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Source: DOLLARplays

War heavy tanks ,and gameplay.
Most recent War Thunder BR moved most the modern tanks up in br, bringing back armor meta to the mid .


Intro: Muscle Car – Evgeny Bardyuzha

Background: Two Sides – Martin Klem
Teenage Color – Falcon Dives
Sneaky Breezy – Martin Landstrom
Get Funked Up – Jon Presstone
Spendin' Time – Martin Klem

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. What do you think about these br changes?

    • Салават Абашев

      High/pre-top tier recompressed right back into oblivion.

    • total dogshit for 8.0 tanks every game is uptier to 8.7

    • For 6..3-6.7 tanks it’s great, but all cold war era tanks that used to suffer somewhat at 8.0 now suffer fighting apfsds by default. Played vickers mk3 yesterday and had to fight a begleit and other scary 9.3 tanks. Gajin needs to stretch the brs to like 13

    • OLLlaJIeJIblu_KoPHeT

      too little of them. kanonpanzers and FIATs still annoying. armor doesn’t matter

    • MP 40 Submachine Gun

      fine other than leo 1. its entire thing is prioritizing mobility, which it doesnt have at 8.0 as its slower or the same speed as other vehicles which also have stabilizers. should be like 6.7-7.3

  2. beautiful gameplay dollar plesi

  3. i absolutely love the audio editing in these videos

  4. And part 3 of the life of a free to play?

  5. Like dj Khaled always says………..”another one ” llleeeetttttsss ggggooooo

  6. Yasss heavys 🔥

  7. tiger ii sla still suffers at 6.7 whilst tiger ii p at 6.3 is ok. cries in my premium regrets hahahahaha

  8. What did your score look like on that nuke video? How many kills?

  9. The Royal Australian

    The f***ing turrets going pop on every Tiger II you destroyed is so funny:

    *Turret Tossing Simulator 1944 Colorized*

  10. The Royal Australian

    That feeling when you get when your destroyed by a f***ing Swedish Trumpet Cannon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. where are you from?? your accent makes videos so much better

  12. I think it maybe time for me to reinstall after 3 years of not playing a point and click adventure game where ww2 tanks are going up against apfsds

  13. Tiger tank actually useful again? Can this be possible?

  14. 0:25 I feel targeted as a Italian main…

  15. ya. and fck slow, camping boring game is back. But, ITALY and Fiat is way…

  16. Remember, always angle your aircraft

  17. r3 t20 is now 5.7

  18. Question how do you own the latest tank without reaserching the previus tank?

  19. Hello dollarplays you new videos Are really good mate

  20. Better:
    A dollar movie = great day 🙂

  21. The Panzer Historian

    wait …. what tank’s does the Tiger II Face now? …

  22. second day of askig dollar to play american HSTV-L light tank

  23. Always love the little edits you make to your videos like music, audio bits and the very short vid bits

  24. Konföderation Unabhängiger Systeme

    Germany suffers

  25. How i get your Decal? On the link there is no decal :/ pls help me i want this and have money.

  26. I face all of this at 6.3.

  27. Dollar happy=war thunder comunity happy

  28. Anytime I watch tron I picture some amazing production value glamour shots of a tank traversing a battlefield. Thanks Dollar…

  29. Lol, armor is back in that game? So you mean people might actually have to exhibit some actual skill in aiming and knowledge of enemy armor profiles to aim for weakpoints? Bet the forums are gunna light up like Maui with people QQing that heavies are OPAF now cuz they cant just click through their front armor…

    • Takes less skill to utilize armor than it does to utilize high mobility and a strong gun. This argument is dumb.

    • @Blunt CabbageExcept thats about all Heavies usually have going for them in games. When you take away their biggest strength(Armor), you make the class basically useless. With no armor, a heavy is just a reeaaallly fking slow medium and thats not a fun time.

      Games always make heavies pay DEARLY for their armor. Heavies always get longer reloads, slower speeds, less agility, less view range, sometimes less damage and weaker overall guns all for this “armor” that in the grand scheme of the game is useless as its either A: Not really thick enough to reliably bounce anything, or its so riddled with weakpoints(like roof mounted cupolas) that it doesnt matter.

      Armored Warfare, they took MBTs and neutered their view range, gave them 0 camo value and added chip damage and various shells that ignore armor and/or added shells that can reliably BS through your best armor……..yeah, your armor number might be really high, but it doesnt matter when everything shooting you pens with ease.

  30. Video about armour and Dollar is disappointed by enemy heavies bouncing his shots lol.

  31. time forgotten prince

    reminds me of a game years ago when I still played this game, I was in a kv 1, i think when it was 3.3 BR, and I was rushed by 4 kv 1’s, and they couldn’t kill me for over a minute before the match ended.

  32. You actually make this rage quit game actually seem fun and when you actually play the game you get destroyed and just want to rage quit.

  33. You play arty like arty? Love it, didnt even know thats possible

  34. Free to play? Where free to play?

  35. the spj fm 43/44 undefeated, dollar make a video about it, its so OP.

  36. Yesterday I had to have bounced a dozen shots in the Jagpanther. Finally felt like armor worked🤣

  37. You can use heavy tanks wow that’s great news! 😀 (Me who suffers at around 6.0 cause I can’t hit anything and always dies in one hit even when angling)

  38. 🎙️Alastor🎙️

    THANK GOD NOW I CAN ACTUALLY ENJOY MY TIGER 2 IN PEACE! (without that one annoying ass BMP camper around your own spawn point)

  39. That game have Jag.Pz.E100?

  40. Need part 2 pls

  41. Christopher Christmas

    I still have my m51 baby

  42. playing my Ruskie tanks I get nailed with facing tanks like the Swedish heat IKV monster, do not stand a chance against that thing, oh and by the way…we get nuked by heli also.

  43. *armor meta back wooo* gets bombed in 2 minutes. Yep. Airplane meta still negates all. I guess 1 more extra minute so you can get a plane in a heavy 😮 Neat update tho, at least the vehicles are better BR. Love your vids nevertheless :3

  44. The big bois!

  45. Tactical numer at the end. Love it <3

  46. Big bois are B A C K

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