Are T10 Light Tanks Worth it in World of Tanks?

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of Tanks. T10 have been out for a year! Today I’m talking about my experiences with all of them recommending if they’re worth it!


of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a download here:

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  1. If I would of been driving an object 140 or 430u…….. even QB has succumb to Russian bias. Welcome to world of broken Russian tanks and their targets

  2. I have tried time and again to use the light tanks for what they are and I was spotted every time by td’s and mediums . Now , I don’t know , maybe I am not skilled enough or my crews are not trained enough but mostly , I believe , are the maps and the lack pleases good for spotting , the balance between the spotting range of vehicles and so on . If you add to this the idiots which are not supporting you while you spot something and you have a type of tanks useless in random battles .

  3. I dont believe they are worth it. They alone cannot pull a game because of the pen nerfs.

  4. I’m going to share with you an experience that has nothing to do with this video (apart form Wot)

    Recently, I decided to start getting back into world of tanks on the PC. And, it had always been a dream of mine to acquire a tier 10 without doing any work and just having fun. I found a loophole long ago, (CTS; Common Test Server) but I could never connect fully. Yesterday, I decided to try one last time and: it worked! I was almost crying tears of joy. Finally, I could play the jag panzer e100 and the 183 mm (stage two thingy). I researched these tanks, played them, and had good fun… at first. Then, all of the sudden I felt a sort of emptiness, like I didn’t deserve the t10s. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of grinding in this game (IS-7 and the Wt auf e100) but I never realized what made me TRULY happy when I clicked “research”. I thought all I wanted were more fun tier 10s to play when in reality, I wanted the accomplishment of researching them. World of tanks (this sounds like a cliche, I know) isn’t about the final tank any less than it is the tier 9, 8, etc. And I also felt like I wasted so much money on gold to try and get to tier 10 when in reality I just wanted instant gratification for lesser tiers. So, enjoy the grind and enjoy the reward; both are equally fun.

  5. Light tanks in the test server were totally OP, all the light drivers who cried over it fail to understand how OP camo value is in WoT with its current spotting mechanics. Thats why TDs were nerfed all those years ago. Insane camo/mobility, a low profile and a traversable turret should be enough, but they want to have the gun of a medium too?

  6. I agree to your opinion. LT has no role in the current version. It’s similar to MT, just LT has more faster feet and better camo rating than MT. There is no benefit in running a reconnaissance tank. Therefore very aggressive tank are bound to be preferred, like a autoloader tank. I don’t want a LT to be an assassin, and a lighthouse. I would like a light tank to be a key point that can operate strategically.

  7. Wg should nerf the fire power of light tanks. Im tired to see lights camping in the back of formation to snipe while tankdestroyers wait to see any target…
    Lights should go back to do their first job: scouting.

  8. What is the best t10 tank for a starter

  9. when will version 1.0 come ?

  10. I think they should have dropped the tier X lights for now. Upped it to tier 9 and that’s it. Maybe down the road gave us tier X’s

  11. They should increase rheinmetals alpha to 390

  12. Buff the poor rhm :c

  13. WG should finally introduce skills by tank type. Light have skills to scouting, heavy to maybe arty and so on. They could easily balance tanks this way.

  14. Extremely well presented vid. Thank you

  15. All of the lights, all of the lights! 🙂

  16. Pls pley Tier 1 light Tenks. Kappa.

  17. when they release t10 LT’s… I did not even bother grinding for it. amx 13-90 is enough LT for me in my garage.

  18. Mister Torgue Flexington

    They are terrified of light tanks,why do you think most maps are just corridor maps with very little soft cover?

  19. The us light is pretty fun.

  20. why you woudnt have as much of an impact as a medium tank in a light? …… Becaus you are in a light?? haha xD

  21. QB, you need to take lessons from 4TankersandDog. He specializes in light tanks. Sure he’s better than an average player. He takes on the challenge of any LT and excels. So quit whining, teens, 20’s and 30’s just complain too much.

