Armed Ikea Closet – IKV 90 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Cannot wait to be done 3 marking the IKV-90!


  1. At the time circon was saying this he had around 750 viewers I did the calculations and it would have been over 1500 viewers that would have made him better than QB which he is memes over what ever QB does.

  2. The1stnot

  3. Watched this live, felt good!
    Also circon, it was me who said that the Ikea 90 had good DPM, and that was in relation to the <1600 base dpm that the tier 6 Ikea box has.

  4. Nice to know that me as a person is equal to 20 pancakes
    Keep up the unicum circon groeten uit den haag

  5. Ikea 90 has the sexiest gun at tier VII. Good pen, disgusting dpm, lightning quick and good gun depression

  6. POG!

  7. GG Circon, the yolo off the cliff was awesome!

  8. I thought you threw this off a cliff in Himmlsdorf?!

  9. every time i click on your vids i have to resub. even i foumd your vids through my subscription list…

  10. The Closet survives it’s fall ?

  11. Very honourable ending!

  12. Can’t believe I just got gnomed by Jingles…

  13. #teamtrees

  14. The only good things about this shity swedish sniper: pen, 210, shell velocity, over 1100m/s, maybe 1200+, top speed, 70km/h, gun arc, 20 towards each side, 15 or 20 up and 10 depression and the gun handlings. And thats about it. Alpha sucks, 240 is rly bad, DPM is the worst at t7 TD, has a horrible. 35 accuracy for a bloody 90mm, the tank is fucking unnecessarily huge with 15mm of armor, ez arta target practice. At least the Ikea 62 had actual accuracy. God why is the t7 so stupidly bad and the t6 so fat?! Is rly only the t3, t5 and the t8 and 9 that are worth it, t10 is utter cancer nowdays

    • Sooo, I believe both the american TD’s are 240 alpha aswell, the stealth is quite nice aswell. How you summed it up it sounds pretty nice!

    • @Jente Postma well the Hellcat and the Jackson are t6 tanks with turrets and very good gold pen (246 if I am correct), at t7 you get a 105mm with 320 alpha. Maybe the T25/2 has 240 alpha still, but that tank has rather good DPM, while the swedish have the worst DPM tier for tier TD wise. And if low DPM wasnt a big joke, the top guns on the t6, 7 and 8 have LOWER DPM than the stock guns. What a joke WG

  15. the title :D:D:D:D

  16. toaster microphone

    4:54 “kv 3 does not have the gun elevation”
    *kv3 surprise moth********

  17. enjoy the Punk, its brewed where I live 🙂 Come over some time for the tour its great!


  19. They say that human lives have infinite value, but Circon has proved here and forever that one human life, while watching his stream, is worth twenty pancakes.

  20. shoutout to Punk IPA, circons got good taste 😀

  21. You should start uploading 2 replays per video, like skill does 🙂

  22. Enemy OP premium heavy goes to the beach, team loses, he’ll be there next time.

  23. Ugh! Oh yeah farm hard!

    Circon don’t ever change man!

  24. normies lol – I don’t think he even understands what that refers to.

  25. I’m liking the daily vids Circon, keep ’em coming!

  26. this is one of my favorite tier 7 tanks

  27. I saw the “armed”, misread it as “armoured”, and thought: “HA!”

  28. justice for pancakes 😉

  29. That’s one of the things most people don’t know or think about with the Soviet Heavies. They have bad gun depression, but insane elevation….

  30. Sweden is coming to War Thunder soon lads.

  31. I feel justified being a lurker in Circon’s twitch streams now!

    Preciate it Lord Circ!

  32. love this nations tanks, but I had a problem with how they are moving..
    these tanks were designed to run in Snow and Slush, and WOT, kneecaps them on how they operate on different soils..

  33. I very much enjoy watching you play. Your personality is funny and my style when it comes to entertainment.

  34. I love you Circon. I don’t get to watch your stream anymore really, but I’m glad you’re back, brother. Hope all is well. You’re the best.

  35. Are us youtube plebs pancakes too?

  36. More like ikea bad.

  37. God I hate the IKV so much. It was more painful than the tier 6.

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