Are they having a laugh? – FV1066 Senlac First Impressions – World of Tanks

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the UK light vs others. Are they having a laugh?


  1. If they just change the tech tree to be more like the premium, its pretty much fixed. BUT WILL THEY DO IT LOL?

  2. This tech tree after they thought about letting you burn free xp to buff your tier 10s in Warships…

  3. TheMegadragonlord

    Omg…what a joke

  4. The 2017 version of WG raises its ugly head

  5. The whole tech tree line look like EXP/credit pinatas for my LT 432… just saying.

  6. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Also, MTV is better with the stock gun at the moment.

  7. But but but you have double armor and good pen

  8. Another thing, these things will get rammed so hard by literally anything

  9. Quickybaby “The Rhm Panzerwagen is the worst scout.”
    Wargaming “Hold my vodka.”

  10. Circon is laughing so hard he’s self induced smokers cough and he doesn’t even smoke xD

  11. wargaming is actually fucking retarded

  12. So WG is basicly stop even trying to pretend this is not a P2W game.

  13. This is why I quit playing WoT. Complete pay to win platform.

  14. I noticed this last night

  15. i mean… at least we’ll have good crews to transfer over when they finally buff the line i guess…

  16. They couldnt made the premium any worse because the regular one IS THE WORST!!!

  17. Alexandru-Horia Hodișan

    No one will get the decent t8 british premium light tank to train their crews for the PATHETIC BELOW AVERAGE british light tanks. The premium light tank is not that great either (you can buy the LT-432), and the british light tank tech tree is pathetic. So no money for your this time, war gaming pieces of sh*t. Once again, you screwed up.

  18. This game has turned into an absolute fucking joke..

  19. I’m not touching the British scout line. GTF outa here wargaming.

  20. Like I said in the last video “cash grab”. And there it is. The premium version has better stats.

  21. Maybe if they sell us a premium we might accidentally play the normal version when we go to play the prem version.

  22. Reiner mit ei, bidde!

    Just fuck you Wargaming! Foch said it right!

  23. It is hard enough grinding for a good tank … can’t see me grinding to get the worst tank of each tier … total waste of time. I have about 6 tanks researched, a couple of T10s but can’t afford to buy them … so I just keep playing my fav T8s …

  24. WG is fcking their player base just like DayBreak did to H1Z1 player base. removing friendly fire, which exists in most shooting games. ok!~ now we are gonna fck u even more with “you have to pay so you can play” tech trees.

  25. *Circonflex.exe has stopped responding*

  26. Obvious money grab attempt.

  27. All together now: WG hate the British.

  28. Flojoair Flojoair

    so the tier 8 prem is better then the tier 10 ?

  29. Omfg this is to funny

  30. the biggest laugh from me so far is that the wheeled vehicles have close to, or better camo than the ‘great camo’ uk lights, but then again, they do have that big alpha and good view range

  31. The laughing says it all WG time to pay attention. Thanks for video Circon

  32. I wonder why people who don’t know anything about the game are designing tech trees…

  33. After catching your livestream youtube vid the other day, this one is pure gold. You had me fucking dying! They listened to you Circon! They listened to you!

  34. Top kek. The the tier 8 premium is better in every way except alpha than the tier 10. Jfc.

  35. “I would play the Senlac, for sure,” if I didn’t have to pay for it because they made the tech tree tanks trash. Fixed. =D

  36. If it’s stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid. If it’s stupid and doesn’t work, WG still implements it anyway

  37. Circon: think you should stop while ur ahead, that was a madman’s Laugh, LOL… Go to War Thunder NOW!!, LOL, dont WG Jokes when it comes to money they have no shame long as the Ducats are flowing in, fuck what we say or think.

  38. Meh. It’s a trend WG has taken at least since the Progetto. They made that better than the Panterra, but only slightly. Then they made the EBR considerably better than the Lynx. Now this? Pffft

  39. This feels like what they did to the Chinese TD. The Chinese premium TD was far superior to the tech tree TDs. Nice to know not much has changed.

  40. That’s why I play warthunder

  41. LUL this game

  42. spot on

  43. British should sue WG for this defamation.

  44. Another good laugh . Thx sir.

  45. Compare weight and armour, and the Turret…the other one has 60mm this 20..


  47. Havin a laff

  48. i think Dez is right in what he says, they are doing this on purpose so they can say ”hey we listened to you, we do care”

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