  22. QB since you are an expert with anything you play on WOT you fail to understand how some of us average players feel light tank guns are way overpowered. Light tanks are supposed to be scouts first not slug fest machines yet no matter what I tank play or caliber gun I fire at them, if a light tank gets anywhere close, I bounce off of them and they take my turret off. I am sure I am like many players without the super trained crew and biscuits so this gets very, very old sir. I bounced in a close quarters fight off a T10 light tank with my Object 704’s BL 10 gun and the T10 killed me with one shot and it happens over and over. That gets very old and it is not fun which is supposed to be why we play this game sir. .

  23. Should have used a non-Bias light for a demonstration.

  24. Into the actual meta of the game, tier 10 light tanks are almost useless.
    They can be substituted by any medium.

    Or WG nerf all the view range of mediums (and some Td), or have to buff these lights.
    Not the 13-90, it is OK. Also the Chinese is ok. This T-100 OMG… 0,46… Ok, so give him a 152 mm derps gun.
    No sense that a FV183 has better accuracy, and capable to one shot this little warpan.
    The German… Oh shit. Nice view range, period. The gun is ok, but is huge and any tier 1 can pen it, suffering all the Arty shots and any gun in the battlefield.

    Thanks QB to have highlighted this situation

  25. But I like to go all-in for the bush!

  26. For some reason Xbox has unnerfed lights, the Sheridan still has 400 alpha with its 105 but crap veiw range it’s like 390 or something

  27. But the view range is pretty bad

  28. I don’t think light tanks should be competitive with meds. You should have good camo (and on the move), good spotting, speed and manoeuvrability. But like arty, you need to support your team and rely on them. If they had better dps, then what would be the point of meds?

  29. Condensed version:
    “its good because it sucks and is a challenge..” the shill speaks..

  30. Er…what about the part where light tanks are… well…LIGHT tanks?!

  31. The problem with LT is that everything you can do in LT you can do in a versatile MT like obj140 etc.

  32. lol quicky baby again with a better rng. bounced grille15 and is7, pentrated is7 in the turret. well gg wargaming

  33. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    “I released a controversial video about a year ago on tier 10 lights”… lol QB
    For a proper controversial video check SirFoch, best of which is his Chrysler rant

  34. Light tanks are a blight on this game. If you want to drive go-carts with guns go play Mario cart. Cheers and thanks for all of the entertainment (except for the LT tank content, because light tanks are shit).

  35. BodyGuardOfLies1

    The camera angle makes him look like he has a tiny body and an enormous head like a Qiuckybaby bobble head.

  36. Re 8:34: because it is Russian?

  37. German light the worst? What a surprise….

  38. lessonteacher2000

    If played like a medium then wont perform as good as a medium. Don’t agree with this one or the rage on the topic a couple streams back. I think its about the agility and camo rating on the move that makes them good.

  39. Valentin Kovachev

    I think I got your point that these tanks should be skill based. But I dissagree.. They should be in the game for everybody to be able to pick up and learn (as heavies and mediums), but and at the moment light tanks do not have a role (like the heavies and mediums have)… scouting is almost redundant… Lights need some sort of a buff to be more distinct. I feel like the boundery between lights and medius is kinda blurred.

  40. QB, I agree with you about the Rhm. pzr. It’s very hard to love. You said in your video that it has the lowest winrate in tier 10, as far as i remember that used to be the leopard 1. I feel like the german light tank and the leopard are very underpowered. Especially if you compare them with the tier ten meds. Could you make a vid about the leopard 1, and how I can improve the winrate with it?

