to earn, let’s say, €10 per hour by doing some one-off freelance job (perhaps online), then it is only a four-hour investment versus the forty plus hours you’d spend grinding out the tank. So when the question is “is it worth it”, it is surprising to me how little this real income consideration is taken into account.

  49. if you have time and fun playing it, go ahead

  50. It’s been a disaster for me personally, last night and the night before I’ve been getting the losing team all night long, completely useless players, I’m not the best player out there, I’m just average, but when I constantly do 2k, 3k, sometimes even 4k damage and I always lose it’s just very very frustrating, I’ve reached stage 8 and I’m now stressed, I’ve waited for a new marathon since the end of the TS-5 one in April and I need to finish this, but I’m wondering if it’s mathematically possible now, I have two days to do half the grind, but I won’t stop until it’s over, even though I’m losing hope.

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