Armored Cars! (War Thunder) Endless Possibilities

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War Thunder Tanks Gameplay 1.55 – Cars!

Thanks for watching!


  1. hello….its me

  2. still waiting for the puma and pak 40 variant of the Sdfkz 251…

  3. How do you get free Eagles on iPhone?

  4. cool im early what do u think of world of tanks

  5. first dislike :P

  6. That stupid fucking ad at 0:35 in the video. You know it’s horseshit Baron,
    you get your eagles from the devs as a youtuber.

  7. free eagles? isnt that ripping off gaijin?

  8. My code is 12pey

  9. Here comes the shit-ton of people telling us they r first. Yay!

  10. Sir Dasher The 3rd

    warthunder is like a 13 year old, just starting to masturbate

  11. baron don’t promote useless adds, we know you get eagles from devs don’t be
    one of those people.

  12. its the map of sturmovik no?

  13. I think that the devs should give you unlimited golden eagles for promoting
    the game so well. I just thought this would be a nice way for them to pay
    you back

  14. They need to add higher BR’s among other things

  15. lol dont you have a press account XD

  16. 0:37: No blatant product placement to See here…

  17. So the Heroes and Generals Style with the World of tanks health system for
    players, warthunder aircraft and tanks, with a Battlefield setup… it
    sounds awesome, by 2017-2018 we could be doing D-Day!!

  18. Do you think they should add new nations to WT, like China, Italy, France
    or Australia ? Why ?

  19. sending love from morocco you make me smile every single day so thank you
    for that ….. you are of a great support in the hard times mate keep going

  20. Alright, so Baron and anyone else. What do you think of a war? You can join
    in and play as long as you like and it never ends.

  21. use mymj8 on free war thunder eagles to get even more eagles

  22. Ever since I played Battlefield 1942 i fell in love with those giant WW2
    battles and WT is the closest thing I’ve found to that style. Because all
    the BF1942 servers went off line.

  23. How would infantry work in this game?

  24. baron you alive m8???

  25. This kind of positive thinking and imagination is what keeps me playing
    this game(and spending my money on it) despite Gaijin’s shady business
    practices. This game is probably the best WWII Simulator/Shooter out there
    right now and with, legit, huge potencial for becoming this massive MMO
    that you described in the first half of the video. I only feel that
    Gaijin’s clueslessness towards how to deal with the community is holding WT
    back from reaching that potencial faster.

  26. We so need the puma and some more amphibious tanks and other armoured

  27. Free eagles? “Register to win a free phone! We just need you credit card

  28. a whole War Thunder world would be sick
    so you have to ship ammo from america to england and maybe the germans are
    attacking you on the way so a carried(a player) starts airplanss(players)
    to defend the ship and if if’s not getting to england not all of the
    british airplanes in this mode can fly because of no ammo
    like a real war in war thunder which is for a week or so

  29. I REALLLLLLLLLY hope Gaijin adds the Boarhound. Eight wheels and a
    six-pounder, hell yeah!

  30. I agree with everything

  31. how can I set minimap like yours?

  32. I think war thunder in the near future could go all out with tanks, planes,
    submarines, battleships, infantry and guns. Baron just imagine having
    300-400 players and doing the D-day invasion #letsmakeithappen

  33. i would like to see buffalo mk 4/lvt 4 for the U.S for the U.K guy armourd
    car mk 1/1a for germany sdkfz 231,233 75mm howitzer, sdkfz 234/2 50mm,
    sdkfz 234/3 75mm, staghound mk1 for U.S, humber mk 2-4, daimler mk1 and
    just for derp the sturmpanzer 4 150 mm gun

  34. The “Get FREE GOLDEN EAGLES” app is pure bullshit. Dont use your credit
    card or any personal info in their “tasks”

  35. that app is disgusting

  36. If Warthunder was my child it probably wouldn’t have got to 13…I’d
    probably have drowned the cheeky little coont….

  37. does anyone know if gaijin plans to add ships/ new branch like Italy soon?

