Are the Footlocker Lootboxes worth it?

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  1. T77 replay tmrw! : )

  2. Thanx Circon!

  3. I spent 20 euroes on these lootboxes. Nada, barely 5 days of prem and some credit boosters. I could’ve bought something – anything that would’ve benefited me more

    • It’s gambling, would you put your money on blackjack or scratch tickets?
      Yes? Then you didn’t win
      No? Then you shouldn’t have bought as there is no guarantee aside from the 100 gold

    • and now check on steam what you would have been able to get for 20; lootboxes are flatout gambling and target certain people to squeeze out a few drops more.

    • @Christian Krakhofer 100% gambling, I bought 20 boxes = 4 days prem time, strv S1, Lowe & STG.
      Not too bad compared to regular purchase price. Really bad if consider that it’s just 1’s & 0’s

  4. More videos? Soon? Is that a WG Soon or an EA Soon? Kappa

  5. As someone who bought 20 and got two tier 8 premiums including the T77 I would say no they are not. You are entirely relying on getting lucky, otherwise I think you get about half the gold value for what you pay in real money, the rest then has to be made up by the other stuff in the boxes. But the other stuff in the boxes can include things like XP boosters and demount kits, stuff I don’t think many people would want to pay real money for. You also can get the 20k experience training manuals, which again are not worth real money I’d say to most people.

    Unlike the Xmas boxes where even if you didn’t get premium tanks (and you had lower tier prems in there to get as well) most of the box contents would be gold, premium time and credits, meaning you usually got more than what you paid for in gold and premium time. So buying xmas boxes in an affordable amount IF you buy gold or premium time or just finding grinding credits a chore is worth it because you will probably get more for your money and the potential for maybe a premium. Here you are basically getting half your money in gold and then hoping something better pops up.

  6. I do tend to buy about $20-40 on Christmas boxes. I will not buy these. Not worth it at all. Thanks for the info circon.

  7. When you clear 14-15 k a season between C2A an CWs I guess it doesn’t matter if you waste gold but someone who doesnt play end content and earn anything should steer clear of reroll boxes.

  8. Considering quicky babies luck i was considering wasting $20 but i’m stuck on the SEA server i don’t want to play that game.. though it seemed like a nice way to get prem tanks of which i have none.

  9. Not sure if it’s possible, and doubtful they’d implement this since it might affect WG’s bottom line, but could they have (for the next X-mas event lootboxes), when get a premium tank you already have in your garage could there be the option of either A) Converting it to gold, or B) Sending it to another player who doesn’t have that premium tank in their garage.

  10. WoT has really become a money grabber, isn’t this crap considered gambling?

  11. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    I still have 600+ days of premium remaining from the last Christmas boxes. Haven’t spent anything on the game since then and will not now.

  12. I would say that the waffle wouldn’t be as troubling if they made the electric fields you harvest have a DoT effect to the waffle for hovering over it. Right now, there is nothing to stop a person from literally camping it and straight up denying the other players access. And if you happen to get lucky with the other electric spawn nearby as well, you can just happily area deny anyone from doing anything. That is my biggest issue with it. Redshire has enough bumps and hills that you can break and run. And enough size that it is difficult to run around and hold out as the waffle. But studs and fisherman’s bay is just full of open field where the waffle just spots and denies large sections of the map without having to move.

  13. Scamboxes

  14. all the WG CC’s seem to get the T77 and a few more Premium tanks. the few people I know who have bought premium footlockers have spent far more than they received in prizes. so for me its a no , I would sooner buy the premium tank from the store.

  15. Hello, I buy 10 box pack and I get t-77 and 2 more premium tanks.

  16. I bought 28 boxes, got myself a T54 mod 1, IS-6 and a T77, 9 prem days, around 1 mil credits, 4-5 training books, bunch of experience and credits boosters and around 1k gold, I rerolled every time I got demounting kits, my T77 was in 25th box under 1st reroll. I got more then double of value back.. I dont see anything to complain about, Last years christmas was worse then this for me.

  17. Don’t forget that last year’s Christmas was worse than the previous ones because to get maximum credit bonus (the thing more players want than xp/crew xp/free xp) you had to complete all 4 collections, where as previous years you only needed the 1 collection (whichever one was linked to credits)

  18. 69 Noice!

  19. isn’t it kinda silly that clan wars generate gold ?

  20. I bought 10 and got 6 days of premium, FV4202 and AMX cda

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