Are ya winning, son? – CS-52 LIS

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Are you?


  1. Probably live either now or soon at

  2. posted 59 seconds 0 views 5 likes hmmm pepe think

  3. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Half the player-base has the mini-map turned off because they don’t like (nor understand) the pinging.

  4. Comming home from work and this video is the first thing I see, well i guess monday isnt that bad after all

  5. Man, Matchmaker and RNG have been punishing me these past 3 days. My teams are just utter garbage. 2 minutes into the battle and they’re just half gone.

  6. I hate him…..put the bar to ace tanker a bit higher again:)

  7. Ur in Dr.Disrespect mode? that music tho xD

  8. clear streamer pay to win RNG …

  9. 3:59 when my mom walks into my room with the vacume running

  10. I like the 80’s retro wave music

  11. ah ze big W very nice n spicy

  12. Sentado en la esquina, pensando en como fui tan gil

  13. No one plays this game with regular rounds anymore.

  14. 2 stars already after a couple of days… Mine must be broken then.

  15. Wait, is he firing pure gold ammo?

  16. Always have been…

  17. are ya winning dad ?

    No son, pack your suit, I lost the house

  18. Comunitytribiutor account with 100%crewskills and 9 diffrent perks and shit for every crewmember pluss a fuckload of free gold and zoomout mode playing aginst fresh players then rng doesnt matter that mutch 🙂 but makes you feel like a cringe pro

  19. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    The Power of the “W” is with you….thank you for pumping out so much content atm!

  20. Quality content, my dude.

  21. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I’m at stage 7 right now ….

  22. 666 hitpoints remaining when causing the double fire? Coincidence? ^.^

  23. The fact that you now have New Retro Wave playing in the background makes your vids and streams 10 times better imo.

  24. can we get some non top tier gameplay?

  25. Where can I stop the Music¿

  26. AP?
    Where we’re going we dont need AP.

  27. Nice again Circon !!

  28. Loving the GTA/Baby Driver musak in the background

  29. Pfff full gold dude?

  30. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Double Fire happened to mee as well in the Bourrasque today 😀 Had AFE 2 hits 2 fires….

  31. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    3:53 *Quickly changes screen from anime to Circon as dad asks that question*

  32. Full gold with 3 prem consumables 😤😤

  33. That music is like a derpgun right to the feels.

  34. Penny for every time he said that during that stream 😛

  35. Are ya winning, Dad?

  36. Good game

  37. Shinyone Incarnate

    Thanks again. Garage.

  38. I was there. Witness.

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