  38. what if enduring confrontation had a dynamic player controlled tank battle
    along with the madsive air conflict? thoughts on this?

  39. I think if War Thunder added infantry, it shouldn’t be like you as one man
    running around. It should be you taking control of a squad or a platoon of
    guys. Then to build up your squad, you’d have various weapon teams like
    mortar teams, flamer squads, sniper teams, an MG group, etc. That way you
    could either try to be a jack of all trades or be very spcialized in a
    certain aspect.

    There could also be something like experience for your troops so as they
    level up, they move faster, are more accurate, reload quicker, etc. BUT you
    won’t be able to use them in your squad if you’re on a “lower tier”. So say
    you go into a tier 2 battle with a tier 5 machine gun team and a tier 2 MG
    team; you’d have to use the tier 2 so you don’t just absolutely mow

    There could also be sort of nation-specific traits like the Japanese are
    better in melee, the Americans get access to semi-auto rifles earlier,
    Russian could have larger squad sizes, Germans are better with MGs, Brits
    could fire faster and more accurate with rifles or have .50 cal sniper. You
    could also have various resistances like French or Filipino resistances
    that’d come with their own bonuses of something I guess.

    Anyways, that was a really rambly wall of text, its just that this idea has
    been around in my head for LONG time and I wanted to get it out lol xD

  40. Made 10k GE using that app. Good app when it works.

  41. +BaronVonGamez I think you might need to further explain where you get your
    golden eagles judging by the comments people doubt your method.

  42. I would love to see PT Boats in War Thunder

  43. Is there no iOS version of the app?

  44. can u play the zsu 57 2 with the il 28???????

  45. d-day duck that would be cool.

  46. Goldenreveng /paulowalo

    Baron do you have a link for IOS?

  47. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Oh baron you have such imagination but your right the possibilities are
    endless sadly for that type of battle it would have to go from 15v15 to
    like 30v30 or 40v40. ww2 was conflict of epic proportions and to capture
    the scale of it in a game would be very difficult thing to do .

  48. i would like to see ai controlled infantry and naval combat with
    submarines. World of warships have left that out and would be fun if they
    can do it in realistic way

  49. Baron ur asking to much. first let them get all the cool vehicles in. then
    after that, the better gamemodes. but the things ur asking for will take
    years. I still agree with u though.

  50. I don’t want this game to turn in to heroes and generals I kinda Like it
    being more tanks and aircraft based. Although ai infantry would be cool.

  51. Foot soldiers!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Patrick Adams (Orion)

    You really should play WW2 Online. That game is almost exactly what you’ve
    been describing.

  53. T55E1 the armored car we need

  54. How have u got 40k golden eagles when it takes me 1 hour to get 200 on that

  55. Fingers crossed for the addition of the decon

  56. Infantry that is AI would be fine, playable would be kind of stupid.

  57. someone needs to put a m22 turret on the t17 for a user mission

  58. juan david uran acevedo

    i would be cool that war thunder had self propelled artillery guns that you
    cut drive.

  59. If and when war thunder infantry comes out an ambush game mode one teom is
    armored vehicles that have to cross from one side of the map to the other
    with some sort of objective to protect and the other team is infantry
    equipped with AT wepons (AT mines, rifles, rocket launchers, etc.) and the
    infantry has to stop the convoy from crossing the map

  60. what happened to all of the world of warships videos

  61. Arma 3 WW2?

  62. Really annoying having to fight future tanks with a Tiger 1

  63. is the free eagle’s thing for phone or computer

  64. I think you would like Dslyecxi channel.

  65. sucks your instagram got hacked baron

  66. + BaronVonGamez this is what i love about your videos,i see the same things
    that you see when you play this game.i would absolutely love 2 see war
    thunder become a game of that proportion



  69. Hey Baron!! That map is based about 10 miles from my house! Dudeeee!!!

  70. I like videos like this where Baron gets all passionate about how the game
    should be ideally.

  71. So basically you want to turn War Thunder into a larger scale Heroes &
    Generals with ships?

  72. They should add player controlled ground vehicles to Enduring
    Confrontation, with rolling spawn points and objectives, similar to the
    Break mode.

