ARMOR-PIERCING Post Exploding Rocket | Rocket Close Air Support (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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ARMOR-PIERCING Post Exploding Rocket | Rocket Close Air Support (War Thunder)


  1. Don’t turn the engine off on a biplane, Phly.
    Overshoots don’t really happen when you’re fighting biplanes, keep power, keep turning.

  2. Can anyone tell me whats that funny italian theme Phlys using in his videos?

  3. Fly … give more love to BR 1.0, go with T60 where is your Christmas spirit

  4. Will the new merch ship worldwide or just in the USA?

  5. rbs been on them for years now

  6. They have always had rockets with that zharkohsky or whatever the fuck its called but idk if its had those same rockets the whole time

  7. This is how the Ishak with 20s proforms. its amazing.

  8. Personnel Projectile

    Man, I was just using those rockets on my i16 but at top tier vs leopards….
    It’s the best!

  9. I could not be able to fight against I-153 with close combat..but only can be when Im climbing up above and it cant climb higher after that you can kill it with upper air distance..just need to be patience.

  10. I think its a great idea but it might me too much to process 5:30

  11. I don’t know the terminal velocity of a t80u but I do know that humans are about 1.24 miles or 2 kilometers is when you hit terminal velocity

  12. That Holiday sweater would be awesoooome!!! 🙂

  13. and the chinese tank?

  14. Yes the BT-7 always had 70 mm of pen

  15. Hello Phly, can u please when the video starts give us advise how to shoot rockets/bombs

  16. China gameplay

  17. at 15:35 you probably couldve killed both if you aimed for the middle.

  18. You can draw a bomber triangle formation, with flak explosions for the christmas balls and burning fighters for the stripes

  19. The ugly sweater should just be one of your drawlings all outlined in glitter/sequins ???

  20. like 1 or 2 years ago…

  21. In answer to your question, that would be 748 Bananas, bearing in mind we use the Metric Banana system here in the UK.

  22. Hey Phly! I like your channel a lot, and I would have an off topic question. Could u make some videos about high br. night battles? How to play against american credit card warriror tanks, like XM1. In my opinon those battles r extremly unbalanced, because of the heat/ thermal visions. Eighter in the german, negihter in the russian tech tree has no heat vision in br. 9, (KPZ-70, or Leo2K) but XM1 has. Is there any solutions? I tried one tactic: sitting in the cap zone, with switched off engine, waiting to cool down, my battery is low, so i had no night vision too. The US. tanks passed me, and after that i shot them. It gives not a good play feeling, I could play turret defence instead. And one more thing: as I saw, they use thermal also in day battles too, in big open maps, those battles is like sitting duck hunting, where the germans r the duck 🙂

  23. Too much. Just do a BT-5 family with parents and babies packing out their presents next to the Stalinium tree with a big PO-2 star on it

  24. Shirt has train. I’m down. Just make sure it doesn’t have the stupid russian cars that it has on American desert and has some actual American 40’ box cars. Good old “rolling billboards”

  25. Only 3 bananas that way, about 15.6 yds per second of arc if dropped from the tangential parabolic of a plum.

  26. cant wait for Phly to play the Strv 103, aka the Door Wedge tank. And the Sav fm/48, aka the Im-All-Gun tank

  27. I suggest a challenge, use a not played much shooty scooty to get a powerful plane to destroy the battlefield.

  28. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    Plhy… The 1.3 chaika also has 6 RBS rockets…

  29. Also, you can get these on the I 15 bis at 1.0

  30. Dis way is 5 bananas dat way is 2 bananas. How hungry are u?

  31. Play the PaK Puma and 30mm Bf 110 C-6 op 3.0 combo!!!

    Attempt 1

  32. Chapter Master Adolf

    Ugly sweater on the arado.

  33. What about british RP-3 rockets at low tier

  34. Chapter Master Adolf

    Try the bf 110 g2 with the belly rockets

  35. Looks like they increased the pen on russian tanks. Even the other tanks like t60 are vastly better then the first time I used it.

    Ps also had the same problem with the italian air force at low br.

  36. 1 banana per minute

  37. 16:54 I love your “old Mc Ivan” song XD Its glorious!

  38. I take it at 7.7 it’s still competitive, and the tank roofs are bigger so more fun. The m103 has a ridonkulous amount of turret roof

  39. Armor piercing post exploding… You are describing sex, aren’t you?

  40. Can we talk about the elephant in the room? Rp3’s at a 2.0 with the hurricanes? 8 on the 40mm variant and 6 on The t/prop ……..

  41. Phly, with Chaika you can just outrun any other biplane. No use trying to shake him off your six.

    Also, look at Chaika’s 1-second burst mass. You’ll find out why does it feel so good.

  42. According to my recent experience, orange hull is the new hull break.

  43. We need a Tunguska on that hoodie

  44. Phly I would Fuc-BBBBBRRRRTTTTTT Love the sweater idea!!

  45. I am not sure phly but I think I remember the bt7 having 64-67 pen before

  46. @15:30 I was legit like “oh here come dat double boi” and then he aimed off to the right and only hit one 🙁

    • Also the reason u couldn’t shake that plane at the end was because every time u got an advantage in a turn, u doubled back on urself, which reduced the amount he had to turn to reacquire an effective tail on u.

  47. Maybe WT will add ww1 airplanes next aprilfools

  48. make the bombers drop gifts

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