  41. Light Tanks is for spoting and no for dmg delers

  42. As the poet wrote:

    “Seven deadly sins,
    seven ways to win,
    seven holy paths to hell,
    and your trip begins”

    7 rules of play for the RHM:

    1. don’t play the RHM in battles where you cannot expect teamplay. Avoid random battles unless you’re entering the battle in an experienced 3 man platoon with serious some hitting power in the other two tanks. You’re pretty much 100% dependent on your team doing the damage for you and there’s no such thing as a “team” in most random battles. Show your team where you are going before the battle starts so they know which firing positions to occupy.
    2. don’t try and carry the game by dealing damage. Your primary means of income are observing while remaining unobserved and breathing longer than others. Harvest your assisted damage by spotting but under no circumstances open fire, not even when your target is at maximum view range or beyond. Destroying tracks is an endgame option but by then, you’ll be wanting to finish off the wounded rather than tracking them.
    3. don’t play the RHM unless you’ve maxed out it’s capabilities. Have a crew that has all the required skills and perks (BiA, camo, recon, SA, 6th sense, you name it). Forget about operating it with anything less than 5 skills/perks per crew member. Use chocolate and bonds equipment and apply camo paint. There is a reason why it is a Tier 10 tank.
    4. your only advantage is your speed. Depending on your starting position on the map, the RHM should even outrace the LT100 to the sweet spots. Use it! In open maps, occupy the spotting locations early on in the game parked with your rear towards the enemy and make sure you have an unblocked escape route.
    5. watch your opponents that are in view and if you see a boomstick suddenly pointing your direction, use your 7th sense: scoot before 6th sense tells you to.
    6. in city maps, use your speed to be all over the map and lay out the tactical situation for your team (where is the bulk of the enemy force going ?) by racing from one funnel location to another, enabling your team to set up properly for it. “Intimidate” the enemy team by showing your omnipresence, pretending to present them an opportunity for an easy kill. Any attention they have for you, they won’t have for your more alpha-potent/resistant mates.
    7. don’t get frustrated if your damage counters continue to show 0, 0, 0 if your team can’t cut it. Some battles are just like that and the only points you’re going to collect are for being the one to die last. You’re condemned to being patient and scavenge leftovers in the endgame.

  43. Sorry but World of Tanks is the worst game around, the most unrealistic, the most biased, and the most toxic community I have ever seen.

  44. Sheridian need better camo i think its pretty bad

  45. Of course the Rhm is at the bottom, it’s German. It has literally nothing going for it besides top speed and no, not even accuracy. Judging by the shots in this T100LT, I’ll say it’s every bit as accurate as the Rhm. 0.36 dispersion in a German tank is more like 0.44 in any other.

  46. The whole point about light tanks is scouting, not dealing dmg. a scout in late game is one of most important vehicles.

  47. You are comparing light tanks to medium tanks all the time, basically demanding light tanks to be able to compete with medium tanks in all aspects. I am having the impression that you are still wanting T10 light tanks to excel in a role that is not quite a light tank, but rather a medium tank role. Imo you are taking the wrong path there. The T10 light tank nerf happened exactly because T10 lights had been superior to T10 medium tanks at start. The strength of a light tank (a.k.a. scout) should be its superior ability to reveal enemy tank positions while staying undetected plus its ability to get away very quickly and possibly unharmed and if being detected. Wargaming tried to force T10 light tanks into that role with their nerfs which mainly affected the T10 lights’ firepower. Even if you claim that T10 meds now have equal or better view range, they still don’t have the camo and agility a T10 light tank has, which you can use to sneak up much closer to enemy positions unseen and spot for your team.

    And yes, light tanks *always* were the hardest to play tank class, because they have nothing to rely on except their camo and speed.

    Btw, I don’t understand why players seem to be having such a hard time with the Rheinmetall Pzw. I love that tank. It has great speed, a great gun and great gun depression. Its main downside imo is the rather bad hull traverse, which you can help somewhat with the proper driver perks. I am having great games with it, and imo it’s actually the T10 light tank coming closest to a medium tank (if you are looking for something like that).

    I would love to read or hear some feedback from you on my comment.

  48. Yes, yes and…yes 🙂 light tanks are the most fun thing on high tiers with new mm

  49. this game has become a pay to win gamebecause of premium ammo

  50. 100 mobility! Quicky !

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