  73. War Thunder needs to fix its broke armor physics before it starts
    introducing anything else

  74. MLG Colonel Sanders

    WT needs a special tier for tanks where there is only tanks like P.1000
    Ratte, KV-6, etc.

  75. flamethrower tanks?? the Stuart’s and the Sherman varients

  76. hey baron the golden eagles thing keeps saying to me that i have no devices
    how do i fix that

  77. i think what WT should add some fps play , like adding soldiers . and then
    we can have real competitive play

  78. How cool would it be if you somehow got tanks in planes and dropped them
    into battlefields to support the infantry/tanks.

  79. that is soooo farrr awayyyyy it takes so much work for the simplist strings
    to just say “hello” $name … would be kinda funny to have a PT-76 only
    ocean battle though

  80. “Baron where do you get your golden eagles? :O”
    “Not from Free Golden Eagles little Poppits. To tell the truth its from

    Or did you quit your partnership…?

  81. What if there was a armored car with a mortar attached to the turret?

  82. AC IV Thunderbolt?
    Any chance we can get a preview of that tank?

  83. The gray hound has a crew of 4 and if to know more about the tank get this

  84. Just imagine the Warthunder be like Battlefield 1942… The ultimate WW2
    game. Battlefield 1942 is one of its kind you can take your panzer and
    fight in massive battles with bombers fighters battleships submarines
    artillery… Its just awesome i still play this game sometimes after so
    many years and i would like to see Warthunder like it !

  85. You sound like you’d have a lot of fun in Battleground Europe, baron

  86. baron what you are dreaming of is great. however many players couldn’t run
    wt without bluescreening when ground forces dropped, that was fixxed but my
    fps went from 5-15 to 0-4. baron i love your ideas but the current
    community will leave to games they can run. i hope you find this someday,
    but with my luck no one will find it realavent.

    I think war thunder has a great opportunity sitting in their laps. What I
    mean by this is it is one of the best World War 2 games out at the moment
    and a missive player base. I might make a wall text but this is something
    I’ve been dreaming of. I understand they will not add playable infantry or
    a fps type of infantry because they want to keep it in the T rating area.
    What they can do is make it like and RTS. For example say you have 1
    halftrack to start off with in tier 1, you can control the halftrack to
    where you want it to go and then dismount they soldiers inside. Then you
    can also tell the soldiers where to go, resupply at your halftrack, or
    enter a building. This would be great for battles because you can’t just go
    down streets without a huge threat. Now you have to check buildings by
    shooting at them. Also you could upgrade these soldiers to have a more than
    1 AT soldier or a higher hit chance. Then I could go into paratroopers but
    it would mostly be the same examples. (They can disable blood to keep it in
    the T rating zone)

    Just think of a halftrack pulling an AT gun, setting up into a hidden
    position waiting to ambush enemy tanks. I think this would be a great
    addition because they already have AT guns in the game.

    Having an all out war would be amazing in war thunder. My idea for this is
    a mixture of planes and tanks. I know this is already somewhat in the game
    but I was thinking on a larger scale. Do you know when your in a air battle
    and you have to destroy the enemy team or the vehicles on the ground, then
    mix when you have to capture the airfields. Just imaging a real player team
    on the ground has to secure an airfield for their aerial team to land. I
    was thinking of the regular amount of the aerial team but double the lives
    then double the ground forces team size. Having air superiority would be
    key in this game because in order to capture the airfield you need to have
    a plane land on it. The ground team will be tasked to destroy the enemy
    bases and emplacements. Like Baron said maybe you can hop in and hop out of
    battles that last forever. So maybe make the map larger and teams bigger
    THAN EVER BEFORE! Please tell me your thoughts on this type of idea for a
    game mode. I want to know if I’m going over the top with this. NOW LETS

    Air Team
    – Defend ground forces
    – Capture Air bases
    – Hold Air Superiority to defend allied ground forces
    Perks: Doubled Lives

    Ground Team
    – Invade Airbase to let planes land
    – Destroy enemy ground forces and emplacements
    – Hold Ground Superiority
    Perks: Doubled team size (same Lives)

    Btw I was half awake when I made this so my grammar is horrible.
    Also most of this stuff is in the game so it would only take a couple
    months or less to make it.

  88. the free eagles are only good with android phones, know of any for iphone
    users? hook me up!

  89. good ideas

  90. baron, your ideas are great! talk to the devs about this persistent battle
    plis on behalf of your fan base

  91. Does the t95 in war thunder have a 155 mm gun like in world of tanks?

  92. play the t-10m

  93. good idea’s +BaronVonGamez I love to see more armored cars in War Thunder

  94. Yeah Baron you get all your eagles from that stupid app. Sure man, if you’d
    at least say you get most of them from their I’d believe you. But nah

  95. Well I personally think it won’t be possible to have all the content you
    thought about in the level of detail that War Thunder has if it keeps free
    to play. They will need a lot of money and time to pull this off. But i
    would pay a lot of money to have a realistic WW2 game like a battlefield
    1942 and heroes and generals on steroids. P.S. Keep up the good vids Baron!

  96. well if you said inventor the go back to horses and generals

  97. Infantery Transporter the new bomber of Tank battles. :D

  98. I call bs on that free ge app/site u only get about 100 at a time wich is
    nothing for what u need

  99. Nice video Baron!

  100. No, you can’t get that many golden eagles from that app. gaijin give him so
    many eagles so he will keep making these video.

  101. Remember before WT:GF Gaijin said you could have different duties like
    baron: driver and phly:gunner.

  102. Also when will they add the freakin P-61

  103. I have asked Gaijin they will add playable infantry, they said no we will
    not add it

  104. For custom battles crusader mk1 vs b29, g8n1 and pe8

  105. Infantry

  106. This has been mentioned before by others, but if infantry are implemented
    it should be on a platoon scale and up. The player grinds though different
    platoons or even companies (for higher BR) they start out with a truck and
    a platoon and then eventually get a halftrack or whatever. The gameplay for
    this tree would be like an RTS, where they can command the troops as squads
    to hold, attack or ambush. they could enter buildings etc and even capture
    points. Additionally, the researchable mods could be AT weapons, machine
    guns, sub machine guns, and medics. This could give the squads better
    capabilities depending on play style. As you research higher BR platoons
    the type of infantry could change, from a simple rifle platoon to panzer
    grenadiers or armored infantry. So in summery, each player could control a
    halftrack or truck and park it and deploy the infantry. At that point it is
    up to them to maneuver the platoon into strategic places to best benefit
    the team.

  107. Hi ( sorry vor my bat anglish)

  108. Lachlan Rackley_Curless

    Imagine if you could be in a b17 and you could choose what your role was
    and your mates could be in the same b17 and be gunners or flight engineers
    and you just go around a help your mates

  109. I think they should bring War Thunder and World or Warships together. Just
    think about that. plus with Ai infantry. That would be amazing. That would
    make it crazy.

  110. I’d love for more armoured vehicles to be in game. I would love AI infantry
    (never playable, thats not what warthunder is about), but it will never
    happen, because PG 13.

  111. Dover is a dump Baron….destroy as much of it as you can!!

  112. I don’t have the game but I follow it somewhat. Anyway I always think it
    would be cool if you get a group of friends and instead of the normal you
    control a tank each of you are actualy playing one person, so one would be
    the gunner the other the driver, a machine gunner, and maybe a radio
    operator, so they communicate with the team. That I think would be cool.

    Pt.2, I’m a bit interested what they do about the naval side. Their aiming
    for realism in everything and think about it with naval ships. A single
    engagement takes hours. They don’t travel that fast. For historical
    accuracy and realism to help with gameplay you would basicaly have to spawn
    within firing range just so it would take so long. You would be sitting
    there at full speed for ages waiting for the actual combat. So I have no
    idea what’s planned.

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